The Role of Front Line Employees inCustomer Service and Client Retention

By Debbie Ciccotelli, VP Strategic Initiatives

Offering outstanding customer service is ASP’s key differentiator and what enables us to not only retain existing clients, but also attract new clients. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, so it’s crucial that they always feel valued, assisted, listened to, and confident when they interact with us.

Our reputation precedes us. The better our business reputation, the higher our existing customers will think of us and (perhaps just as importantly) the more other clients will want to work with us — both of which are incredibly important for retaining clients and growing our business.

In today’s competition-driven marketplace, our focus must be on our customers and each of you is crucial to achieving this goal.

Front-line employees are the face and brand ambassadors of both ASP and our clients – it is our employees who make sure the job gets done on time and above expectations. They interact with customers every day and each interaction reflect the value, culture and vision of the company.

Employees impact the business environment through the ways in which they interact with each other as well as how they respond to customers.

Sometimes, employees interact with each other in the presence of clients. If they are helping each other to meet customer needs, they are creating a positive image; if, however they are bickering or acting territorial on the floor, they are fostering a negative image of the company.

To deliver exceptional value and service, employees must be committed, motivated, and inspired to serve and support our clients and their customers.

Understanding how to become and maintain a customer- oriented mindset can help us establish a brand as an industry leader for quality and service.

It is important that every employee understands how valuable their role is in relation to customer service and client retention, which is of great importance to both the present and future of the company.

Simply put, motivated, and engaged employees create satisfied customers. When we commit to going above and beyond for our customers, three things will happen:

Here are some tips:

  • Always maintain a professional, polite, friendly, and helpful demeanor
  • Project a professional image and adhere to uniform policy and/or dress code
  • Make every effort to exceed client/customer expectations
  • Follow Post Orders and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Build rapport with customers which can help to anticipate their needs and preferences
  • Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – actively listen, empathize with each customer’s unique situation and needs
  • Smile, greet/welcome, maintain eye contact and assist
  • Communicate effectively – transmit clear and concise information – answer questions, address issues, describe services and provide direction or guidance
  • Pay close attention to your tone, volume, and manner of speaking
  • Pay attention to your body language – gestures, facial expressions and posture can make an impression e.g., if you stand by the entrance in a hunched position and a wrinkled brow, it may give the impression you are unalert or lazy. But if you are standing straight, with alertness in your eyes, politely smiling upon entrance, it would suggest that you are approachable and aware of your surroundings simultaneously. See the difference?
  • Be supportive of other team members
  • Resolve tension or issues and create positive solutions by using effective conflict resolution skills
  • They will become more loyal because they know that we care about their business
  • They will become champions for ASP within their organization
  • Most importantly, they will share their experience with their colleagues and friends
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