Canine FedEx Update

By Ivanna Skotar, Canine Handle

With the transition from a crisp fall to a cool winter, the canine unit has been extremely busy in the last few months in preparation for the holiday season. You can almost consider all the FedEx handlers “Santa’s helpers” for assisting in getting everyone’s Christmas gifts delivered efficiently, securely, and safely. In Montreal, all the FedEx locations have been busy and really warm this Christmas season. Many a times, the handlers were invited to enjoy the FedEx staff Christmas meals! It really goes to show you how important it is to build and strengthen our relationship with the employees of our contractors. With the extra hard work, both the handlers and the dogs are putting in their very best every single shift and going above and beyond each time. While working phenomenally as a team, we achieve the high standards that ASP strives for, and it is acknowledged and appreciated during these times. It’s great to see that the dog’s drives are still sky-high and they’re always ready to work. Screening all the parcels at all the different locations and ensuring the safety for all packages is something we thrive for.

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