Aviation Security Updates

By Angus Wilson, Director Aviation

With the holiday season upon us, we have had a busy quarter and some great work being done by our ASP team in Aviation Security.

Pearson Airport Security

Below are some of the post updates for the last quarter for 2021:

  • G172C opened 24/7
  • FA3022 opened for 16 hours a day
  • NPSV tunnel opened for 8 hours a day
  • L262 reopened to pre-covid hours
  • FD3078 post hours extended to pre-covid hours
  • FC3057 hours extended to 16 hours a day
  • To support the T1 west bridge specialist guards, the T1 level 4 west bridge position was added

Upcoming Changes:

  • NPSV ASIG opening for 8 hours
  • T1 Door Patrol A position to be reinstated
  • Face mask positions to now be 24/7 operations and 7 additional positions are to be added

Additional Updates

  • With many of the posts being reopened or hours extending, most of the schedules in the shift bid have been updated
  • Kenaidan successfully finished the Sectorization project in T1 and the entire Kenaidan team was very appreciative of the support and the services they received from ASP
  • This year’s runway project was a success, thank you to all the employees who went out of their way to support ASP and the GTAA with this project

Calgary Airport Security

  • The Contract with ASP has been renewed for another year, thank you to all the team for your dedication and hard work
  • We have been successful in gaining a new position to carry out fire extinguisher and first aid kit inspections
  • NPS-A is still closed; no confirmed date as to when this will reopen yet
  • We are looking for Supervisors, the positions have been posted, please apply if you wish to be considered for this position
  • Have been actively recruiting since June to increase our staff numbers in the operation. Please remember we have a referral bonus scheme for anyone that is referred, and the bonus will be paid out as soon as they have completed their training

Sudbury Airport Security

  • A townhall meeting was held by ASP to discuss several items with employees
  • We created a continental shift in collaboration with the ASP team
  • We had a vacancy for a supervisor. Karl Katzur was appointed as an interim supervisor to support the operation. Karl demonstrated great leadership, dedication and support to the ASP team and was soon promoted and appointed as the Contract Security Manager. Congratulations and well-done Karl

I would like to thank each ASP employee for their hard work and continued dedication in providing the exemplary service ASP is known for. I would like to wish everyone well for the Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year

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