By Noah Thompson, Senior Manager, Projects and Information Systems

Although it’s unclear where the origin of the rich history that is Canine Partner Trading Cards began, it is rumoured that it started in 1959 with the Launch of Sputnik 2.

When the famous Satellite launched it had a furry friend onboard dubbed “The Sputnik Dog” with the intent of testing the effects on a living organism in space. A cigarette company issued the famous Sputnik Dog trading card shortly after the launch. The trend “took off” and since then Trading Cards with our four-legged partners have been produced by Military, Police Forces, Security Teams and Therapy Dogs Companies around the world.

A.S.P. carried on this tradition with the first edition cards in 2015 with a Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card inspired design featuring the signature A.S.P. red and white. A true Canadian take on the long-lived tradition.

A.S.P. is proud to announce that our cards are getting an overhaul. We have recently completed a photo shoot with our K9 Team and will be going to print with the new designs soon.

Ask your local A.S.P. K9 Handler for their canine partners trading card in mid-summer 2020!!

Canine Trading Cards Get an Overhaul

ICTS General Services, an ICTS Europe subsidiary in Spain, has recently won a new contract with Terminal Catalunya S.A.U, for the provision of security services at the Port of Barcelona.

This 2-year contract will see ICTS providing 24/7 control room monitoring, as well as access control and patrolling of the Hutchison Ports BEST Terminal, one of the most modern container terminals in the world.

“The Hutchison Ports BEST is a semi-automated terminal, with a very high productivity rate and expansion plans for the coming years. For many years now, ICTS has provided similar security services at the Ports of Malaga and Mallorca and is looking forward to supporting Terminal Catalunya S.A.U.’s business plans.

The award of this prestigious contract increases our presence at the Port of Barcelona, as we already secure Barcelona’s Cruise Port Terminal. Hutchison is a very welcome addition to our client portfolio, and we are proud to have been entrusted with this new contract,” said Ofer Barder, General Manager, ICTS General Services.

ACTS-Aviation Security has just commenced a brand-new contract with Dallas- based Southwest Airlines for the provision of catering inspection services of crew meals at Florida’s Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale International Airports.

ACTS, ICTS Europe’s subsidiary in the U.S.A., now provides catering inspection services to 66 different Airlines at 30 Airports across the USA.

“Our reputation is founded upon years of hard work and ACTS’ values of teamwork and professionalism. We look forward to working closely with Southwest Airlines delivering a quality service the Client can rely on” said Tracy A. Fuller, Vice President – Technology & Solutions, ACTS.

By Mark Burnett, Canine Unit Manager - Trainer

With the ongoing development of a federal canine explosives detection program for air cargo, Transport Canada facilitated two weeks of canine trials at express shipping facilities at Pearson Airport in June, with the assistance of A.S.P. Canine Unit members.

Our handlers were heavily relied on to assist with the management of the explosives training aids, and with working our dogs through the test areas in order to collect data to assist with the development of test procedures. Trial searches were set up in FedEx and UPS facilities to replicate the conditions the dogs would be expected to search in once federal regulations have been formalized.

A.S.P. Canine Unit members were very well represented and our dog teams performed very well. Our members took the opportunity to showcase our dogs, as well as network with various representatives from express shipping companies and dog teams sent from Los Angeles and Las Vegas to participate.

A.S.P. Canine will continue to be actively involved and play an important role in the creation of the federal EDDHT program with Transport Canada over the next 18 months or so that the program is expected to be under development.

By Mark Burnett, Explosive Detection Canine Trainer

A.S.P. Canine welcomes two of its newest members to the team, Katrina Stachurski and Simon Hathaway.

Katrina and Simon have begun their training with two experienced detector dogs Cody, a three-year-old Czech Shepherd, and Edge, a three-year-old Labrador.

Simon Hathaway and Katrina Stachurski with canine partners Edge and Cody.

Both Katrina and Simon come into the unit with experience in the security field, Katrina coming from Paladin Security and Simon an A.S.P. Specialist at Pearson Airport.

Basic training will continue for the teams for another five weeks, and upon successful testing, they will be deployed operationally on the Commercial K9 team, providing EDD services to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and other commercial clients.

A.S.P. is fortunate to have the addition of Katrina and Simon to our Canine Unit and we wish them good luck as they begin their canine careers.

By Mark Burnett, Explosive Detection Canine Trainer

The Canine Unit has been busy with the increased holiday traffic and special events taking place with both Pearson Airport and Commercial Divisions.

The Commercial Division has provided EDD coverage for some special events, including visits from Bill and Hillary Clinton, and several Cirque du Soleil shows, in addition to the busy concert and Leafs/Raptors schedules.

The Pearson Airport Team has managed the increased volume of unattended bags and suspicious items that come with the busy time of year, with the added responsibility of being primary response to these calls for service.

Members of the team met recently with the St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog team to welcome them to Pearson Airport and to tell them about our duties and responsibilities for providing explosives detection canines to the GTAA. The meeting went very well and we look forward to seeing the therapy dogs doing their important work in the new year.

Members of A.S.P. Canine from both divisions are continuing to work with Transport Canada in the development of national standards for the EDD screening of air cargo, with two visits to Ottawa to work dogs in trials designed to test their processes and procedures. The A.S.P. Canine teams are representing A.S.P. very well in Ottawa and are continuing to perform an important service to the development on these national standards.

The Canine Unit members extend season’s greetings and best wishes in the New Year to all of the A.S.P. team and their families.