Social Media: To Post or Not to Post?

By Petra Nash, Executive Assistant

Most companies will use social media to benefit their business and engage with employees. Social media can be used for business purposes, as well as personal use. At A.S.P, we have expectations not only for Corporate Office staff, but all employees to lead by example and to be cautious when it comes to posting business-related information on social media.
Below is a list of some basic advice we as a company adhere to in order to avoid common social media mistakes.

  1. Understand the social network: Different social media platforms have different purposes. For example, it’s common to see more personal status updates on Facebook than LinkedIn. Before posting become familiar with the network by reading FAQs and quickly researching what is and is not acceptable.
  2. Correct your own mistakes: When you make a factual error in a post (or an error in general), create an update and correct it. Deleting or editing the original post should come at your own discretion, depending on the situation.
  3. Beware of potential security threats: Hackers can use social networks to distribute spam and malware. They can also launch phishing attempts. You should report suspicious activity, including questionable comments and friend requests.
  4. Be careful when sharing information about yourself or others: Hackers can also use personal information to their advantage.
  5. Don’t escalate the issues: Responding to other social media users, especially concerning a contentious subject, can result in a heated argument. To avoid such arguments, it may be best to avoid commenting if you feel you may spark conflict.
  6. Think before posting: This is the golden social media rule. Not only should you check grammar and spelling but ensure there won’t be any negative effects of posting a status update. These include creating arguments and divulging sensitive information.
    Be cautious when posting anything related to the business on your personal social media accounts. As the social media landscape is constantly evolving, we encourage employees to think about new ways to use company accounts. If you have any ideas, please email them to Petra Nash (
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