Crossing Guard Spotlight – Xhevdet Celaj

By Mohammed Mounir, Mobile Patrol Supervisor

The Crossing Guard Division would like to recognize Xhevdet Celaj for his creativity, attentiveness, and friendliness. During a routine inspection with Mobile Supervisor Mohammed ‘Momo’ Mounir, it was noticed that Xhevdet invented a new and efficient way to press the walk button at his crosswalk by attaching a small plastic flange onto the side of the stop sign, eliminating the need to connect with a high-touch surface repeatedly. While he was crossing the students, he was also consistently giving a warm welcome greeting and a very happy smile. As students were crossing from his side of the crosswalk, Xhevdet continuously paid attention to the other side of the intersection, making sure to help as many students cross as safely as possible.

Xhevdet, thank you for being an excellent Crossing Guard and ASP team member!

  • Category: Employee Spotlight