Toronto Pearson Airport Employee Spotlight

By Noman Butt, Operations Manager

Sumandeep Dhaliwal

I am writing to bring to your attention the exceptional performance of Sumandeep Dhaliwal, who is currently stationed at the main access control post in T1 during nightshifts.

Sumandeep Dhaliwal demonstrates remarkable dedication and professionalism in her role. Her positive attitude and strong work ethic set a standard of excellence that is truly commendable.

Despite the challenges inherent in her position, Sumandeep consistently goes above and beyond, ensuring that her responsibilities are fulfilled with precision and care. Her commitment to maintaining security protocols while also fostering a welcoming environment is truly exemplary.

I believe it is essential to acknowledge Sumandeep Dhaliwal’s contributions and to express appreciation for her outstanding service.

I am delighted to highlight the outstanding performance of Egmidio Alejo over the past three months. Egmidio has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and vigilance in his role, earning well-deserved recognition from his peers and supervisors.

Recently, Egmidio was commended by PSO for his exemplary work. He intercepted a new employee attempting to exit without an escort, despite being left unattended in a restricted area for an extended period. His quick thinking and commitment to security protocols prevented a potential breach, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his duties.

His proactive approach not only ensures compliance but also enhances the safety and security of our premises.


In our busy workdays, sometimes it’s the little things that really matter. That’s what happened with one of our team members, Dale Pershad. He got a task from ASP supervisors that seemed normal at first. But what Dale did next was really impressive. Not only did Dale do the task really well, but he also did more. Dale made a detailed report with pictures for everyone on the team to see.

This shows how dedicated and practical Dale is. He didn’t let problems get in the way – he faced them directly. And this isn’t the first time he’s shown this dedication. Whether it’s helping supervisors or making sure tasks are done perfectly, Dale is a big help to our team.

Because of people like Dale, our team is known for doing great work. They remind us that doing our best isn’t just about what we do, but how we do it – with passion, determination, and a commitment to doing our best. Great job, Dale! You’re an inspiration to us all.


Sadiq Sediqullah’s journey at ASP is truly remarkable, and his story exemplifies the importance of first impressions. His journey with ASP started in June 2023, when Sadiq started as an airside access control guard but his exceptional attitude, unwavering commitment, and ability to tackle any task with precision quickly set him apart. The terminal and airside supervisors recognized his outstanding performance, making him a sought-after guard to help with difficult tasks.

Sadiq’s dedication led to him being cross-trained for multiple posts and clients including IFC, British Airways, Airside Breaks, Terminal access control, and Specialists (Baggage Hall). His versatility and excellence prompted further advancement, and he became a supervisor at IFC, Airside, and Terminal – a rare distinction indeed.

Sadiq’s journey serves as a testament to the opportunities for growth within our organization.

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