You Spoke, We Listened: Voices of ASP Focus Group Is a Success!

By Keba Walters, Assistant Manager, Recruitment RES/CIC

At A.S.P. Incorporated, a few of the values that drive our team are Inclusion and Empowerment, and the first step toward those values is to listen. Our recruitment team proudly At A.S.P. Incorporated, a few of the values that drive our team are Inclusion and Empowerment, and the first step toward those values is to listen. Our recruitment team proudly held our first Voices of ASP focus group across all divisions to hear straight from our employees what they wanted to change, and what we could continue to do, to make ASP a great place to work. Voices of ASP consisted of volunteers from Aviation, OSR, Canine, and Security, as well as Supervisors, Concierges, Specialists, and Crossing Guards from the Residential and Commercial Divisions.

Some areas where our employees felt we were doing well and wanted to continue were:

  • Team events such as Wonderland Day and Christmas parties
  • Employees reported that they enjoyed the types of jobs ASP had
  • Good growth opportunities and great career experience in security
  • Improvements connecting to and communicating with the management team

Constant improvement is pivotal to any growing organization, and we welcome the feedback. For those who were not able to participate in our focus group event, we will be opening the opportunity to speak with our team 1on1 to anyone interested. What you say remains completely anonymous but allows us to provide feedback directly to your managers.

Some of the feedback we received regarding areas of improvement:

  • Better acknowledgement for going above[1]and-beyond
  • Increases in pay for minimum wage employees
  • Improvements to uniform fit, quality, and ensuring all guards are wearing it properly
  • Better systems to get in touch with Scheduling Team
  • More on-the-job training

If you’d like your
voice heard, please reach
out to ASP Recruitment at
for a link to a 15-minute meeting
with someone from our team
before January 30th, 2022

Let’s Make the Fourth Wave the Final Wave!

What Can We Do?

  • Get vaccinated – protect yourself and others
  • Be aware of risks associated with different settings
  • Wear face masks indoors – properly worn face masks are your best defense against the virus
  • Continue to wear a mask in busy outdoor areas like campgrounds, playgrounds and dog parks
  • Maintain social distancing – Health Canada still encourages us to minimize close contact with others.
  • Keep hands and surfaces clean
  • If you feel sick, even with just a sore throat, you should stay home and self-isolate if you have symptoms
  • Continue to avoid non-essential travel
  • Socialize outdoors whenever possible
  • Avoid crowded indoor spaces with poor ventilation —especially with the unvaccinated.

Take Care of Your Mental and Physical
Health by:

  • Adjusting your expectations based on what is in your control
  • Have a backup plan if something is not available (school/daycare, gym, etc.)
  • Take advantage of nice weather and spend time outdoors
  • Acknowledge that pandemic fatigue is real and make use of our EAP (LifeWorks program) if you are experiencing mental health concerns like anxiety, stress, or depression

Collectively, our actions can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep our families, friends, and co-workers safe. As the pandemic drags on through a fourth, intense wave, front line hospital staff are running on empty tanks, and we owe it to them to take precautionary measures and make it through this wave without overburdening our healthcare system.

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