Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

By Tanya Gautam, Human Resources Administrator and Recruiter

At YYC, we have a team of passionate and enthusiastic employees. Our employees are not only passionate security professionals, but also have a caring heart for their colleagues.

Two of our YYC employees have set an example of teamwork and care for the community, during the COVID pandemic period, when people are stressed.

Kamalo Suleiman started his journey with A.S.P in February 2019 as a Casual employee and became Full-Time Access Control Guard in April 2019. Since then, he has worked hard to deliver quality service.

In May 2020, Kamalo, along with his wife, bought individual pizzas for all his shift members. This gesture of Kamalo sets an example of a real team player. That moment when employees were enjoying their pizza, sharing a positive vibe, not only brought them together but also relaxed them with a smile on their faces. Special thanks to Kamalo’s wife.

Kamalo has always shown interest in the company’s activities, and yet again, he planned his break to attend the Townhall. His regular participation in company activities and contributions towards his team is commendable.

Radowan Chowdhury has been working with A.S.P since September 2018 as Access Control Guard. He has demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment towards his duties and the team. Radowan bought sweets and food for the team in June and helped people to bond and spread positivity in the group. He received appreciation from his team members, supervisors and managers for his team spirit.

Radowan is also an active member of the Health & Safety Committee. His regular participation and contribution to the meetings are valuable.

We thank all the heroes of ASP who are taking an extra step to create a positive environment in this challenging time of the pandemic, bringing our people together and providing a quality service.

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