LifeSpeak – ASP’s EmployeeAssistance Program

By Madison Griffin, Human Resources Coordinator

LifeSpeak is the leading platform for mental health and wellbeing, which offers whenever and wherever users need it specialized information and guidance on problems that affect their daily life.

LifeSpeak helps employees thrive so they can stay focused, healthy, and productive. For you to develop a stable, healthy mindset no matter what life throws at you, LifeSpeak has gathered its top mental health specialists to offer you useful resources, tactics, and tools.


Access to all programming while also enabling users to download videos for offline viewing, stream podcasts, participate in live ‘Ask the Expert’ webchats and manage their account, right from their phone.


This web-based service offers anonymous access to hundreds of short videos. Our full range of formats includes videos, podcasts, tip sheets, quizzes, and more.


LifeSpeak empowers people to take action before a life challenge or issue becomes critical. It’s a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing. Download our app in the Appstore or GooglePlay.

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Michael Ferdinand

We offer our deepest condolences to the family of Michael Ferdinand and the Pickering Casino Resort community. He was tragically killed on Thanksgiving Day while on duty. We mourn his loss and pay tribute to him for protecting the community he served. As this is the worst possible scenario, this is a reminder of the risks we, as security professionals, protect against every day. We remind our security services family to remain vigilant and to report any public safety risks accordingly.

You can support Michael’s family via Go Fund Me:

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