By Mary Christidis, Manager, Operational Support Representatives

On August 1st we launched our new Employee Recognition Program called CATCH A STAR. I am thrilled to announce our first winners. Congratulations to all our top 5 STARS.

By Mary Christidis, Manager, Operational Support Representatives

The OSR uniforms have finally arrived and we are now dressed for success!! It was such a pleasure and a lot of fun to finally issue these out to the team. Lots of smiles and thumbs up!

By Garinder Grewal, Service Delivery Manager - Aviation. From GTAA Health and Safety Summer Newsletter.

In last year’s Safety Climate Survey, you told us that you wanted to know more about what happens once a safety concern has been submitted. Will you receive any follow-up? Who reviews these reports? Who determines appropriate mitigations?

By Elizabeth Warwick, Acting Operations Manager - Calgary

The Calgary team held a town hall for all A.S.P. employees on the evening of September 11th, 2019 in the Silver Dart Room at YYC Calgary International Airport. Activities included introductions to the new Calgary Management Team, an airport trivia game with prizes awarded to the winning teams, as well as a presentation about A.S.P. from Angus Wilson, Director of Aviation Services.

The town hall was a great opportunity for the team to get together and spend time with our colleagues outside of our regular job duties. We received some great feedback from those in attendance and heard some insightful ideas to help improve our operation. We appreciate the time that everyone took out of their busy schedules to join us and look forward to seeing everyone again next time!

By David Ramlagan, Training Coordinator, Aviation Security

On Friday September 12th, 2019, two security breaches occurred at Munich and Hamburg airports in Germany within the span of half a day.

The Munich Airport incident: An unauthorized individual at Munich International Airport’s Terminal 1 went through an alarm-secured door on Friday morning, causing police to temporarily close off parts of the airport, and many departing flights to be delayed.

Flight delays and cancellations due to
a security breach

The Hamburg Airport incident: Authorities were forced to close security check-points at Hamburg International Airport on Friday evening, after a man was able to board a flight without a boarding pass. Five arriving flights were diverted to nearby airports, and eleven flights were cancelled (ICTS Bulletin 03.2019).

Toronto Pearson Airport had a similar incident in 2006. When an intruder cannot be found, planes must remain on the ground until the airport is deemed safe. This can result in a large number of delayed and cancelled flights, which can translate into millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Guarding an access control point requires the same attention as driving – avoid distractions! Car accidents occur when you least expect it. The same goes for security breaches. You could be attentive for majority of your shift but the breach may occur in the time that you were distracted. Remember these incidents the next time you are tempted with distractions on the job and remember to always stay alert!

By Mary Christidis, Operations Manager, OSR

We had a fantastic turnout for our Summer Town Hall!

It was such a pleasure to have hosted my first Town Hall for the OSR team on June 22nd, 2019. I am truly grateful for all the great feedback, questions and suggestions that came out of this session

Submitted by Garinder Grewal, Service Delivery Manager

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to thank the security staff that assisted my husband and I on February 6th. The weather was terrible that day, which I imagine makes everyone’s job at the airport more difficult. My husband and I got separated and he suffered a seizure. After assessments from EMS, we decided to proceed home. I was so grateful to the staff, especially your Terminal 3 security supervisor Reyaz Prahalad. He personally escorted us to another terminal so we could catch a Greyhound home, as our flight was delayed. His compassion and kindness went above and beyond what I would expect from anyone.

Sincerely, Nicky Kozoriz

Reyaz Prahalad

By Rob Desjardins, General Manager YYC

Elizabeth Warwick, our new Quality Assurance Manager, delivered our first A.S.P. dispatch course on June 3rd.

I’m happy to report all three highly qualified participants are doing very well under Beth’s guidance.

Elizabeth is not only delivering the course, but has built it from ground up, slide by slide, including all 520 slides, as well as a full course facilitator guide, activities, job aids and exams/quizzes.

I am very proud of Elizabeth’s progress at A.S.P. in her very short tenure at A.S.P.!

By A.S.P. Calgary Stampede Flap Jack Team

With weather that was a little chilly, our Calgary Stampede breakfast turned into a great success.

Individuals started lining up at 7:45 in the morning and the line remained until 9:30 a.m.

Over 400 Calgary International Airport employees attended the breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. It was a fun-filled day and the team building we achieved is an even bigger success.

By Rob Desjardins, General Manager YYC

YYC held a very successful job fair on May 23rd at Calgary International Airport (YYC).

We had over 96 potential candidates show up for interviews and orientation, which was quite an experience for all of us.

Kudos to Maria Kalomiris, our HR coordinator, for putting this together, and Elizabeth Warwick, our quality assurance manager, for helping in the interview process. Having that many candidates show up was a challenge with several takeaways to be implemented prior to the next job fair.

Overall, it was fun and a success!