Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

By Alyssa Rizzo, Recruiter

It is a proven fact that diversity and inclusion in the workplace are good for business.

This is because we are living in a world shaped by globalization, which has introduced a broader understanding of different cultures and experiences in an ever-evolving modern society.

What is Diversity?

The term diversity is an understanding and acceptance of the fact that people have individual characteristics, which make them unique. These characteristics may include race, ethnicity, gender, religion, political ideologies, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, or socio-economic status. These characteristics also may include life experiences and cognitive approaches toward problem-solving.

So, Why Is Diversity in the Workplace So Important?

Diversity brings many internal and external benefits to a company.

During an interview, as recruiters, we focus on the set of skills and abilities a candidate can bring to company. By promoting diversity within, this encourages a wider talent pool of candidates to apply for the position. This means we can focus on hiring the most qualified individuals for the job, contributing to our teams having a wide range of skills that complement each other.

Employees coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures can have an influence a person’s skills and experiences, and when combined, can offer fresh perspectives and ideas that can contribute to the over all business strategy. An example of the value of diversity is more creativity in the workplace based on a diverse level of experiences. With so many different and diverse minds coming and working together, teams can find creative solutions to problems efficiently.

“When employees respect
each other and get along in
the workplace,
it’s amazing how productivity increases, morale
increases and employees are more
courteous to customers.”
Maureen Wild

Cultural diversity can also have a positive impact on employee engagement. What better way to learn about other cultures, than to ask your colleagues? Through discussion and learning about each other’s backgrounds, this can help build new bonds and professional relationships between employees, increasing job satisfaction.

Diversity and Inclusivity should be an integral goal of every workplace. The emphasis and value that are placed on diversity and inclusion in Canada didn’t come quickly and certainly doesn’t come easily, but it is our job to ensure that these values are practiced and upheld in the workplace.

After all, a diverse workplace translates into creative and alternative solutions to complex issues, benefiting each and every A.S.P employee long-term.

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