Toronto Pearson Airport Employee Spotlight

By Noman Butt, Operations Manager and Ramakrishna Malkapuram, Service Delivery Manager

Nadesha Warren

Nadesha became the unsung hero of the day by helping find a lost cell phone. Instead of simply noting the lost item or directing the passenger to Lost and found, Nadesha took it upon herself to go above and beyond her duties to retrieve the forgotten phone. This act of kindness and resourcefulness didn’t just save the day; it saved the week, month, and perhaps even the entire travel experience for the grateful individual. Please see the comments below from the passenger.

“Nadesha at security went above and beyond to retrieve it. She saved my day, week, month ….!!! Kudos for being kind and resourceful! Thank you Nadesha”.



On November 24th, our dedicated guard on duty, Sodhi Jaswinder, demonstrated exceptional knowledge and alertness, preventing a potentially serious incident during her shift. Her quick thinking and decisive actions thwarted a situation involving a domestic flight passenger attempting to enter the Transborder area.

As a witness to the event, Shift manager Marsela observed Sodhi Jaswinder’s swift response. Jaswinder maintained her position to ensure that no passengers would inadvertently pass through. Her commitment to duty and unwavering vigilance played a crucial role in averting a potential breach.

She was rightfully recognized with a star for her exemplary service. Her actions not only prevented a potential security breach but also showcased the importance of well-trained and attentive security personnel in ensuring the safety of all stakeholders. A job well done, indeed!

Lovleen Kaur

In every workplace, there are individuals who make a difference through their dedication and commitment. Lovleen Kaur, the Shift Manager at Terminal 3, is one such individual. Her proactive response to a challenging incident and ongoing assistance to the team have not only left a positive impression but have also earned her heartfelt appreciation from the clients. This recognition serves as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and appreciating the hard work of individuals like Lovleen, who contribute to the smooth operation and safety of their workplace. Please see client’s comments below.

“On Dec 3, we had a hectic incident in T3. Lovleen was there ready to assist and even attempted to stop a trespasser. She was on scene until the end to provide any assistance – whatever was required in that moment. Lovleen is always assisting our team with any requests. So, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the hard work! “

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