ASP Family

By Humberto Pimentel, VP, Operations

My name is Humberto Pimentel and I’m the Vice President of Operations for ASP Security. As the Vice President, I plan to build relationships with our stakeholders and delegate operational efficiencies based on your strengths. I look forward to working closely with Dean and the entire ASP team on finding creative ways to deliver outstanding customer services, grow our business and reduce our spending so we can use our budget effectively. With the creative abilities and dedication of all whom I have met thus far, I can see us doing great work. One of the reasons I accepted this position is the welcoming company culture, which made me eager to join the team. I hope I get to meet all our employees in person over the next few weeks when I visit our clients. Prior to working with ASP Security, I held senior general management roles in the security and financial industries. My personal interests include listening to all genres of music and catching a live show when a great band is in town. I’m happy to share more about my role here at ASP Security, and want to learn how I can best support you.

  • Category: Human Resources