Employee Engagement Results

By Sarah Jessop, HR Business Partner

The results of the Engagement Matters – 2022 Employee Satisfaction Survey are in!

Thank You to Our Participants

Before we share the engagement survey results, we’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all ASP employees who participated this year. Your candid feedback will be the driving force behind our 2023 engagement initiatives as we continue to work on improving the employee experience at ASP.

The Results

The infographic provides a quick comparison between our 2021 and 2022 results. As you will see, we listened to your feedback from 2021 and executed change accordingly to improve feelings of engagement in areas such as overall happiness, recognition, and relationships with leadership.

What’s Next?

We recognize that we have room for improvement, and our survey respondents made some great suggestions in the comments on how we can create meaningful change in 2023. As we speak, the leadership team is meeting to create a 2023 action plan based on your responses. They are reviewing key findings and making both immediate and long-term plans based on the results. We hope that in 2023, the initiatives we implement continue to improve your experience as an employee at ASP. Once again, we would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the Engagement Matters – 2022 Employee Satisfaction Survey. Without your essential feedback, this endeavour would be meaningless.

Survey Response Winners

Congratulations to our participation incentive winners! To promote our survey, employees that responded were entered into a draw for their work group. The following individuals were randomly selected and won a $20 gift card:

Customer Support Representative at Ottawa Airport
K9 Specialist
Security Guard, Toronto Pan Am
Crossing Guard
Resource Planner

Not pictured winners:

  • Readeat Kerie – Respite Supervisor
  • Tajinder Sunner – Terminal Access Control
  • Shilpa Shilpa – Security Guard, Commercial Division
  • Gurmeet Garcha – Terminal Patrol at Calgary Airport
  • Category: Human Resources