By Kevin Hepburn, Acting Operations Manager

Unsung Heroes

Who is an unsung hero? “One who does great deeds but receives little or no recognition for them.” I’d like to recognize a few of our staff whose recent actions should be recognized in this category.

Recently, ASP Terminal Patroller Kanchan Sarin was assigned Security 3 near gate 52. Prior to a medical call being dispatched from Operations, Kanchan saw a Calgary Police Service (CPS) Officer assisting a passenger in medical distress. Kanchan was proactive and started to assist immediately by setting up a privacy screen, and she began redirecting pedestrian traffic prior to a request from SOC/AOC Operations. Good job and well-done Kanchan!

Being placed in a difficult situation is part of a patroller’s everyday routine. One of our Supervisors was recently placed in this situation and handled it with grace and poise. ASP Supervisor Taranjit Sidhu was on her airside/groundside patrol part of her shift when she was dispatched to the Terminal Arrivals area that was congested due to a high volume of vehicles awaiting arriving passengers and Taxi’s. Other agencies were dispatched to the scene, however, the problem worsened.

The arrivals level was blocked, and vehicles were no longer moving which resulted in a safety concern. Taranjit arrived on scene and took control by moving vehicles and clearing the entire area. Our operations team watched and applauded her for her efforts, acknowledging her with a job well done over the radio! Well done, Taranjit.

Post and Hiring Update

With the completion of a three-month trial by CATSA at NPS-B (Non-Passenger Screening – Post ‘Bravo’) and a reopening of NPS-A (Non-Passenger Screening – Post ‘Alpha’) these posts have now returned and are in operation with our ASP Guards. During the closure of these posts, we were able to complete an aggressive job fair and onboarding of new employees to increase our staffing requirements overall.

By Mary Christidis, Operations Manager

Jasneet Singh

“Please know that a few weeks ago I was in Terminal 1 of the Toronto Pearson International Airport, where I received excellent service from Jasneet Singh- ASP specialist. She went over and beyond the call of duty to provide me with information and guidance as it related to my travel questions and concerns. I was so impressed by her dedication to her career, and by her fine work ethic. She deserves to be recognized, and I hope that she is rewarded for her fine efforts!”


Supinder Khangura

“I attended the gates today and I was speaking to the guard at V313A she was very knowledgeable and knew her post order very well. She smiled and told me that she loved her job and it was very reassuring having her at this post. I think it’s good to recognize hard working individuals.”


Pirasanthy Kandavel

“Please commend Pirasanthy Kandavel for a job well done! I appreciate reading the reports filed and this helps with follow-up to stakeholders who need a letter to remind them of the advisory.”


By Mary Christidis, Operations Manager

The Eye on Safety Awards acknowledge and celebrate a culture of safety and security at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Indira Marwah

On Wednesday, June 8th, 2022, at approximately 23:47, ASP Access Control Guard, Indira Marwah was stationed at Terminal 3, Door G120.

Indira observed a male passenger attempting to backflow from the baggage hall and into the secure area. She remained calm and followed her Post Orders, advised SOC, and maintained a line of sight to the subject passenger.

She got the attention of an ASP Door Patrol guard nearby who was able to stop the breach. Indira’s immediate actions under the pressure of a security breach prevented a containment situation, which could have had a significant impact on operations during a high-volume period.

Well done, Indira!

Rushmika Nadan

Rushmika Nadan was nominated for an Eye on Safety Award for noticing that FA3022 was not correctly secured while in the area performing other duties.

Her keen observation resulted in SOC properly taking the reader offline again and, in turn, ensured no unauthorized access through the PSL would be possible.

Great work, Rushmika!

By Garinder Grewal, Director, Aviation

ASP is thrilled to announce that more employees have received an Eye on Safety Award nomination from the GTAA. The GTAA Eye on Safety Awards acknowledge and celebrate a culture of safety and security at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The following ASP employees were recently nominated:

Ahmad Jawad Akbari

“The ASP guard Ahmad was at his duty post at check-in aisle 2 this evening when a young child, approximately 5 years old, approached him to say that he lost his parents. Ahmad comforted the child, tried to get information and called the AOC. PRP attended, and Ahmad ran around the Terminal looking for his parents. The child was very comfortable with Ahmad and his comforting demeanor. Between PRP, Ahmad and myself, the parents were found approximately 30 minutes later. Ahmad also found a few mini aircrafts and ensured both the child and his brother were comforted after this scary moment for the family.” – GTAA Manager of Operations.

Mohammad Alla and Ahmad Jawad Akbari

On March 8, 2022, both Mohammed Alla and Ahmad Akbari came across an individual experiencing a medical emergency. Both remained calm and immediately notified all the required parties. They remained in the area and proceeded to do crowd control and diversion so the area would stay clear until the responders arrived. The GTAA and A.S.P. Inc. extend their appreciation to Mohammed and Ahmad for their outstanding contribution to safety and security, and for going above and beyond their dayto-day duties to keep Toronto Pearson International Airport safe.

By Garinder Grewal, Director, Aviation

At ASP our goal is to clearly differentiate us as a “Best in Class” service provider through operational excellence and superior customer service. We are a customer-centric organization, which is why we would like to compliment and thank our employee Sid Ali Hassan for always delivering the kind of customer service we all want to receive. Sid recognizes the importance of approaching customers with respect, friendliness, and a sincere desire to help. Sid is always 100% dedicated to ensuring an excellent passenger experience from curb to aircraft.

Please refer to the email below from one of many customers that were very pleased with Sid’s professionalism and outstanding customer service.

“I’m not kidding when I tell you that this gentleman was the single finest employee I’ve encountered in an airport anywhere around the world. His professionalism, patience, and kindness were remarkable. He was the person who was in charge of keeping folks like me (no ticket, but wanting to see my wife off on her way) from going into the terminal. He must have been more than 6’4” and at 5’6” he could have easily chosen to intimidate, ignore or dismiss me, but, he chose kindness, apologies and assistance.

He found a cell phone so I could call my wife so she would not be worried. He was VERY busy, but not too busy to help. My Jesus’s body in the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church. • June 16 – Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib A day observed by Sikhs to commemorate an individual who laid down his life for their people. June 24 – Litha A Pagan and Wiccan festival that begins on the summer solstice and celebrates midsummer. • June 24 – Feast of the Sacred Heart A feast day in the Roman Catholic Church that celebrates Jesus’s physical heart as a representation of his love for all humanity. Employee Spotlight: Sid Ali Hassan By Garinder Grewal, Director, Aviation biggest hope is that you can forward him what I’ve said about him. People doing the sort of job he is doing are confronted with all sorts of abuse on a daily basis just for doing their jobs. I should have made myself more informed about the rules at Pearson so I was prepared. The security guard never suggested this. He only wanted to help me and to do his job. I spent over 30 years as a teacher enforcing rules and trying to be respectful to children while doing so.

I can tell you this gentleman scores 100% when it comes to respect (not to mention kindness and professionalism) and if there is anyway this email could be forwarded to him, I’d like him to know exactly what I’ve said about him. I’m sure there are daily frustrations dealing with unreasonable people. He needs to know that he is making a difference, one passenger at a time!”

By Sarah Jessop, Human Resources Generalist

The world’s rich diversity is reflected in the observances that are celebrated and recognized by our teammates. Knowledge of the following holidays and celebrations can enhance our workplace diversity and inclusion efforts. Throughout the months of April, May, and June a variety of religious holidays, festivals, observances, and spiritual commemorations took place. These events are celebrated and observed by many of us, so in the spirit of respect and comradery, please familiar yourselve with them.

At ASP, we value and recognize
the diverse religious beliefs of
our employees.

April 2022

  • April 2 to May 2 – Ramada
    The holy month of fasting, introspection, and prayer celebrated by Muslims.
  • April 14 – Vaisakhi
    An ancient festival for Hindus that simultaneously celebrates that Solar New Year and spring harvest.
  • April 15 to April 23 – Passover
    A 7-day holiday in the Jewish faith that honors the freeing of the Israeli slaves.
  • April 15 – Mahavir Jayanti
    A Jain holiday celebrating the birth of Lord Mahavira, the founder of Jainism.
  • April 17 – Easter
    The most important day in the Christian faith when they celebrate the resurrection of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • April 24 – Feast of the Divine Mercy
    A feast day on the second Sunday of Easter when Christians seek Christ’s forgiveness and grace.

May 2022

  • May 1 – Beltane
    A fire festival celebrated by the Pagan and Wiccan religions that celebrate summer and the fertility of the upcoming year.
  • May 3 – Eid al-Fitr
    An Islamic holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. As it ends fasting, its primary event is a big meal.
  • May 8 – Birthday of Buddha
    The day that Buddhists celebrate the Buddha’s birthday.
  • May 16– Vesak
    The most important Theravada Buddhist festival that signifies the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha
  • May 24 – Declaration of the Bab
    The day that marks the prediction of the Bab as the Messenger of God in the Baha’i faith.
  • May 26 – Ascension Day
    A Christian holiday that marks the 40th day following Easter when Jesus ascended into Heaven.

June 2022

  • June 2 – Ascension Day
    A day celebrated in Coptic Orthodox Christianity that marks Jesus’s ascension into heaven.
  • June 4 to June 6 – Shavuot
    A Jewish holiday that combines a grain harvest and the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.
  • June 8 – Race Unity Day
    A day that promotes racial harmony and understanding in the Baha’i faith.
  • June 12 – Trinity Sunday
    A day in the Christian faith that celebrates the three personifications of God (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).
  • June 12 – All Saints Day
    The day in Eastern Orthodox Christianity that designates the end of the Easter season.
  • June 16 – Feast of Corpus Christi
    The feast day that commemorates the real presence of Jesus’s body in the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church.
  • June 16 – Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib
    A day observed by Sikhs to commemorate an individual who laid down his life for their people.
  • June 24 – Litha
    A Pagan and Wiccan festival that begins on the summer solstice and celebrates midsummer.
  • June 24 – Feast of the Sacred Heart
    A feast day in the Roman Catholic Church that celebrates Jesus’s physical heart as a representation of his love for all humanity.

By Karl Katzur, Manager Operations

YSB was a beehive of activity through the month of May. The airport saw a marked increase in the number of daily flights from all airlines and a notable increase in passenger counts.

Throughout this busy period ASP also managed to increase its staffing levels with the addition of four new guard members. Thanks mainly to the efforts of Nadia Onorato and her recruitment team as well as Sarah Jessop and the HR team.

On Friday May 27, 2022, YSB opened the terminal to non-passengers and allowed family and friends into the airport for the first time in over two years. On Tuesday May 31, 2022, YSB conducted their mandated mock disaster exercise. A simulated airline crash and an active armed passenger were the focus of the exercise. ASP Security participated with a record attendance of seven guards and two supervisors.

Senior YSB staff reported that the ASP Security team carried out all emergency response procedures with a high degree of efficiency and professionalism. ASP security staff at YSB want to wish all management and staff a pleasant and safe summer season.

By Noman Butt, Client Manager

Supinder Khangura started with ASP on April 13, 2022. On May 4, 2022, Supinder was working at a post she had just been trained on, the construction gate, when she was met with by a GTAA Officer for Security Planning. The client had this to say about their interaction with Supinder:

“I attended the gates today and I was speaking to the guard at V313A. She was very knowledgeable and knew her post order very well. She smiled and told me that she loved her job, and it was very reassuring having her at this post. I think it’s good to recognize hardworking individuals.”

Supinder presents herself in a professional manner and she enjoys working for ASP at Toronto Pearson International Airport. We are incredibly proud of what she has achieved in such a short time.

By Daniel McCormack, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Hello ASP team! Summer has definitely arrived at YYC. The sun is shining, the breeze is sweet, and people are out and about! That means that they are out and about at the airport, and the ASP team here as busy as ever.

There is always an increase in traffic at this time of the year, which translates to an increase in security events. My security tip to all readers is to always be aware of your surroundings. Small things like staying on task and avoiding distractions while on post will ensure both your safety and the security of your area. Simple matters, like knowing how to enter and exit an area, can make a world of difference when you need to make quick decisions.

Additionally, the added traffic at YYC means increased interactions with the public. The team has hundreds of customer service interactions daily and the client is pleased that we go the extra mile on this front. It continues to demonstrate the quality and excellence of ASP. With the onboarding and training of over thirty new people in the past few weeks, we must continue rolling up our sleeves to bring our new recruits up to speed. They are all excited to get to the post and make the most of their time with ASP. I know that the group here is dedicated to their success — everyone can remember being new! This increase in new hires points to some very positive things for ASP, like the return of some of our access control positions in the future.

Good luck to our newest family members. Remember, there is no rush when it comes to performing security the right way!

ASP continues to gain confidence from the YYC community. There are exciting opportunities in store for this team if we continue to pull together and show off our skills. I’m confident that everyone will help realize that goal.

Until next time, ASP, take care out there!

By Karl Katzur, Site Security Manager

The snow is melting in Northern Ontario, and we are all looking forward to summer. The Sudbury airport is seeing more passengers. As well, the Porter Airlines deal with Air Transat promises better connections to points eastward and beyond for YSB passengers in 2022. It is an exciting time for the airport.

ASP Highlights at the Sudbury Airport Include:

• We played a major role in assisting the client with completing a formal RAIC Audit for Transport Canada. ASP plays an integral role administrating the YSB Pass Office.

• Five new guards have been onboarded to fill open roles left by two guards leaving ASP and one guard stepping back from full time to casual hours.

• A new testing and audit program is being implemented to keep all guards current with the clients Post Orders and Standard Operating Procedures.

• The guards requested moving to continental shifts at YSB to achieve more meaningful time off and better manage open shifts. This was implemented in late fall of 2021 and the satisfaction rate is high and has also allowed overtime rates in excess of 30% to be reduced to below 3%.