Code of Conduct: Your Road Map to Success

By Angus Wilson, Director of Aviation Services

To put it simply, a code of conduct lets everyone know how we are all expected to behave. There are several reasons why we have a code of conduct, including:

  • It encourages ethical behavior.
  • It makes your work environment a better place to work.
  • There can be long-term success for employees and the business.
  • Shows customers and other companies you have integrity.

What’s included in a code of conduct? There are several different areas that are addressed in ASP’s code of conduct. Some of the most common elements are:

  • Integrity—Integrity is how you react in any ethical situations, especially when it involves a customer.
  • Teamwork—Including teamwork in what you do enables you to act and interact within a group and support your fellow colleagues.
  • Respect—Everyone who interacts with you deserves to be treated with respect.
  • Innovation—You always want to be improving your customer experience.
  • Client focus—Ensure you know how you expect your customers to be treated.

Our reputation is an asset that reflects personally on every employee. Therefore, each Manager, Supervisor and employee has an obligation to protect our reputation and must abide by the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Everyone is expected to know, understand, and adhere to Company practices to protect the best interests of the Company and individuals within it. We expect you to respect the rights and feelings of others and demonstrate personal integrity and professionalism.

In conducting our daily business and striving to meet our goals we must ensure that we abide by the following principles:

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