Important Update: Changes to Police Background Checks for Security Licences

By HR Department

The purpose of this article is to inform all employees with an Ontario Security Licence of significant changes regarding the application and renewal process. If you hold a Security Licence in Ontario, you should have already received this information directly from Private Security and Investigative Services Branch(PSISB) to your personal email address. Please ensure that you have read the email. Commencing February 18,2024, the PSISB will no longer directly conduct police background checks as a component of the licensing and renewal process – new applications and renewals must include a Police Record Check (PRC) attached to their application, whether submitted online or via mail.

What You Need to Know: Key Points

  • Requirement for Police Record Check (PRC): As of February 18, 2024, all new applicants and those seeking license renewals must provide a valid Police Record Check with their application. This check, a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check, must be obtained directly by the applicant at their own cost and should not be older than six months. Options for obtaining Police Record Checks include local police services or authorized providers like Triton Canada:
  • Submission Deadline for Renewals: To avoid disruptions to licensing status, Police Record Checks must be submitted along with renewal applications before the licence expires. Digital copies will be accepted for online applications, while physical copies are required for mail submissions.
  • Temporary Online Portal Closure: Please be aware that the PSISB online licensing portal will be closed for maintenance from February 18 to February 26. Any new license applications or renewals during this period must be mailed to Service Ontario.
  • Online Portal Access: After February 26, 2024, new licence applications and renewals may resume being made online. They will continue to require a valid Police Record Check. The online portal can be accessed at:
  • Support from ASP: We will attempt to send you an email to your personal email address 60 days in advance of your licence expiration as a reminder to initiate the Police Record Check and the Security License renewal process. You will also receive emails from PSISB directly regarding upcoming expiries and any further process changes.
  • Physical Licences: Physical licences are no longer issued by the PSISB. As of September 30, 2023, licences became digital-only. Any staff with pending renewal requests should not expect to receive a physical licence. The digital copy will be emailed to you by the PSISB if your application is successful, and it must always be accessible while on duty as a Security Guard. ON e-Key is no longer available for access. If you previously logged into your Service Ontario Account using ON e-Key, you will need to migrate your account over to My Ontario Account by creating or using an existing My Ontario Account and selecting “yes” when prompted about migration. If you do not have a previous ON e-Key account, you can create a new My Ontario Account to access Service Ontario Account services. For more help setting up your account, please refer to the My Ontario Account help guide.

Should you have any immediate questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your manager:

A valid Security Licence is a prerequisite for your position at ASP, making it crucial to stay informed about these changes. We appreciate your attention to this matter and your prompt compliance with the new licensing requirements.

Your cooperation is essential for ensuring that our security measures align with the latest regulatory standards.

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