International Women’s Day – Employee Spotlight

By Garinder Grewal, Senior Operations Manager

In respecting International Women’s Day this year and every year, we are exceptionally proud of the contributions women make to the successful security operations here at Pearson Airport. We have many examples of outstanding women who contribute to the daily operations of ASP Security at Pearson Airport. They do so with the highest of integrity, professionalism, and humility. One such employee is Suryya Shafi, Access Control Officer TPIA.

Suryya has been employed in security at Pearson Airport since 1994. That is an incredible 28-year career here at the airport. Suryya has worked with 3 different security companies since starting her career at TPIA.

Beginning her career as a Screening Officer, Suryya was in the first class for that role at the airport. She has spent the longest period of this with ASP as her employer, she is now in her 18th year with us. In fact, Suryya is our most senior employee.

Prior to coming to Canada, Suryya was the teacher, headmistress and principal of a private school for 27 years. She loved being involved in the education field, showing leadership and helping her community. Suryya states that she has also enjoyed her career at the airport, and it has been a good job and place to work. She has enjoyed meeting so many people, made many friends with great coworkers and has marvelled at the growth development of the airport.

Suryya states, “After 9/11 the world of travel and airport work changed forever. I really feel and believe that it has become safer for employees and travellers because of better security measures and screening practices.”

When asked what she felt was the biggest contribution made by women in the security industry is, she stated, “We play a positive role in security. In security there is always a constant need to keep improving and women play a big role in this area. They are naturally stronger in nurturing, more disciplined and are strong administrators.

Qualities that help security companies like ASP remain strong.” Like so many others, the pandemic hit Suryya hard psychologically. Not being able to come to work and do the work she loved made her feel left out and slowed her down. She is used to being active and involved every day. She states that through the positive support and encouragement from the ASP management team and her close family, she was able to push through and keep going, returning to work when she was ready.

Suryya is happy to be back at work, doing what she loves to do, and says her future looks bright.

Thank you for your long and celebrated career here at TPIA and with ASP Security. You are an inspiration to us all with your dedication, positive outlook on life, humility, and kindness. Happy International Women’s Day to you and all the women who show us the right way through work and life.

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