By Daniel McCormack, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Hello ASP team! Summer has definitely arrived at YYC. The sun is shining, the breeze is sweet, and people are out and about! That means that they are out and about at the airport, and the ASP team here as busy as ever.

There is always an increase in traffic at this time of the year, which translates to an increase in security events. My security tip to all readers is to always be aware of your surroundings. Small things like staying on task and avoiding distractions while on post will ensure both your safety and the security of your area. Simple matters, like knowing how to enter and exit an area, can make a world of difference when you need to make quick decisions.

Additionally, the added traffic at YYC means increased interactions with the public. The team has hundreds of customer service interactions daily and the client is pleased that we go the extra mile on this front. It continues to demonstrate the quality and excellence of ASP. With the onboarding and training of over thirty new people in the past few weeks, we must continue rolling up our sleeves to bring our new recruits up to speed. They are all excited to get to the post and make the most of their time with ASP. I know that the group here is dedicated to their success — everyone can remember being new! This increase in new hires points to some very positive things for ASP, like the return of some of our access control positions in the future.

Good luck to our newest family members. Remember, there is no rush when it comes to performing security the right way!

ASP continues to gain confidence from the YYC community. There are exciting opportunities in store for this team if we continue to pull together and show off our skills. I’m confident that everyone will help realize that goal.

Until next time, ASP, take care out there!

By Daniel McCormack, Training Coordinator

Hello ASP! Welcome to the Autumn edition! YYC has been ramping up a lot over the summer; things are re-opening, volume is increasing and as such, so is our workload. The feedback from the client has been positive on our continued dedication to getting the job done. One way that we are executing this is through new training that will continue to further hone our skills.

The staff at YYC have been especially aware of the changes made to training over the last year, which has received extremely positive review from the staff (a 4.8/5 average on iSpring!) and it is just the first step on the track to continue to raise the bar.

One of the major changes this quarter came in the form of a new daily post inspection — staff here have made note that they appreciate the increased interaction with the supervisors. It includes a random question near the end of the inspection which is generally themed toward the most recent operational information that we have received. The response from staff is that they appreciate the new snippets of information that help them do the job better. It’s been helping to ensure that everyone has all the information.

“We have been expanding the training to include de-escalation training, breach response and we are moving towards more in-depth security theory across all the roles we have in Calgary.”

Some of the in-class training has been put on hold due to COVID restrictions, but with the positive outlook on vaccination rates across the staff, and across the country, we are all optimistic that in person training will be able to resume soon. Some of the training cued for staff include patrol theory and incident response. I know I’m excited to deliver the new training! Until next time, take care of yourselves!

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Robert (Bob) Watson. Bob had been with ASP since we were awarded the contract in 2018 but has been working at the airport for many years before that. Bob was a friendly, easy-going man who was known and loved by almost everyone at the airport, not just ASP. He will be missed by everyone here at YYC.

“Bob was a friendly, easy-going man who was known and loved by almost everyone at the airport”

By Matthew Szajkwoski, Operations Manager

I want to start with thanking the entire ASP team at YYC for doing a such a great job over the last quarter. The last year and a half has been difficult on everyone but thankfully we are reaching a point where vaccines are rolling out and restrictions are being eased. Although Covid-19 will likely be with us for a long-time, it is exciting to slowly return to a normal life. A life without restrictions and one where we can socialize and be with friends and family – and eventually start travelling again!

The ASP team at YYC has done a fantastic job during this pandemic and I fully expect this to continue in post-pandemic times. As travel restrictions start to ease, we should start to see an increase in flights and traffic at all airports, including YYC. This is where I expect this team to continue building on the progress we have made so far and make this team, and the operation, even better. If we succeeded during these tough times, there is no reason why we can’t thrive during the good times.

Over the last few months, we have seen changes to several procedures here at YYC (including SOC in our daily Terminal Patroller meeting, increasing supervisor and management post visits, having Terminal Patrollers assist posts during peak times, etc.). As a result, we have seen a positive trend in our overall performance and the client is very happy with our progress. This is the success we need to continue to build on. We have momentum in our favour right now, let’s use it to really stand out and show everyone what the ASP team at YYC in really capable of.

“The YYC has done a fantastic job during this pandemic”

By Daniel McCormack, Quality Control Manager

Hello ASP! We have all received some exciting news regarding vaccination roll-out across the country. I am very aware of the exhaustion that we all feel from the pandemic, but it is very exciting that there is finally an end in sight. I know that the Calgary part of the family is ready for things to get back to normal. All we have to do is continue to forge onward, keeping up the effort we have been putting in this far. To that, I would like to highlight some areas for ASP at Calgary Airport.

I cannot speak highly enough of the team here in Calgary. The supervisors, the guards, and everyone we interact with outside of ASP has been phenomenal in keeping the operation running during the pandemic. Many restrictions or protocols change regularly to reflect federal and provincial standards and the team has always stepped up to meet the challenge. One of the hardest parts of the pandemic is continuing training or re-aligning how we complete training so that we can continue to provide our high-quality service for our clients. Over the last month, training was completed on our newest group of Operators in our Security Operations area where the training is quite technical, and it requires a great deal of time and attention on part of the mentor and the mentee. I want to specifically recognize Samantha Johnson and Patrick Nichol who were the assigned mentors for this training. Not only did they deliver high-quality training, but they did so while ensuring that all the COVID protocols were followed, which for the uninitiated, is no easy undertaking in that role (and, of course, thanks to Sam and Patrick’s partners).

In fact, across the entire workforce, despite the hurdles and hoops that our team needs to jump through to complete training safely, our team rose to the challenge in a fashion that benefits the entirety of ASP. To you, mentors of our newest hires here at YYC, I commend you in your diligence. The feedback I receive from the new hires has been positive and you should be proud. It is great to see everyone taking charge during the pandemic to get the job done correctly and safely.

It is this that I notice most about ASP—the people that work here really care about the work. For most of us, our work in security directly influences someone’s safety, and I am glad to work at a company where Security Matters.

Until next time, wishing you all the best. Stay safe while we are on the home stretch!

By Elizabeth Warwick, Operations Manager

I think it is safe to say that 2020 has been the year that none of us were expecting. We have all experienced considerable operational shifts and changes to the way that we conduct our day-to-day activities, especially due to COVID precautions, such as frequent disinfection of workspaces and equipment, wearing masks, and physical distancing. These newsletter articles typically focus on the exceptional performance specific employees, but it was difficult to focus on only a few employees as there have been so many amazing contributions from across all of the teams.

Our Access Control Officers both in the terminal and airside have seen many changes to the processes and procedures at the access control points, including new rules for Alberta Health Services personnel as well as changes to the process for verifying non-local RAICS with the new RAIC Integration Process. In addition, many employees needed to be trained on new posts when their usual posts were closed and although at times this pushed employees outside of their comfort zone, each employee rose to the occasion. We have also seen an increase to the number of invalid or expired RAICs from employees who have returned from layoffs and leave of absences. Despite all this, our Access Control Guards have continued to provide exceptional and effective service in their roles.

Our Terminal Patrollers have increased their patrols both in the terminal as well as on the curb and in the parkades, conducted frequent patrols to ensure that no individuals were loitering in closed areas of the terminal, adapted to substantial changes to the Guardtek system, and have dealt with an increase to the number of unwanted guests who have visited the airport. These diligent employees have also been tasked with reminding others of the face covering requirements, which has not always been warmly received. The level of customer service and guest assistance provided by the Terminal Patrollers has continued to increase, which has helped passengers navigate new changes to the way they travel.

Our Airside Patrollers have seen an increase to the amount of operational taskings they are dispatched to complete and took over the responsibility of conducting thorough fence patrols each shift. They have been crucial to the operation for both ASP, as well as many airport partners who rely on their assistance to be able to complete their own duties.

Our SOC operators have also experienced many changes with their duties and work environment, as there have been numerous changes to the roles and responsibilities within the IOC including the elimination of the dispatcher role. Throughout 2020, there have been many unusual incidents which required the SOC operators on shift to react quickly and find solutions for situations that had not previously been encountered.

Our Supervisors have also seen major changes to their role, especially as the supervisor teams were split between terminal and groundside responsibilities. They have closely monitored the guards on their teams to ensure that all employees are trained for the positions they are assigned and have frequently assisted with last minute scheduling due to COVID related absences. The supervisors began issuing visitor passes due to the temporary closure of the Pass Control Office and have continued assisting with this task to alleviate the pressure on the Pass Control Office. They have also taken on the responsibility of conducting COVID screening questionnaires with employees at the start of every shift. These activities have ensured that the operation continues despite the challenges we have experienced.

Although this year has been challenging at times, it has also been very rewarding as it has shown that despite the frequent changes, our team is capable of reacting and adapting to unforeseen circumstances. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every ASP employee at YYC Calgary International Airport, as we would not have been able to accomplish all that we have if not for the dedication, adaptability, and resilience displayed by this team. I appreciate all that you do and am looking forward to seeing what 2021 holds, as I am confident that no matter what changes we see, our team can handle anything!

“I want to take this opportunity to thank every YYC Employee”

By Daniel McCormack, Quality Control Manager

New normal is something that we have heard quite a bit since the beginning of the year.

We are in a different time and every aspect of a company’s operation has had to change in order to adapt and overcome. ASP wants to ensure that the goal of continued growth and success is achieved each quarter, and it is only possible when all work toward that goal.

What does that mean for you, me, and the company? Adapting. Adapting training and procedures so we stay safe, stay effective, and stay on top of the fluid and changing landscape of the pandemic era. This will make the post-pandemic transition easier and sooner. What does it look like? It is increased virtual training, emphasis on digital reporting and ensuring that we are following public health measures as we perform our roles.

At YYC this quarter, we have completed virtual and reduced-capacity training, and have begun overhauling our iSpring modules. Our staff have reported positively on the comprehensive modules for radio communications, report writing, and of specific note, the Guardtek how-to module, which presents our guards with an intimate knowledge of how to utilize Guardtek to the best of their ability. A strong positive of the training being virtual is that anyone can finish the training on their own schedule, which many of our team enjoy. Staff have expressed that they appreciate being able to go over the material at their own pace.

The future of training and engaging with staff in incentive programs is all virtual. The new normal training landscape for ASP is one that uses venerated technologies and software to deliver, receive and improve upon these things.

All of you, across all ASP sites, are encouraged to put a piece of yourselves in the training by providing feedback so that we can continue to innovate. It is the cooperation between us all that will get us through the good times and the tough times. If you have ideas, we want to hear them!

By Elizabeth Warwick, Operations Manager

Samantha Johnson & Cam Schulte

SOC Operators Samantha and Cam received an urgent video review request from an out-of-province police agency, regarding a homicide suspect who had landed in Calgary on an inbound flight.

The two operators quickly began reviewing CCTV footage and were able to identify and locate the suspect based on a photo provided by police. They saved a total of 16 video clips and were able to provide the police with very important details to assist in their investigation, including the exact time and taxi number that the suspect left in.

Both the police and the YYC Security team were extremely appreciative of the assistance of these two dedicated and skilled operators!

Samantha Johnson, SOC Operator, receives Certificate of Recognition from Dean Lovric, President & CEO

Shannon Jacobson

Supervisor Shannon Jacobson was conducting groundside patrols of airport property when she observed an individual who was behaving in a suspicious manner in one of the parking lots.

She approached the individual who informed her that he was waiting for a friend, but Shannon felt that something was off. She reported the suspicious individual to the on-duty SOC Operators who monitored his activity via CCTV. The individual then started trying the door handles of parked cars in an attempt to find an unlocked vehicle. Calgary Police Service Officers were dispatched and located the man inside of an unattended vehicle. The individual was subsequently arrested.

Jaspreet Badesha, SOC Operator, receives Certificate of Recognition from Angus Wilson, Director, Aviation Services

Jaspreet Badesha and Derek Steman

SOC Operators Jaspreet and Derek were on shift when they received an urgent report of an individual who was observed walking airside and crossing runways and taxiways, presenting a major security and safety concern to himself and others.

The two operators quickly responded and began reviewing CCTV and dispatched Calgary Police Service. It was determined during the investigation that the individual was disoriented and confused due to medical issues and had climbed over the fence to enter the restricted area without realizing he was on airport property. Jaspreet and Derek went above and beyond their duties to assist the IOC team, and even spoke directly with the individual to determine the details of the incident and assist with providing translation services for the individual.

Derek Steman, SOC Operator, receives Certificate of Recognition Angus Wilson, Director, Aviation Services