YSB Operations

By Norman Butt, Operations Manager

I am pleased to announce that Tyler Hilderbrandt has been promoted to the Supervisor role at the YSB airport on May 28, 2021. Tyler is very passionate about customer service and being part of the Security team at ASP. Tyler started his ASP Journey as a guard on Nov 1st 2018 when ASP acquired the contract. He worked his way from a guard to become a lead. He was selected by YSB authorities and ASP to assist the supervisor with annual parking and training of new employees for their AVOP. Tyler went above and beyond to assist the new manager on-site while he was training. In addition to his duties, he was selected as a health and safety rep for YSB. In Feb 2021, he was placed in the pass control office and was in charge of various duties assigned by YSB. In May 2021, Tyler applied for the site supervisor at YSB. We are very proud of Tyler’s achievements and are looking forward to seeing his continued growth within our organization. We wish Tyler the best of success in the new Supervisor role.

  • Category: Aviation