ASP Recruitment: Changes Are On The Way!

By Keba Walters, Assistant Manager, Recruitment (RES/CIC)

At ASP, growth and development are at the core to providing the most information possible to anyone of who we are and how we operate. Last Quarter, starting a new role with us, ensuring you are prepared for we announced our Voice of ASP focus groups, which gave a platform for employees from all divisions to voices their needs, wants, critiques, and suggestions in relation to their positions and their development at ASP. This quarter, we had the privilege of presenting this anonymous information to the entire management team at ASP. Our goal is to turn your feedback into real action.

On March 7, 2022, the management team at ASP met, reviewed your feedback, and spoke about how they intend to create meaningful changes that impact the daily lives of ASP employees.

Some of the major points discussed were the following:
• Growth plans across the organization for each role
• More training for employees looking to develop
• Better communication to all employees
• Encouraging more feedback to improve the day-to- day lives of all members of ASP

Our recruitment team knows it is integral for employees to feel that all the promises made during the interview and onboarding process are met. We are committed to provide the most information possible to anyone starting a new role with us, ensuring you are prepared for that next step in your career.

We want to see how we can make the ASP experience even better. We also want to thank all the members of management who took the time to learn more about the needs of their employees; it really showed that there is a heart to this company that strives to be better each day. If you know a person who is interested in:
• Training and development
• Protecting the community
• The importance of safety and security • The value of customer service

Ask them to join our team and be part of the company where Security MattersTM.

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