The End of a Challenging Year

By Angus Wilson, Director, Aviation Services

As we close out another year, this one has been one of the more challenging years we have all had.

I personally would like to thank each and every member of the ASP family for all their hard work and dedication over the year.

Toronto Pearson Airport Security

With the ever-changing environment at the airport, ASP successfully held a shift bid in December. ASP management spent a great amount of time creating schedules in a manner that ensured all employees maintained their employment and no one was laid off.

We are continuing to support the GTAA by ensuring everyone in the terminal is safe and secure, by enforcing the COVID protocol, by performing the difficult task of making sure meeters and greeters are not allowed access to the terminal and by making sure everyone travelling or working at the airport is wearing their face mask.

A Special Thanks to Nataliya Boychuk.

We have also had some special thanks to Specialist, Nataliya Boychuk from a passenger and the GTAA.

Simply thank you! I would love to express my gratitude to a security officer Nataliya in Terminal 1. She pleasantly welcomed us, asked a few questions before entering the terminal for COVID screening and directed us to the departing area. Officer allowed us to come in and she told my son where exactly to find a wheelchair and she allowed us to use it all the way to our car, which was very kind, as I recently had knee surgery and was walking in with a cane. On our way out, she checked on me, which was unexpected. Thank you for what you do and I hope this compliment finds its owner.
-Compliment from a Guest

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