The Rodeo Handlers of ASP

By Robin Stevenson, Manager, Canine

The ASP K9 teams have a wide range of skills and interests outside of their dog related expertise at work. This article focuses on two particular handlers who have unique interests in an exciting and physically challenging hobby.

First, we have Emilie Gagne, who handles EDD Canine Jordan and has worked with ASP for over a year. Emilie has had a lifetime interest in the Rodeo, and five years ago she took that interest to the next level by joining a bullriding school in Alberta.

From there, she never looked back. Emilie has honed her skills to where she now competes across Canada and the US, winning numerous events. Bull-riding is not an easy sport to master, and Emilie suffered a setback just over a year ago when she broke her hip after being thrown. Fortunately for us, Emilie fully recovered and is back riding and competing.

Next up we have Jenna Belshaw, who handles EDD Canine Samba. Jenna started riding horses at the ripe old age of 3! She was hooked and spent her weekends and summers riding and learning horse care. By 13, Jenna got her first horse and continued to be exposed to recognized experts in the horse industry.

Two of the biggest influencers are Bryn and Mike Robertson, who are renowned for Barrel Horse training. Jenna began her competitive career in barrel racing at age 16 and has not looked back. The goal is to ride a set pattern around 3 barrels in the fastest time. Jenna has achieved multiple accomplishments including countless OBRA 1d championships and rodeo wins. Jenna credits a lot of her wins lately to her main horse Norman, a 12-year-old quarter horse who comes off the racetrack. She continues to compete all over Ontario, Quebec and the United States, traveling almost every weekend.

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