Security Specialist

Employment Opportunity

Positions: 1
Category: Security Specialist
Contract Type: Part Time
Wage: 20 $/hour
Location: Mississauga, ON, CAN
Closing Date: 02/05/2019

Position Summary

The Security Specialist role is that of a high-profile, proactive and responsive security officer responsible for continuous patrol, observation and surveillance of Terminal public, restricted and curbside areas in order to prevent, detect, assess/investigate and report/respond to potential or actual criminal, terrorist or illegal operations at Toronto Pearson International Airport.  They provide an effective security presence aimed a creating a visual deterrent to defend against criminal, terrorist or illegal activity.

Security Specialists perform as members of the airport’s security and emergency response team and additionally as they are in a public facing role, they also act as airport ambassadors by providing quality customer service to the public/passengers.


To ensure Lester B. Pearson Toronto International Airport is a safe and secure environment for all passengers, visitors, and employees.  Utilizing operational techniques in behavior detection to identify potential threats and escalate to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.  To provide a high level of security through excellent customer service.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Performs dedicated observation and surveillance duties within public areas and at designated high profile/risk areas (USCBP, high risk air carrier operations, etc.). Maintains a constant state of vigilance/awareness and utilizes operational techniques in behaviour observation/detection and situational awareness to detect inappropriate, suspicious or illegal behaviour/activity and identify potential threats and escalate to appropriate authorities for investigation.  Their objective in this function is to:
    • Deter and detect and adversary(s) in the vicinity and/or prior to entering USCBP and/or other high risk/vulnerable areas under surveillance
    • Deter and detect any person demonstrating suspicious or unusual behaviour in the vicinity and/or prior to entering USCBP and/or other high risk/vulnerable areas under surveillance
    • Engage the person in conversation to determine the cause and find an appropriate method of resolving the situation
    • Immediately report suspicious activity/behaviour to SOC
  • Security Specialists deploy a four-stage process with Customer Service as the foundation for all interactions:
    • Stage 1: Active Crowd Scanning
    • Stage 2: Engagement
    • Stage 3: Casual/Targeted Conversation
    • Stage 4: Course of Action/Make a Decision
  • Conducts foot patrols in all public areas of the Terminal Buildings displaying a proactive approach to safety, security and enhanced visibility for passengers and employees
  • Patrols are to be conducted n accordance with established priority requirements, using sporadic, unpredictable methods to check for irregularities, unsafe conditions, hazards, insecure doors/gates, security violations, unattended items/vehicles, suspicious items/persons or activities
  • Immediately report any breaches of security, suspicious persons/activities, safety/security deficiencies, system/equipment failures, or unsafe conditions and documents all such events
  • Conducts surveillance activities on Terminal arrivals public areas and curbside in order to detect, interdict and prevent the operation of illegal taxi/limousine services
  • At the request of client and direction of Manager, implements additional security measures in response to heightened security posture requirements
  • Assists IOCC as required/directed, such as during Life Safety System alarms, power failures, Access Control failures, etc.
  • Receives real time BOLO’s (Be on the Lookout) and Amber Alerts/Missing Persons report from SOC and through monitoring, observation and surveillance duties actively maintains look-out for individuals matching report descriptions;
  • Provides immediate and specialized response to security, emergency or crisis incidents/events in order to support/assist and coordinate activities with security, police and emergency response personnel. Support police in the protection of evidence and/or scene in event of incidents, accidents, emergencies or security investigations
  • Responds to a variety of operational related calls for service from SOC, such as, but not limited to:
    • Respond to and monitor unattended items in the public area pending arrival of Canine or GTAA security to establish a safe perimeter around the item and ensure public stays clear
    • Attempt to locate the owners of unattended bags; if not successful contact SOC for assistance
    • Respond to Sports Team Charters & VIP movements to conduct pre-arrival sweeps and provide a visual security presence to monitor event activities and ensure the safety and protection of team members, VIP’s and their entourages
    • Respond to Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) Server Shutdowns to ensure Jervis Webb personnel are in position to monitor shutter doors at specific check-in areas prior to commencement of a server reboot
    • Respond to Customs Breaches from International Baggage Hall to Domestic Baggage Hall and based on information and description of individual(s) – search the area and attempt to locate and intercept individual(s) involved in breach
  • Conduct frequent patrols of the following areas/locations:
    • Lounge 15
    • Front of Pre-Board Screening (PBS)) areas,
    • Connections entrance,
    • Curb side areas
    • Check-in areas
    • Monitor Baggage shutter status at unattended check-in counters (the baggage system has a 5-minute shutdown when there is no activity however occasionally there are circumstances which don’t allow shutter doors on departures to secure. Security Specialists to be aware of these doors when doing their patrols and report unattended check-in areas with running baggage belts
  • During routine patrols, attend specific areas of concern and take the necessary action, such as:
    • Assisting with crowd control management and the controlled movement of passengers
    • Identification and reporting of MHA/homeless people
    • Identification and reporting of safety and security violations, concerns, problems and vulnerabilities;
    • Identification of passengers walking pets through the Terminal and informing/directing them that pets must in in a crate/carrier. If individuals are resistant, contact SOC to have PSO dispatched;
  • Attends and participates in client operations and/or daily security team briefings (as operations permit) and any other special event meetings or debriefings to address specific needs/issues
  • Prepares daily shift reports, including Daily Operational Summary Reports, Patrol Reports, Incident/Occurrence and Investigative Reports and submits prior to end of shift. Prepares and submits detailed incident reports within 24 hours when involved in a call requiring escalation to Security Specialist response
  • Acts as an ambassador of Toronto Pearson and provides customer services to passengers/public (directions, respond to queries, assist with problems, complaints/concerns, etc.);Participates in client/company drills, table top and/or full scale emergency exercises as required
  • Maintains effective control of all company/client assigned equipment, tools and supplies (e.g. radio/cell phone, tablets).   Inspects and maintains equipment to ensure conformance to company/client policies/procedures and service/performance expectations
  • Assists management with OJT training and site familiarization of new Security Specialist recruits;
  • Performs other duties as required and directed by Security Program Manager

Competencies Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Personal Suitability


  • Strong knowledge/understanding of Airport security operations and procedures and familiarity with the layout of the Airport and Terminal Buildings as well as security systems (i.e. RAIC system, Access Control, etc.)
  • Knowledge of airport emergency/evacuation plans, procedures and protocols
  • Knowledge of all relevant local, Provincial and Federal laws, regulations and standards
  • Knowledge of Canadian Aviation Security Regulations, Aeronautics Act, Explosives Act and the Private Security and Investigative Services Act
  • Solid knowledge/understanding of Behaviour Observation/Detection and Situational Awareness Techniques and practices
  • Knowledge of concepts, principles and practices of interviewing suspects, victims and witnesses
  • Basic knowledge/understanding of crime patterns and potential problem/high risk areas within assigned site(s)
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of the roles and demands of Security Specialist role, post orders, SOP’s, etc.
  • Commercial Specialists also require a knowledge of defensive tactics to protect self and others

Communication and Compliance

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Able to communicate clearly and effective both orally and in writing in English or both official languages of Canada
  • Solid report writing skills and highly proficiency in use of portable radio
  • Comply with all airport regulations, rules and directives as well as company and client standards and policies

Customer Service/Public Relations

Security Specialists operate in public areas, and as such are required to provide a high quality of customer service to airport employees and passengers; delivered in a professional, friendly and engaging manner, demonstrating a sense of individual pride and Toronto Pearson spirit.  They will greet and welcome passengers; anticipating and/or responding to questions, concerns and resolve problems, concerns or complaints in a helpful and understanding manner.

Skills, Abilities and Personal Suitability

  • Strong interpersonal, customer service skills and conflict resolution skills with a demonstrated sense of urgency and unrelenting commitment to security and customer service excellence
  • Proficient in the use of a personal computer or smart device and related software, including MS Office Suite.  Competent with Microsoft Word with the ability to produce documents, send and receive e-mails
  • Demonstrated dependability, professionalism, integrity, initiative, self-confidence and the ability to work independently or a part of a team
  • Exhibits a professional, positive and courteous manner at all times and displays versatility in dealings with clients, tenants and the public
  • Possess critical thinking skills, good judgement and strong analytical/problem solving skills to detect problems and/or identify potential risk/threat situations and make effective decisions with an awareness of the urgency/time sensitivity associated with each situation
  • Highly vigilant with ability to maintain a constant state of readiness and awareness and the ability to recognize, interpret and form solid conclusions using behavioural observation, surveillance and investigative skills/techniques;
  • Able to react/respond to situations, incident/events quickly and calmly while maintaining a professional, calm and controlled demeanour under all types of operating conditions
  • Excellent surveillance, observation/information gathering, investigation and report writing skills
  • Ability to work as an airport security/emergency response team member providing input utilizing their job specific knowledge and skills when called upon to support the Threat/Risk Assessment process
  • Ability to plan, coordinate and organize work activities/priorities and meet established targets/timelines while ensuring adherence to established protocols, policies and procedures
  • Ability to comprehend, interpret and apply regulations, procedures and related information

Position Requirements

Education and Experience

  • Minimum 2 years’ employment with A.S.P. Incorporated and/or one of the following requirements:
    • Previous Security experience
    • Sufficient prior industry related experience (i.e. Police, Military and Security)
    • Formal law enforcement training or Diploma
  • Must have 3-5 years of experience in security
  • Must be a High School Graduate and possess a Grade 12 High School Diploma or acceptable equivalent;
  • Demonstrated past work history which indicates job stability

Mandatory Position Requirements/Qualifications

  • A Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident or Landed Immigrant living five (5) years or more in Canada;
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Must have a proven and clear criminal record without any convictions or pardons
  • Provide proof of such from a local police agency on initial hiring and on an annual basis thereafter
  • Must be bondable
  • Licensed by the Province of Ontario as a registered Security Guard and must maintain the licence for the duration of employment
  • Able to obtain and maintain a valid Transportation Security Clearance and a Toronto Pearson Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC)
  • Must be in good overall general health and physically capable of performing all duties of the position
    • Standing in one place for extended periods of time; capable of walking at a brisk pace for extended foot patrols; running and climbing stairs (in order to maintain surveillance)
  • Must be certified initially and every two (2) years thereafter by a medical doctor to be in good general physical health according to the following criteria:
    • Having vision not less than 6/9 (20/30) with or without correction
    • Exhibiting normal colour perception
    • Possessing normal hearing with or without hearing aid(s), based on a whisper test from three (3) meters (9 feet)
  • Must be willing and able to participate in and successfully complete the following training as a prerequisite for employment:
    • Company Basic Security Training program that involves 2 or more unpaid classroom training days as a prerequisite for employment
    • Practical training in radio procedures, usage and communications and must maintain a high level of radio proficiency
  • Must possess or obtain valid current First Aid & CPR training certificate
  • Successful completion of all Security Specialist position required training/certification courses, including, but not limited to the initial and annual recurrent Access Control Guard Training/Certification, Behaviour Observation/Detection, Airport/Terminal familiarization and position specific Post Orders, SOP’s and OJT
  • Pre-employment references will be required prior to consideration for employment

Working Conditions / Physical Demands

  • Shift work position must be able to work all shifts and rotations, including nights, weekends and holidays
  • Security Specialists are required to operate both in indoor and outdoor environments and are therefore subject to working in all weather conditions
  • The physical and mental elements of this position include the following:  seeing, hearing, speaking and writing clearly.  Position may require standing in a stationary position for long periods of time and/or frequent walking during foot patrols
  • Duties are performed within busy Terminal and curbside environment where heightened awareness to surroundings and environment is essential.  Duties are performed with the potential for exposure to vehicular traffic, large crowds of people, noise, aggressive/violent behaviour, etc.
  • Start and finish times may be untraditional in certain situations

Applicant Assets

  • Airport security and/or operations experience is highly desirable;
  • Possession of a valid Transportation Security Clearance and Airport RAIC (Restricted Access Identification Card) is a definite asset and strong preference will be given to such candidates
  • Law enforcement background or Military experience is an asset;
  • Security Industry Accreditation (CPP, PSP, etc.)

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