Hello, Bonjour!

By Danna Hazanovsky, Service Delivery Manager, OSR.

The Operational Support Representative (OSR) team is excited to announce that we are launching French online learning modules on iSpring in the New Year.

We are creating e- learning modules that will have common airport-related phrases in French. The modules will include the phrase and/or word along with its phonetic pronunciation.

French learning modules will enable our team to continue to provide a world-class passenger experience in both English and French!

Passengers must be served in the official language of their choice.

As Canada is a bilingual country and Toronto Pearson International Airport operates under federal legislation, our ability to provide excellent service in both English and French will allow us to operate with ease in the aviation industry. It is essential for our team to have the knowledge of basic French airport-related items.

We plan to encourage and incentivize those who engage in further fluency practices such as enrolling in French-language courses and participating in other ASP French programming. All employees are encouraged to engage in the program; however, the modules will be geared towards the Operational Support Representative team.

As Toronto Pearson International Airport continues to thrive as a world-class leader in the aviation industry; ASP is thrilled to support and promote all initiatives that will contribute to Toronto Pearson becoming the best airport in the world!

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