ASP Canine Continues to Assist Transport Canada with Program Development

By Mark Burnett, Canine Unit Manager - Trainer

With the ongoing development of a federal canine explosives detection program for air cargo, Transport Canada facilitated two weeks of canine trials at express shipping facilities at Pearson Airport in June, with the assistance of ASP Canine Unit members.

Our handlers were heavily relied on to assist with the management of the explosives training aids, and with working our dogs through the test areas in order to collect data to assist with the development of test procedures. Trial searches were set up in FedEx and UPS facilities to replicate the conditions the dogs would be expected to search in once federal regulations have been formalized.

ASP Canine Unit members were very well represented and our dog teams performed very well. Our members took the opportunity to showcase our dogs, as well as network with various representatives from express shipping companies and dog teams sent from Los Angeles and Las Vegas to participate.

ASP Canine will continue to be actively involved and play an important role in the creation of the federal EDDHT program with Transport Canada over the next 18 months or so that the program is expected to be under development.

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