By Daniel McCormack, Quality Control Manager

New normal is something that we have heard quite a bit since the beginning of the year.

We are in a different time and every aspect of a company’s operation has had to change in order to adapt and overcome. A.S.P. wants to ensure that the goal of continued growth and success is achieved each quarter, and it is only possible when all work toward that goal.

What does that mean for you, me, and the company? Adapting. Adapting training and procedures so we stay safe, stay effective, and stay on top of the fluid and changing landscape of the pandemic era. This will make the post-pandemic transition easier and sooner. What does it look like? It is increased virtual training, emphasis on digital reporting and ensuring that we are following public health measures as we perform our roles.

At YYC this quarter, we have completed virtual and reduced-capacity training, and have begun overhauling our iSpring modules. Our staff have reported positively on the comprehensive modules for radio communications, report writing, and of specific note, the Guardtek how-to module, which presents our guards with an intimate knowledge of how to utilize Guardtek to the best of their ability. A strong positive of the training being virtual is that anyone can finish the training on their own schedule, which many of our team enjoy. Staff have expressed that they appreciate being able to go over the material at their own pace.

The future of training and engaging with staff in incentive programs is all virtual. The new normal training landscape for A.S.P. is one that uses venerated technologies and software to deliver, receive and improve upon these things.

All of you, across all A.S.P. sites, are encouraged to put a piece of yourselves in the training by providing feedback so that we can continue to innovate. It is the cooperation between us all that will get us through the good times and the tough times. If you have ideas, we want to hear them!

By Elizabeth Warwick, Operations Manager

Samantha Johnson & Cam Schulte

SOC Operators Samantha and Cam received an urgent video review request from an out-of-province police agency, regarding a homicide suspect who had landed in Calgary on an inbound flight.

The two operators quickly began reviewing CCTV footage and were able to identify and locate the suspect based on a photo provided by police. They saved a total of 16 video clips and were able to provide the police with very important details to assist in their investigation, including the exact time and taxi number that the suspect left in.

Both the police and the YYC Security team were extremely appreciative of the assistance of these two dedicated and skilled operators!

Samantha Johnson, SOC Operator, receives Certificate of Recognition from Dean Lovric, President & CEO

Shannon Jacobson

Supervisor Shannon Jacobson was conducting groundside patrols of airport property when she observed an individual who was behaving in a suspicious manner in one of the parking lots.

She approached the individual who informed her that he was waiting for a friend, but Shannon felt that something was off. She reported the suspicious individual to the on-duty SOC Operators who monitored his activity via CCTV. The individual then started trying the door handles of parked cars in an attempt to find an unlocked vehicle. Calgary Police Service Officers were dispatched and located the man inside of an unattended vehicle. The individual was subsequently arrested.

Jaspreet Badesha, SOC Operator, receives Certificate of Recognition from Angus Wilson, Director, Aviation Services

Jaspreet Badesha and Derek Steman

SOC Operators Jaspreet and Derek were on shift when they received an urgent report of an individual who was observed walking airside and crossing runways and taxiways, presenting a major security and safety concern to himself and others.

The two operators quickly responded and began reviewing CCTV and dispatched Calgary Police Service. It was determined during the investigation that the individual was disoriented and confused due to medical issues and had climbed over the fence to enter the restricted area without realizing he was on airport property. Jaspreet and Derek went above and beyond their duties to assist the IOC team, and even spoke directly with the individual to determine the details of the incident and assist with providing translation services for the individual.

Derek Steman, SOC Operator, receives Certificate of Recognition Angus Wilson, Director, Aviation Services