YYC Training Update

By Daniel McCormack, Quality Control Manager

Hello ASP team! I am excited to be writing about the training we recently held at YYC. The team at YYC has always met our contractual requirements concerning annually recertifying guards to continue working their posts. However, after careful thought, we were able to craft a program that reviewed the critical materials required while also allowing all classifications to see what each other is responsible to complete on shift.

With the help of our National Training Manager, Mr. David Ramlagan, we were able to inject some laughter and excitement with the Kahoot quizzes. The overwhelmingly positive feedback suggests that it was a big hit, and as such, we will bring it into all future training — new hire, recurrent or specialized.

These mixed classes were also a terrific way for the ASP family to reconnect after a trying period where we had to isolate, distance, and delay in-person training.

Our participants were all smiles when they got to engage with the content alongside peers they have not seen in months or more. It was not just the value of the information that was taken away from the classes.

David also supplied our site with enough tablets to move the training paperwork, and paperwork of any sort, to a digital format. Over the coming weeks, we will be moving whatever we can online so that the company or client can access necessary information for any staff member in one place: audits, training records, etc.

It is going to be a colossal leap forward in the efficiency of our admin and audit processes. I know that our supervisor team are very excited to cut the time of the audits down by at least half with our new formats.

Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to some of our allstars from the past quarter:

  • Lakhveer Sandhu – you stood up against some lessthan-pleased employees at the access point and did not let them cause a breach. Keep up that great work!
  • To all of you who stepped up to take overtime shifts while we onboarded new hires – we are enormously proud of the teamwork we have seen over the past months!

Until next time ASP, take care out there!

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