Accounting and Payroll Update

By Paul Parkinson, Director, Finance

The accounting department would like to welcome Maria Romero starting Monday July 4th to the team. Rachel will be joining us as a Payroll Specialist June 13. We will include an employee profile in the next newsletter.

Employee satisfaction is very important to us. No one likes to open their paystub and notice something wrong. Maybe there are missing hours or a charge you didn’t expect. Common deductions that will show on your paystub are for uniforms, health and dental co-pay, or ID deposits. Sometimes a deduction really is not a deduction but a negative, which means it’s being refunded (uniform and ID deposits). If you feel hat the hours are incorrect, first refer to the pay period covered. Then go onto your employee portal to check to see the hours you have worked. If you see hours missing, please reach out to your immediate supervisor to get this corrected. As a habit, you should check your employee portal frequently and before the payroll to avoid any late adjustments.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our payroll delivery process, please send your comments to

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