Securing Luxury: High-ProfileResidential Security with SupervisorEmis Daniel

By Sarah Miller, Operations Manager

This article highlights ASP Supervisor Emis Daniel’s experience working at a luxury residential property – QuadReal’s Widdicombe Place in Etobicoke, Ontario. Questions: Operations Manager Sarah Miller, Answers: Supervisor Emis Daniel.

I arrived in Canada from Pakistan in October 2016. After successfully completing my security guard training, I attended a job fair where ASP recruited me. It’s been a little over six years since I joined ASP, precisely on June 15, 2017. My initial assignment with ASP was at a music festival in Burlington.

The security profession, especially in the distinctive setting of Widdicombe Place, continues to captivate me. Beyond the foundational responsibility of safeguarding lives and property, I’m profoundly drawn to the chance to provide exceptional support to our community, which predominantly comprises seniors. It’s a role that allows me to create an environment where safety is paramount, and residents feel secure and valued.

Before becoming a supervisor, there were instances when I stepped in as an acting supervisor in the absence of the site supervisor. These experiences allowed me to familiarize myself with the responsibilities and challenges of the role. I was offered a supervisor role by the ASP on multiple occasions, but I chose to decline due to personal reasons. However, the turning point came when almost a year ago QuadReal Management engaged in a conversation with me. Their strong recommendation and belief in my ability to oversee the site efficiently with fewer complaints were pivotal.

After thoughtful consideration I accepted the role. The decision to embrace this leadership position was deeply influenced by my aspiration to contribute more significantly to the safety and well-being of the residents.

Drawing from my extensive background in the security industry, which spanned over six years, primarily in the capacity of a security concierge, I saw this as an opportunity to take greater responsibility.

As a supervisor what resonates with me most is the opportunity to make a substantial impact, both on the effectiveness of our security operations and the lives of our residents.

This role allows me to mentor and guide my dedicated team, equipping them with the skills and mindset needed to navigate the unique challenges of our environment, which includes interactions with seniors and the delicate balance between security and hospitality.

Currently, I oversee a team of eight committed professionals. This team size enables us to effectively manage our extensive security responsibilities.

Some key responsibilities of my role at Widdicombe Place:

1. Security Oversight:
Supervising and coordinating the security team to ensure the safety and security of people and property.

2. Security Procedures:
Implementing and enforcing security protocols and procedures to protect the residence, visitors, and the premise.

3. Monitoring:
Monitoring CCTV cameras, regularly patrolling the property to identify and address security concerns or breaches.

4. Incident Response:
Managing and responding to security incidents such as alarms, breaches, or disturbances.

5. Access Control:
Overseeing access control systems, ensuring only authorized individuals enter the property.

6. Team Management:
Managing and training security staff, performance evaluations, and discipline if necessary.

7. Emergency Response:
Coordinating responses to emergencies, such as fires, medical incidents, or severe weather.

8. Reports:
Documenting and reporting security incidents, maintaining accurate records, and preparing reports for management.

9. Customer Service:
Providing excellent customer service to residents and visitors while maintaining security standards.

10. Crisis Management:
Developing and implementing crisis management plans and procedures for various situations.

11. Security Equipment:
Maintaining and ensuring the proper functioning of security equipment, such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems.

12. Collaboration:
Collaborating with law enforcement and emergency services when necessary.

13. Regulatory Compliance:
Ensuring compliance with all relevant security regulations and laws.

14. Risk Assessment:
Conducting regular risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and implement measures to mitigate them.

15. Communication:
Effectively communicating with residents and property management regarding security issues and updates.

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Being a Security Supervisor at a luxury property like Widdicombe Place presents distinctive challenges and opportunities. The presence of a predominantly senior resident community necessitates a heightened level of care and empathy. Our role extends beyond traditional security; we serve as ambassadors of hospitality, ensuring that residents feel not only safe but also respected and valued. This requires a unique blend of security expertise and exceptional service.

Guards working in luxury residential settings, especially those with a significant senior population, often encounter challenges related to striking the right balance between security and compassion. Interacting with seniors demands patience and empathy. Specialized training in customer service, conflict resolution, and effective communication is vital. This ensures that residents’ needs are met while maintaining a secure environment.

Reflecting on my journey at Widdicombe Place, I’d like to advise my fellow security professionals to prioritize clear and transparent communication. Building positive relationships with residents, visitors, and colleagues is paramount. Staying updated on the latest security technologies and industry best practices is crucial. Additionally, cultivating a proactive mindset, where potential issues are identified and addressed proactively, can significantly elevate both security standards and the overall resident experience.


I’d like to emphasize the multifaceted nature of our role as security professionals in luxury residential settings. It’s not just about security; it’s about creating a harmonious and secure living environment for residents who often consider our team an integral part of their community.

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