By Kayvin Montaner, Service Delivery Manager, Customer Service

The operators of the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) were presented with the Most Spectacular Recovery Award by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce in November 2022.

Leading up to the resumption of commercial flights, everyone at BBTCA made sure the airport ‘was ready’. This consisted of repeat reviews of the plans and readiness, checking our lists and checking them twice, revising our protocols, reintroducing and reacquainting our teams with the site and taking tours, not to mention while wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing.

Then came the evening of the restart, the execution of that ‘first day’, and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) was ready.

Kim Clarke, Director of Terminal Operations, personally thanked the ASP team for providing the daily support where it was needed. A big congratulations to all our teammates at BBTCA and keep up the great work!!!

On October 22, 2022, a security incident took place at BBTCA which led to the evacuation of the terminal. Our team volunteered to stay past their scheduled shifts to assist the airport authority in keeping passengers calm, handed out refreshments, and the supported the airport authority team during the event. Their proactiveness and dedication is a perfect example of exemplary customer service. Their actions that day earned them a commendation from the Director of Terminal Services at BBTCA. Thank you to our STAR winners: Ahasanul Huq, Prathap Rajasingham and Rajvi Parmar.

From left to right: Vladan Srndovic – Nieuport, Ahasanul Huq – PSA, Ovais Khan – Nieuport
From left to right: Vladan Srndovic – Nieuport, Rajvi Parmar – PSA, Ovais Khan – Nieuport