By Delal Mharbi, YWG Operations Manager

ASP Incorporated is excited to announce the successful launch of our services at Winnipeg International Airport on April 1st. Our offerings include information desk management, roving customer assistance, and efficient baggage and cart handling, underscoring our commitment to enhancing the passenger experience.

Our customer service extends to proactive engagement with travellers, wayfinding assistance, and support for accessibility and irregular operations. Additionally, our baggage handling and cart services contribute to a positive and seamless experience throughout the airport.

This smooth transition was achieved through the hard work and dedication of our entire team. We are honoured to be part of making Winnipeg International Airport a more welcoming and efficient travel hub.

Key personnel such as Executive Vice President Gadi Shamni from ICTS, Vice President of Operations Humberto Pimentel, Director of Aviation Services Garinder Grewal, and Customer Services Manager Dalel Mharbi were present to ensure a successful launch. We thank the Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) for their support and hospitality during this transition.

We value our partnership with WAA and are dedicated to contributing to their success. Thank you to everyone who played a role in this achievement. Let’s continue to set new standards for excellence in airport services.

By Fatema Pipalyawala, Talent Acquisition Lead

We are pleased to announce that, following thorough research and process improvements, our Recruitment Department has undergone a rebranding initiative and is now known as the Talent Acquisition Department. As part of this transition, Sean Gallagher has been promoted to the role of Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition & Development, while I, Fatema Pipalyawala, have been appointed as the Talent Acquisition Lead. Additionally, we welcome Kunal Sachdeva to our team as the coordinator.

The traditional recruitment department has long been associated with tasks such as hiring & onboarding in a stipulated time span. While these functions are undoubtedly crucial, they only scratch the surface of what a modern recruitment team can achieve.

By rebranding and realigning the focus towards acquiring and nurturing top talent, companies can position themself for sustained success in today’s competitive business landscape. It’s not just a name change, it’s a strategic imperative for driving growth, innovation, and organizational excellence. The shift towards a Talent Acquisition Department represents a broader recognition of the strategic importance of attracting, developing, and retaining top talent.

Tips to Refer & Earn – Referral Bonus Policy

We have had numerous questions regarding how our Referral bonus process works so we wanted to take a few minutes to explain it and how it works.


  • Your referral applies online at and they have the option to list a “referral” on the application. They need to list your name here or tell us you referred them during the interview (it is the first question we ask)
  • If they are hired and successfully complete training, the person you referred will need to work a minimum of 2 shifts per week for 90 days
  • As the person referring the new employee, you also need to work a minimum of 2 shifts weekly for 90 days (if you have a week of vacation that is fine and will not be held against you)
  • Once the 90 days is completed, Talent Acquisition sends the notice to the accounting department on the first week of the following month (all referral notices are sent at the same time)

To qualify for the referral bonus, the referred candidate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be hired as a regular employee of ASP Incorporated.
  2. Successfully complete the probationary period of three(3) months;
  3. Remain actively employed for a minimum of three (3) months from the date of hire (Cannot be on a leave of absence or not actively picking up shifts); and the referring Employee must also be actively working shifts.
  4. The referred candidate must be in an active contract, if the contract was/is terminated during the probationary period, the referral will not be eligible for payment.

Please note, if you have any questions or concerns about your referrals please only contact Sean Gallagher, Senior Manager- Talent Acquisition and Development at sean@

Congratulations to Atinderpal Singh winner of a new TV for the most referrals.

From left to right: Talent Acquisition Lead Fatema Pipalyawala, Respite Specialist employee Atinderpal Singh (the winner) and Kunal Sachdeva (Coordinator).

From left to right: Talent Acquisition Lead Fatema Pipalyawala, Respite Specialist employee Atinderpal Singh (the winner) and Kunal Sachdeva (Coordinator).

By Human Resources Department

Please join us in welcoming two new office and management team members that joined ASP in Q1 of 2024!

We are delighted to introduce our new HR Administrator, Mitali Rajput. Mitali joined the HR team in February 2024 to provide invaluable support to our Residential and Commercial division.

Mitali brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to ASP. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management – Human Resources from Lambton College and a Bachelor’s in Management Studies from The University of Mumbai.

Her recent role as an HR and Recruitment Intern at a well-known recruitment agency has equipped her with a diverse skill set. In her experience, Mitali successfully managed employee records, ensuring accuracy and timely updates. She played a key role in supporting the recruitment process, showcasing her expertise in onboarding new team members seamlessly.

In her role at ASP, Mitali is responsible for processing HR data and acting as the first point of contact for general HR queries.

We are thrilled to announce that Dalel Mharbi joined ASP in March 2024 in the pivotal role of Customer Service Manager for Winnipeg International Airport.

Dalel comes to us with a wealth of experience in airport operations, particularly in client relationship management and team leadership. She brings with her a strong track record of delivering exceptional service and fostering positive team dynamics.

In her role at ASP, Dalel will be responsible for overseeing our ASP 24/7 Customer Service Operations. This includes Roving Customer Care, Passenger Processing, Baggage Drop Attendant, and Information Booth functions. Her strategic leadership, operational expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction will be instrumental in elevating our customer service experience and enhancing stakeholder relationships.

Dalel’s accomplishments in cultivating client relationships, developing operational systems, and fostering a collaborative team culture make her an invaluable addition to our team. We are confident that her contributions will play a significant role in driving the success of our Customer Service Operation.

Please join us in welcoming Dalel to our team. Let’s wish her all the very best and give her a warm ASP welcome.

We are delighted to share that Karim Khamisa has rejoined ASP as the Senior Client Support Manager at Toronto Pearson International Airport. In his previous roles at ASP, Karim played an important role in supporting various security contracts across both the Aviation and Commercial sectors, such as Sudbury Airport, TTC, Crossing Guards, Union Station, City of Toronto Respite, and more. With a robust management background spanning hospitality, technology, and aviation security, Karim re-joins ASP with a strong management background across many industries including hospitality, technology, and aviation security which will assist him in exceeding our clients’ expectations. Please join me in welcoming Karim back to the ASP family, we look forward to his upcoming contributions and achievements in 2024. Welcome back, Karim! Wishing you every success in your new role.

By Sarah Miller, Operations Manager

By Humberto Pimentel, VP of Operations

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the outstanding achievement of Kat Szumacher, who has been recognized by Canadian Security Magazine as one of the Top 10 Under 40 professionals in the security industry! This prestigious award celebrates the remarkable contributions and dedication of young leaders who are making a significant impact in their field, and we are thrilled to see one of our own shining brightly on this national stage.

Kat has been an invaluable asset to our team, consistently demonstrating exceptional skills, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Her passion for processimprovements and her unwavering focus on delivering top-notch security services has not only enhanced ASP Security’s reputation but has also made a positive impact on our clients, The City of Toronto and The City of Vaughan.

This recognition is a testament to Kat’s hard work, expertise, and leadership qualities. It reflects not only her individual accomplishments but also the collective strength of our team and the culture of excellence we cultivate here at ASP Security. We take great pride in supporting and nurturing talent, and this achievement is a reflection of our commitment to empowering our employees to reach their full potential.

Please join us in congratulating Kat Szumacher on this well-deserved honor. Her success is an inspiration to us all, and we look forward to witnessing her continued growth and contributions to our company and the security industry.

By Debbie Ciccotelli, VP of Strategic Initiatives

The moment has come for me to turn the page to a new chapter in my life, as I announce my retirement effective May 31st. Reflecting on the journey we’ve traversed together in ASP fills my heart with both pride and gratitude.

Working with ASP is my third and final career. I began my career at the young age of 19 with Transport Canada at Toronto Pearson Airport and when the airport was privatized, I transitioned to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. My last and final employer, ASP has been my all-time favorite.

I have known our CEO, Dean Lovric for over 25 years, and I think of him not only as a boss, but a friend as well. I am so thankful to have the chance to work alongside him. Dean’s enthusiasm, motivation, passion, and support has been inspirational to me. He is a caring and supportive leader, which is one of the many things I love about him.

To my incredible colleagues, working with all of you has been truly inspiring. I have learned, grown, and shared many moments with you. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of you for the experiences we’ve shared together and the unwavering support I have received. It’s not the projects or the deadlines that I’ll remember most fondly, but the everyday moments of unity and shared purpose. Together we have combined forces to hit targets, win new business, innovate like wizards, and create a vibe that’s nothing short of magical. I am proud of the excellent work we have accomplished together. You’re the best bunch of colleagues anyone could ask for and although I am moving on, I carry with me found memories of you all.

I would like to give a special shout-out to my amazing team, Jason White and more recently Sarah Miller. It has been an incredible roller coaster ride with the numerous projects, long and tiring workdays and tight deadlines, but I am so proud of what we have accomplished together. Jason, you have left an indelible mark on my heart, even when times were tough, you made me laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter and live a little better. Fate made us teammates, but time has made us friends and the memories and experiences we shared will stay with me forever.

In my time at ASP, I have had the pleasure to mentor a number of people in the company. I wanted to share a little bit about this experience. In writing this message, it got me thinking about why mentoring is one of the things I am extremely passionate about. I have been extremely fortunate to have been mentored by some amazing people throughout my life. And they all made a significant impact on me, and I recognize how fortunate I was to have them – they helped to form my character and ultimately made me the person I am today. It was important to me to “pay if forward’ and do for others what these individuals did for me. What I have come to realize after having been both a mentor and a mentee is that it doesn’t matter which side you are on, there are lessons to be learned. I have learned just as many lessons from those who I have mentored as from those who have mentored me, and I encourage you all to seek out a mentor and to pay it forward as your career progresses.

To all the employees at ASP, I know that your work is not always easy, but always remember you are doing important work and each and every one of you makes a difference to the company, our clients and our customers. It’s incredible how a group of people from such diverse backgrounds works so closely and well together. I am so proud of the excellent workforce we have at ASP.

I am writing this farewell message with deep emotions as I say goodbye to this incredible company. The memories and bonds we have formed mean the world to me. I look forward to watching the continued success of ASP from the sidelines with great admiration. I wish you all success in the future and I know you will rock the future.

Thank you and farewell!