Message from Dean Lovric, President and CEO

By Dean Lovric, President and CEO

There are times in the evolution of our lives in which we meet people who propel our cause forward at lightning speed.
They become friends, guides, mentors and leaders. As such, they have the innate ability to support and inspire, while building confidence in our relationships with them, and, more importantly, helping us develop and build confidence in ourselves.

James (Jim) Catney is one of those people. His impact to many of us at ASP has been one of pivotal value and has helped lead and transform ASP into the organization it is today. His relationships have developed into new and exciting opportunities with many of our aviation and commercial clients. He’s built bonds with our unions and our people, all of which have led to great experiences.

Jim’s teams have earned his respect and he has proven his worth and earned theirs. He’s guided ASP towards success while maintaining a strong family-type environment through a “DAD’s” approach to his leadership teams. It’s a uniqueness in style which was unprecedented in the 20-year history of our company.

When Jim advised me that it was his time to ‘retire’ from ASP, I knew we wouldn’t be able to replace him. He has had a tremendous personal impact on my life and as much as I learned from him, I hope he leaves learning a little something from us. I did know one other thing…I knew that we would be just fine.

Jim’s business teams are super competent; he’s shared his intellectual capital and all at ASP that have been touched by him are a part of and bought into our vision for a great company filled with great people and partnerships. We have learned and have applied his teachings and guidance to our business daily. We are also independently strong, and we know our craft. We are kind, compassionate and ambitious. We will continue to use the tools he provided and add to them ourselves.

Jim, on behalf of the ASP and the ICTS teams, we wish you a fond farewell and happy retirement. Our doors are always open to you.

With Jim’s departure, we welcome new and great leaders such as Sarah Northrup, Vince Bozzo, Vasilis Androutsos and Tom Lawson. We have carefully restructured and selected our people, built new teams and modified assignments to compensate for the gaps Jim’s absence will create. ASP is resilient, and, with the continuing partnerships we share with our people, the stars that have been with us for so long will continue to shine.

So, for all we will do to make up for Jim’s absence, there is one indomitable feature that will be absent from our day to day…his friendship. That will certainly be sorely missed by all those whose life he touched. So, while Jim is golfing on some far away island in the Caribbean or at home in small-town Ontario, feel free to reach out and call him for a quick hello. Just do me a favour, call just before his most critical chip off the fairway, preferably on a day he and I are playing. I need the skin.

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