How to Hire the Right Commercial Security Guard Company

Waiting to secure your property can lead to increased liability if a breach happens. Don’t wait. Here’s what to look for in a good security guard company.

If you own commercial property, you understand the value of protecting its assets. You want to make the most of your investments, of course. That’s why you’re looking into hiring a qualified security guard company to protect your property.

In fact, you’re not alone in that regard. Statistics show that private security forces outnumber police throughout the world. In other words, many businesses prefer to hire security to keep their assets safe.

Still, there are a lot of ins and outs to navigate when choosing the ideal commercial security company to hire. You want to ensure you’re working with highly trained, reliable security guards.

Well, the good news is that you’ve come to the right place by reading this article. Detailed below is everything you need to know about finding and choosing the ideal commercial security company. Don’t take the chance of leaving your property assets and investments unprotected.

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Start By Doing Plenty of Online Research

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a variety of security companies out there. It’s up to you, though, to find the most reliable service in your area to hire.

After all, consider the fact that the security services industry boasts of a $29 billion market throughout the United States. In other words, private security is no small consideration if you want to keep your property safe. In fact, investing in proper security measures will help to keep you ahead of any local competitors.

The first thing you should do, then, is to check out a potential security company’s online presence. To start, evaluate their website. Is it quick to load with engaging, useful content?

Instead, does it take forever to load, and is it boring? Believe it or not, you can tell a lot about a company from their website. Everyone needs a well-developed one if they want to succeed these days.

If they don’t take the time to make the most of their website design, they might not be worth your time. It’s clear that they don’t value their business or its marketing strategies.

Next, take a look at their social media presence. Is it evident that they engage with their social followers on a regular basis? If that’s the case, you can trust that they have a genuine concern for their customers’ interests.

Last, don’t forget about any online reviews from previous clients. It’s now easy for anyone to post about both positive and negative reviews concerning a business. Looking into that will help you determine if a security company meets the standards of excellence you’re looking for.

Investigate a Potential Security Company’s Training Practices

Of course, it’s no secret that a proper team of security guards needs to be well-trained. That’s why you should take the time to evaluate a security company’s training regime.

Your security team, after all, should be able to respond to pretty much any emergency situation. Whether there’s a medical emergency or a natural disaster, you want to rely on your security force at all times. For more detailed specifics, check out this information on proper security guard training practices.

Ask Other Business Owners in Your Area for Advice

Businesses within all industries invest in security services for a variety of reasons. If you’ve established relationships with business owners in your area, talk to them about their team of security.

For example, what are their favorite qualities about the security company they currently employ? Have they had any negative experiences with a security force in the past? If you ask enough questions, you can find a wealth of information concerning security companies in town.

A Security Guard Company Should Have Excellent Customer Service

At the end of the day, you want to feel as though you’re respected and valued by your security team. As soon as you reach out to a potential security company, how do you feel you’re being treated?

For instance, is the company making you feel as though you’re a waste of their time? Instead, do they treat you like you’re their top priority every time you reach out? You deserve to work with a security company who’s friendly and readily available.

Check Into the Security Company’s Insurance Policy

It’s an unfortunate truth that accidents do sometimes happen. That’s why you need to take the opportunity before you hire a security company to ask about their insurance policy.

Sometimes, security guards can get injured on the job. In these situations, you want to be very clear about your own business’s liability ahead of time. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have a thorough discussion with your potential security team before signing any contract.

The common security force insurance policy will cover them for up to a million dollars. Anything less than that might get you in over your head in the case of an accident.

Invest in the Best Security Guard Company Near You

At this point in the article, you should feel confident hiring a commercial security company. There’s no need to cut corners when it comes to protecting your property and its assets.

That’s why you’re ready to invest in a professional, well-trained security guard company. Doing so will ensure that no matter what time of day it is, your property is safe and secure. After all, you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investments will last through the years.

Don’t just leave it to chance, then. It’s not a good idea to merely hope that your commercial property doesn’t get vandalized or robbed. Instead, take the next step and hire a qualified security team to ensure its integrity on your behalf.

In fact, that’s where we can come into play. We’ve established a reliable reputation as a security guard company with our clients’ best interests in mind. That’s why we make sure our team of security guards is properly trained for the top practices in asset protection.

In other words, you can trust us to manage the safety of your property. For more information, read about our commercial security services on our website today.

Looking for a way to improve your airport’s security? Then check out our guide to help you follow safety regulations while preserving your customer’s experience.

Each year, there are about 40 million departures from Canadian airports.

Are you confident that those who pass through your facility are properly screened? With so many people to screen, it’s sometimes hard to provide a safe and secure environment.

You need the expertise to cover your airport security needs. This is true whether you’re looking to protect your facility or control access to airside areas.

7 Tips for Improving Airport Security

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) regulates the aviation industry. However, they certify private companies to provide screening services. You need a company that implements screening systems effectively.

Provide your employees and customers with peace of mind with these 7 tips for improving airport security.

1. Perform a Security Audit
First things first, perform a security audit at your facility to see what is and isn’t working.

Hire a security expert to identify specific security challenges related to your organization. This will give them an understanding of your security needs.

Based on the vulnerability assessment, you will receive a report. This will contain inspections, evaluations, and recommendations. These will cover all security processes that take place on your property.

A security audit typically includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your facility and grounds.
  • A technology analysis (of all existing technology).
  • An understanding of existing security procedures and any emergency plans.
  • Analyzing all keys and locks.
  • Examining current asset protection strategies.

You will then have an acute understanding of your key opportunities for improvement. Then you’re able to create a detailed security plan or solution. This will complement or replace any existing procedures.

2. Review Security Videotapes
Besides an audit, regularly review your security videotapes.

One benefit of increased security is reducing checkpoint confrontation. Whether it’s between passengers or a passenger and employee, situations can escalate quickly in screening lanes.

Understanding how these confrontations happen is the first step toward employee development. So, reviewing your tape and studying these instances can provide excellent training opportunities.

Security tapes are also used in defending against personal injury lawsuits or insurance claims. The best evidence is always video. Reviewing them often will familiarize your employees with what’s occurring regularly in their respective areas.

3. Use Canine Explosive Dog Detection
Canine Explosive Dog Detection (EDD) solves the detection of explosives and trace elements of explosives.

EDD teams provide a specialized response to threats, which allows them to detect dangerous materials. This allows your facility operations to continue running smoothly, with less interruption.

EDD canines are trained to operate in remote and heavily populated areas, which makes them perfect to implement into airport security. They can even work on air crafts.

These dogs can work in all weather, including cold, rain, and extreme heat. Their bond with their trainers creates conditions for optimal performance.

4. Hire Trained Staff
The best aviation security providers will subject their employees to high-quality training programs.

Any training procedure should include customized training procedures for your facility. Staff should be trained on the assessment of risks, security equipment and devices, and quality control. This is the minimum training that should be provided to successful security staff.

You want your security personnel ready to go above and beyond what is required by law.

5. Improve Screening Lanes
Body scanners are widely used in airport security, but they are slow, not always accurate, and may raise health concerns.

Many experts agree that pat-downs and body scanners are best saved for random additional checks. This will save time in addition to the installation of automatic luggage lanes.

These new lanes capture images of luggage and other items before they go through an X-ray scanner. As bags are identified as potentially threatening, they are redirected to a separate lane. This improves wait times as the flow of bags and passengers continues in the main lane.

Not only does improving your screening lane streamline your security efforts, but it increases customer satisfaction, too. It provides your passengers with an expedited, comfortable screening process.

6. Implement Mobile Patrol
The perimeter of your facility should be as safe as the areas inside. Consider adding fully marked security vehicles that travel the perimeter of your facility on a pre-determined or random schedule.

Mobile patrol units are a cost-effective solution at locations where full-time security personnel are unnecessary. They’re constantly on the move which means they’re ready to step into action.

If your security isn’t mobile, there could be holes in your security coverage. Using vehicles to patrol the perimeter of your property means you can protect more area.

Mobile patrols also deter visible crime. Their presence will ensure that potential criminals know that your facility is not an easy target.

7. Add Pre-Security Checkpoints
Consider adding security checkpoints before your customers get to screening lanes.

Passengers are not the only threats to aviation facilities. You need to be wary of those on the outside and employees. Simple ID checks at various locations throughout your facility can reduce potential threats.

Additional pre-security checkpoints provide an opportunity to expedite the screening process.

Your Trusted Security Partner
With so many passengers passing through your doors, you need a competent and diligent security provider.

The right security partnership will ensure positive customer experiences and the utmost protection of your people and assets.

We will adapt or change our plans to provide solutions to your airport security challenges. Our experience allows us to quickly respond to changing needs and new laws more effectively.

Trust us to expect potential issues and threats. We’ll do the research to meet the unique needs of your facility. And as we learn, we’ll share the data and translate it for you and your employees.

We deliver a top-notch, customer-oriented approach to airport security. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

7 Tips for Improving Airport Security
Security gates at the entrance of airport

5 Security Guard Requirements You Should Make When Hiring Security

Are you interested in hiring security personnel for your business? Here are some security guard requirements you should have for the role.

If you are thinking about hiring a security guard, then you’ll want to be sure to pick the right candidate. The security guard industry often gets a bad rep, and security guards are often unfairly labeled as professional thugs. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, security guards can be very generous.

Of course, as a business, your number one priority is to ensure that your venue is protected and your guests feel safe but you also want to employ someone who is professional and good at de-escalating tricky situations.

Here are some must-have security guard requirements.

No Criminal Record:
It would be wrong to say that anyone with a criminal record is automatically going to do a bad job. As a business, you have to be tough and think about your reputation and image.

If you hire someone with a violent criminal record, you don’t want a court to take the view that the decision to employ a security guard with a prior criminal record amounted to negligence.

A college degree can be a real plus in terms of security guard skills. It suggests that the candidate has strong critical thinking skills, and they are able to process information and evaluate a situation logically.

This added intelligence can be a real bonus to your business when you need it most. If a situation does escalate, you don’t want to employ physical contact as some security guards do to remove someone. This should always be the last resort.

Instead, you want someone who can think creatively about different ways to deescalate a situation. Someone with a college degree might be more equipped with the skills to be able to do this.

This is one of the most overlooked security skills and one you should consider carefully even if it means paying the candidate with a college degree a higher salary.

Security Guard Training:
This is an integral part of any security guard application. The qualifications vary from state-to-state, and there is no countrywide certificate. Many colleges offer their own qualifications so you should consider accepting these as they often cover the basics such as first aid, disaster response, and other emergencies.

However, most security guards should have a license, particularly if they are going to be carrying firearms. In order to get this, a security guard must have passed a drug test, a criminal background check, and there might be an element of studying involved. Remember we offer new employee training.

Physically Fit:
Of course, as well as having a great problem-solving ability and people skills, a security guard must also be physically adept so they can respond to situations when appropriate. This is one of the most important security officer skills.

You can set your own fitness tests to test their stamina and could make attending the gym three times a week a requirement of their contract. If the security guard is going to be part of a larger team, you could ask current employees to put them through their passes.

Key questions to ask them during their interview include asking them how many times a week they go to the gym.

Experience and Training:
Another key aspect of any security guard skill is the experience. No amount of qualifications can account for experience in dealing with the security for different venues.

Whilst of course you can offer on-the-job training to all of your new employees, you want anyone you employ to have had experience in the security for a similar venue.

If yours is one of the busiest nightclubs in town, then hiring someone who has experience of handling the security for a small bank or as personal security for one individual might not be the best option.

This is because the two roles require very different skill sets. A night club involves dealing with people heavily intoxicated and large crowds of people and breaking up fights.

Being the personal security for one person involves having eyes on one person at all times and remaining vigilant rather than being an expert in crowd management. Someone who has been a security guard for one individual might also not be as used to working in a team of people.

Security Guard Requirements: Be Sure You Know What You Want:
A security guard is a broad term and because every venue and every situation where a security guard might be employed is different. You are going to want to be sure that you employ the right person.

To do this you need to ensure that they are physically fit and have been put through their paces. Be wary of employing anyone with a criminal record to protect the image of your establishment and to avoid any potential litigation that could ensue as a result.

Consider whether one of the security guard requirements should be a college degree so that your future employee has the logical and reasoning skills to be able to de-escalate situations at short notice rather than to always respond physically.

In terms of security guard qualifications, you need to ensure they undertook thorough training and that their training provider was reputable. Skills like first aid and disaster response should have been included.

If you are interested in hiring a security guard, be sure to check out our services to see how we can help.

They protect us from threats at public events, airports, government agencies and they're man's best friend. Let's pay homage to the K9 who sniffs for safety.


Sniffing for Safety: K9 Fast Facts and Statistics

Here’s a fun fact about k9 security dogs: Babylonians, Greeks, and Assyrians were the first to have guard dogs. In their ancient cultures, guard dogs were used to protect treasures and tombs. Similarly, k9 security is used in the modern day to protect us from so much.

Security services using canines for protection know that these dogs are very extraordinary. They can detect drugs, explosives and have a lot of interesting things about them. Learn more about k9 security and how much of a service these beautiful creatures are!

K9 Are Scent Detectives

Primarily known as detection dogs, a k9 is trained to pick up on targeted scents and raise the alarm if they do. Those scents can be from a vast selection of things from drugs to firearms. And thanks to a k9 security’s keen sense of smell, they can detect these scents almost immediately.

Some of the main scents k9’s are trained to identify include:

  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Cash
  • Criminal evidence
  • Miscellaneous contraband
  • Nothing Gets By Their Noses

Aside from detecting and alerting others about smells, k9 security dogs are able to point out scents that are being masked by odors. Dogs can smell in layers and use this to their advantage when trained to be a k9. They are taught to discern between an organic scent and a scent that is either hidden, buried, or otherwise masked.

They are also capable of telling the difference between multiple smells or multiple ingredients. Their nose will pick up on even the faintest chemical and can call it out immediately. This makes them the most thorough for sniffing out targeted scents in large arenas or busy locations.

They Make The Best Security

You would be surprised at how amazing a dog’s nose really is. Their sense of smell is far sharper than other animals or even humans. Their superior scent detection means they can also search areas much faster than humans too.

Their accuracy makes them very effective bomb detectors. Tons of research goes into the development of multiple security methods, including security companies in Toronto. But nothing has proven more effective than k9 security services.

Their Breeds Are Made For The Job

Plenty of breeds are perfect for the role of a k9. A few include Labradors and Spaniels but the official breed for k9 security are German Shepards. They were the first breed police officers used in World War 1, World War 2 and the Vietnam War.

This is likely due to their undeniable intelligence and ability to be trained to obey commands. German Shepards are notorious for their incredible work ethic. They are also known to display the following qualities:

Sociability — K9’s are sociable enough to be handled by people with ease. But they should not be so sociable that it distracts them from tasks. The presence of people should not throw them off.

Environmental Stability — K9’s won’t nervousness or hesitation around loud or strange noises. They show physical rigor regardless of working in very hot or very cold environments. They are also bold and capable of walking or climbing onto strange surfaces.

Desire to Earn Rewards — K9’s are driven to earn a reward for all of their hard work. They have to want that reward more than anything else. Food is not usually used as a reward since it is hard for handlers to carry and having too much food could confuse the dog.

Hunting Ability — K9’s have an intense drive and are motivated to continue hunting regardless if they find something. They must be trained not to show frustration or give any false alerts.

More Than Just Security Dogs

Nowadays, k9 dogs are specifically trained to become more than security. Given their incredible ability to not be distracted during searches, they make amazing seeing dogs. Using their keen sense of smell, they can alert their owners of what’s ahead of them.

K9 security dogs, however, provide a unique sense of security by simply being there. People, criminals included, can normally sense what k9s are capable too. Making it easier for k9 security to focus on any job that is in front of them.

A k9 has a different process to identify people, however, still relying on their sense of smell. They start by using their nose to test their surroundings. Then they move on to voice recognition and then to people’s silhouettes.

A k9 security dog can even tell the difference between identical twins. The go along the same process of identifying who is who and can always sniff out the difference.

You Can Trust K9 Security

Some of the best security guard companies in Toronto house and train the best k9 dogs around. They focus on matching dogs with the right handlers based on personality and lifestyle traits. These dogs are trained for six to eight weeks for initial training and certification.

Once deployed, k9 security can finally begin. The k9 dogs are trained throughout their careers on a regular basis with their handlers. They are also tested from time to time to maintain their certifications.

Good k9 security is driven by protecting others from harm. You can find out more about detection dogs or canine patrol services and have any of your questions answered by a professional security company. To have a deeper understanding of the training process for k9 dogs or how to secure your surroundings through their services, check out our website today!

If you’re thinking of becoming a security guard in Ontario, you’ll need to meet some provincial requirements to get your license.

It’s not as hard as it might sound though. Let’s look at what’s involved in Ontario security training and how much effort you can expect to put in.

The Basics of Being a Security Guard in Ontario

security guard in ontario

Ontario has some simple requirements that all security guards need to meet in order to get your license in the province. The Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 covers these requirements, which are in place to be sure that anyone in the job knows what they’re doing.

The first stage of Ontario security guard training is the basic training course. You must complete this course before you can take the test to get your license. Several places offer these courses:

  • Universities and colleges
  • Career colleges
  • licensed training agencies
  • In-house trainers (for a company’s own employees only)

You’ll need to complete this course whether your goal is to become a security guard or you want to do a related job, such as a bouncer, a bodyguard, or a loss prevention employee.

While various places offer these courses, the province sets some standards that all providers have to meet.

The course must provide at least 40 hours of training, including emergency first aid certification. You can choose to opt out of the first aid component if you’re already certified, provided your certification is from a St. John Ambulance or Workplace Safety Insurance Board certified trainer.

The course can be either classroom- or web-based but if it is a web-based course, it needs to provide real-time interaction with an instructor. This could also be web-based through a conferencing system like Skype so if you don’t have any classroom-based training facilities nearby, online courses can be a good alternative.

Requirements to Take Ontario Security Training

Before you can take security guard training in Ontario, there are several pieces of documentation that you’ll need. The following documents are required to apply for your license.

Proof of Eligibility to Work in Canada

You’ll need documents that show you can work in Canada. This can be proof of Canadian citizenship, such as a birth certificate or passport, or if you have moved to Canada from another part of the world, a valid work permit or Permanent Resident status.

Photo Identification

You also need a piece of government-issued photo ID that shows your full legal name, date of birth and signature. This could include a driver’s license or passport, for example.

Guarantor Information Form

The third item you’ll need is a completed guarantor information form. A guarantor is someone who can confirm the information in your application for a criminal record check. This can be anyone who has known you personally for at least two years, including a family member.

Alternatively, the guarantor can be someone from a list of professions in the application form, such as your employer, another licensed Ontario security guard, a lawyer, or a police officer.

The Eligibility to Hold a license – Clean Criminal Record regulation specifies what offenses can disqualify you from getting a clean record check unless you’ve received a pardon.

They can also disqualify you from continuing as a licensed security guard if you’re convicted of any of those offenses after receiving your license. In that case, you are obligated to disclose any convictions for these things to the Ontario government within five days of the conviction.

Putting Your Training to the Test

Once you have completed the basic training course, you’ll receive a completion number from the training provider. This number is required when you write the test to receive your license.

The provincial Private Security and Investigative Services department of the Ministry of the Solicitor General looks after Ontario security guard testing. The test contains 60 multiple-choice questions based on what you learn in the basic training course. You have up to 75 minutes to complete the test.

You can only write the test in person, there is currently no online option to complete it. You can take the test at certain DriveTest centers across the province.

The test is available in either French or English and the fee for the test is currently $66.50 plus HST, for a total of $75.15. Your results are normally available within two days of taking the test. Once you pass it, you’re eligible to apply for your security guard license.

If you don’t pass the test, you can retake it as many times as needed until you pass. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay the full fee each time you write it.

A License to Secure

Once you’ve passed the test and receive your license, you’ll be a fully-qualified security guard in the province of Ontario. There are a few things to keep in mind during this process, however.

First, you are not qualified to complete the duties of a security guard until you have your license in hand. Passing the test means you’re eligible to apply for it, but once you’ve applied you’ll need to wait until you actually receive it before you start working as a security guard.

It’s important to remember that anyone can ask to see your license in the course of duty. Any member of the public can request to see your license and while you only need to show them the front side, you do need to be able to produce it on demand.

What if You’re Licensed Outside of Ontario?

If you have a security guard license outside the province, you will still need to get your Ontario license to work in the province. Exactly what you’ll need to do to get it depends on where you’re currently licensed.

If you’re licensed in another province or territory in Canada, you may be exempt from the training course and possibly from the test. The specifics can vary depending on where and when you are licensed, so if this applies you will need to contact the province to find out exactly how to proceed.

If you’re licensed outside of Canada, you will likely need to take the course and write the test regardless of where or when you received your license.

How To Get Started

If you’re interested in becoming an Ontario security guard, the first step is to find a good Ontario security training course. Completing the course is the biggest step in the process so the sooner you get started, the better.

In the meantime, read through the information in the links we’ve shared in this post to be sure you’re aware of all the requirements and can have everything you need ready when it comes time to apply for your license.