By Garinder Grewal, Airport SDM, YYZ, Aviation K9

We are at once happy and sad to announce the retirement of our Access control Guard Fatos Strazimiri.

We really enjoyed working with Fatos over the last 12 plus years, and we consider him not only a valuable asset but a true inspiration for all of us as well. His hard work, dedication, and diligence have greatly benefited A.S.P., and his ability to train/encourage other employees will be missed. It has always been our pleasure to work with him. So, while we are saddened to see him go, we are confident that he will find the same success and happiness in retirement that he experienced during his time with A.S.P.. We wish Fatos the best in his future endeavors. Retirement will surely offer him many new opportunities, which we know he will embrace wholeheartedly, just as he did at A.S.P. Inc.

By Noah Thompson, Senior Manager, Special Projects & Information Systems

In September of last year, A.S.P. launched a proprietary mobile application, “X-Guard”.

Currently in use with our Crossing Guard Operations Team, X-Guard features a full host of scheduling and mapping tools to assist our front-line team with shift check-ins and our admin staff to ensure our team is on site each day to ensure the children of Toronto get to school safely.

We have recently embarked on an overhaul of our admin tool that will provide more intuitive and functional feature sets within the system. The updated tool will provide our admin staff an opportunity to manage our front-line team even more efficiently.

The overhauled admin tool will also be available on the client side of the application and will feature a whole new look and feel, offering an improved user experience to our valued customers.

The new tool is currently in testing and set to release in January 2020.

By Darren Scott, Advanced Forecasting Analyst

Never miss an available posting again using the inTime App.

The inTime App improves communication by putting your schedule on your smart phone. From the App you can:

  • View your schedule. No more logging on to your desktop to see what days you’re working and when you have vacations.
  • Easily make plans around your work schedule.
  • Sign up for shifts and overtime.
  • Apply for Leaves.
  • Sort and filter available postings.
  • Receive mobile alerts and notifications. Was there a change to your shift start time? The app will send you an alert as soon as a change made.
  • Punch in and out.

Have You Set Your Preferences?

Using your portal or inTime App, you can tell Resource Planning when you prefer to work. When an individual shift is open or a long-term assignment becomes available, your preferences are reviewed to assist scheduling. Without having preferences set on your portal you may be overlooked.

For more information regarding the App or if you require assistance, please contact Resource Planning Department.

By Natasha Stephenson-Belle, Manager, Resource Planning

At the beginning of August 2020, Preet joined our team of Resource Planning. Since joining, Preet has hit the ground running.  She has the initiative and drive to succeed.

Preet’s confidence on the phone while speaking to guards was phenomenal, despite being new.  She cares about the guards she schedules and follows up with other departments as needed to help our employees.  She never wants to leave anyone hanging.  Often at night, I see Preet online afterhours.  When I ask her why she is working so late, her response usually is that she received a last-minute book off that she has to cover.  This goes to show Preet’s dedication and support of our daily operation. There were a few questions that I asked Preet that I thought I would share:

What are you enjoying the most in your current role?

“The thing I most enjoy about my current role is collaboration. I love my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission.”

With your career, do you see opportunity to grow within A.S.P.?

“I love doing what I do. I am really looking forward to being in management position one day. I still have a lot to learn from Natasha. I love the way she carries herself and being professional at the same time. Definitely looking to stick with the company and this company is expanding every day with new contracts. There will be many more opportunities that will come to fill – high hopes.”

What have you heard about contracts that we schedule that you are looking forward to?

“I am glad with the contracts that we have; we really take it seriously. We take into consideration the exceptions of our clients. On the other hand, we also take in consideration the rights of the guards. We make sure that our guards are happily willing to work with A.S.P., as we feel pride in operating the contracts and feel very confident that the hard work, we put in also brings us positive feedback.  We make sure the reports are on time and accurate to keep our standards high. Resulting in contracts extending and want to continue business with us as A.S.P. team puts their 100% efforts”.

From the moment I interviewed Preet, I saw her drive to succeed and excel.  She is always willing to learn, and is constantly looking to perfect her scheduling strategies.  I love watching Preet continue to grow in her role, and I look forward to her continued growth within our family here at A.S.P.  You might have already had the pleasure of speaking with Preet.  If not, please feel free to reach out to her at.  Here are her work contact details:

Varunpreet “Preet” Saini – Resource Planner
Phone: 416-481-0022

By Darren Scott, Advanced Forecasting Analyst

If you are using the InTime app, your password will expire every 45 days. This is for security reasons and you must choose a new one.

If you are like me and have too many passwords already, I would suggest swapping between two. If you have difficulties resetting your password or forget your password, follow the below instructions:

  1. Verify we have your correct email address in the system.
  2. Select “Forgot Password” and enter your email address.
  3. Follow the link in your email to select a new password.
  4. Enter your login information:
    – Company: ASPInc
    – Username: Provided from HR and Resource Planning
    – Password: XXXX
    – Server: select server3

Time to Fall Back!

Daylight Savings Time ends on November 1, 2020. Don’t forget to adjust your clocks accordingly!

By Natasha Stephenson-Belle, Manager, Resource Planning

Anne Kumar joined A.S.P. in August, 2018 as a security guard for our Residential/Commercial division. She worked as a casual guard, completing patrol, escorting, and event security activities for various customers we service across the GTA.

With the experience Anne gained from RES/CIC, Anne transitioned to the Aviation division at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Anne furthered her career by gaining her RAIC and becoming qualified to work as an airside access control guard in October 2018. During this move, I remember Anne calling into the scheduling department when I was new myself. Working as a casual guard, she was reaching out to build a schedule that would work with her school schedule. I asked Anne:

What do you like about working for A.S.P. while you were a student at the airport?

Anne’s response: “As a student working for A.S.P., I liked the fact that the hours were flexible. We did have that minimum two shifts a week, which wasn’t too hard to keep up with. As I was a full-time student, I did not find it difficult to keep up with work and school. What I liked about working at Toronto Pearson is that it was close to home, so traveling to work wasn’t difficult. Also, the fact that we had the option of night shifts, which opened up my availability to work quite a bit.”

Recently, Anne was promoted to our Resource Planning department in March 2020 as a Scheduler. I asked Anne why she applied for this position.

Anne: “I heard about the fact that Resource Planning was hiring, and with the encouragement of the supervisors, I applied for this position”.

Since joining our team, Anne has been an excellent addition. Her primary focus with scheduling is with our aviation contracts, particularly, Toronto Pearson International Airport. On a daily basis, I can see Anne continuously trying to improve her skill set. She asks lots of questions and listens to feedback from her coworkers, her manager, operations team and the front-line employees. On a weekly basis, Anne reaches out to all her assigned casuals to check in on them, and to find a schedule that would work best for them. Anne brings to our team a knowledge of Airside posts, and she has built relationships at the airport that she is able to bring with her into Scheduling to work to her benefit.

Here are Anne’s thoughts on Resource Planning so far: “I love working with the Resource Planning team! Everyone is very helpful – since I am new, they were all very helpful; always answering my calls and helping me with whatever I need!

Welcome to Resource Planning, Anne Kumar!!

If you are interested in speaking with Anne directly, you can always call our scheduling line – 416-481-0022, or you can email her at