Employee Spotlight: Sid Ali Hassan

By Garinder Grewal, Director, Aviation

At ASP our goal is to clearly differentiate us as a “Best in Class” service provider through operational excellence and superior customer service. We are a customer-centric organization, which is why we would like to compliment and thank our employee Sid Ali Hassan for always delivering the kind of customer service we all want to receive. Sid recognizes the importance of approaching customers with respect, friendliness, and a sincere desire to help. Sid is always 100% dedicated to ensuring an excellent passenger experience from curb to aircraft.

Please refer to the email below from one of many customers that were very pleased with Sid’s professionalism and outstanding customer service.

“I’m not kidding when I tell you that this gentleman was the single finest employee I’ve encountered in an airport anywhere around the world. His professionalism, patience, and kindness were remarkable. He was the person who was in charge of keeping folks like me (no ticket, but wanting to see my wife off on her way) from going into the terminal. He must have been more than 6’4” and at 5’6” he could have easily chosen to intimidate, ignore or dismiss me, but, he chose kindness, apologies and assistance.

He found a cell phone so I could call my wife so she would not be worried. He was VERY busy, but not too busy to help. My Jesus’s body in the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church. • June 16 – Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib A day observed by Sikhs to commemorate an individual who laid down his life for their people. June 24 – Litha A Pagan and Wiccan festival that begins on the summer solstice and celebrates midsummer. • June 24 – Feast of the Sacred Heart A feast day in the Roman Catholic Church that celebrates Jesus’s physical heart as a representation of his love for all humanity. Employee Spotlight: Sid Ali Hassan By Garinder Grewal, Director, Aviation biggest hope is that you can forward him what I’ve said about him. People doing the sort of job he is doing are confronted with all sorts of abuse on a daily basis just for doing their jobs. I should have made myself more informed about the rules at Pearson so I was prepared. The security guard never suggested this. He only wanted to help me and to do his job. I spent over 30 years as a teacher enforcing rules and trying to be respectful to children while doing so.

I can tell you this gentleman scores 100% when it comes to respect (not to mention kindness and professionalism) and if there is anyway this email could be forwarded to him, I’d like him to know exactly what I’ve said about him. I’m sure there are daily frustrations dealing with unreasonable people. He needs to know that he is making a difference, one passenger at a time!”

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