YYC Updates

By Kevin Hepburn, Acting Operations Manager

Unsung Heroes

Who is an unsung hero? “One who does great deeds but receives little or no recognition for them.” I’d like to recognize a few of our staff whose recent actions should be recognized in this category.

Recently, ASP Terminal Patroller Kanchan Sarin was assigned Security 3 near gate 52. Prior to a medical call being dispatched from Operations, Kanchan saw a Calgary Police Service (CPS) Officer assisting a passenger in medical distress. Kanchan was proactive and started to assist immediately by setting up a privacy screen, and she began redirecting pedestrian traffic prior to a request from SOC/AOC Operations. Good job and well-done Kanchan!

Being placed in a difficult situation is part of a patroller’s everyday routine. One of our Supervisors was recently placed in this situation and handled it with grace and poise. ASP Supervisor Taranjit Sidhu was on her airside/groundside patrol part of her shift when she was dispatched to the Terminal Arrivals area that was congested due to a high volume of vehicles awaiting arriving passengers and Taxi’s. Other agencies were dispatched to the scene, however, the problem worsened.

The arrivals level was blocked, and vehicles were no longer moving which resulted in a safety concern. Taranjit arrived on scene and took control by moving vehicles and clearing the entire area. Our operations team watched and applauded her for her efforts, acknowledging her with a job well done over the radio! Well done, Taranjit.

Post and Hiring Update

With the completion of a three-month trial by CATSA at NPS-B (Non-Passenger Screening – Post ‘Bravo’) and a reopening of NPS-A (Non-Passenger Screening – Post ‘Alpha’) these posts have now returned and are in operation with our ASP Guards. During the closure of these posts, we were able to complete an aggressive job fair and onboarding of new employees to increase our staffing requirements overall.

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