Resolving Paystub Discrepancies

Dy Paul Parkinson, Director, Finance

Do you have a discrepancy on your paystub?

To help us streamline and resolve your concerns quickly, we ask that you provide a clear response to what may be the problem, and to follow these steps before reacting:

  • Review your paystub closely.
  • Employees will often claim that they weren’t paid Holiday Pay from a statutory vacation. This is usually the first line on the paystub labelled “Holiday Pay.”
  • Change in a pay rate will result in more than one line on the paystub, reflecting the hours to be paid at the specified rate.
  • Feel you have missing hours? Check your employee portal and compare the number of worked hours vs. the total hours on the paystub. If there is a difference, please bring the difference up with your immediate supervisor by completing a payroll discrepancy form.

As good practice, be sure to check your employee portal often and bring to your Supervisor’s attention any differences right away so no adjustment is required after payroll is complete.

We process over 1,000 paycheques per pay! By reviewing the paystub closely and checking the employee portal often, together we can reduce the number of issues and ensure a quicker response to concerns that do come up.

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