By Cliff Sampogna, Regional Manager, RES/CIC Division

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank one of my peers for all his help and support over the last several months. I wanted to say a huge thank you to Paul Parkinson.

Paul is an integral part of the organization and I can honestly say that he has been a big influence on me and has gone way above and beyond to support me and my needs, regardless if they are in his job scope or not. Paul is one of those people that will go beyond his own duties for the organization and will truly help an individual when needed.

Paul, I know I have said thank you many times for all the support and assistance, but I wanted to say it one more time, as it has been invaluable knowledge that you have provided me in many ways. So again, thank you!

By Natasha Stephenson-Belle, Manager, Resource Planning

Hardeep Khaneja joined the ASP family in 2007 as a security guard on the Residential contract – Ovation.  His growth in this role was tremendous.  He progressed into the supervision role because of his devotion to succeed, and most importantly, the support and guidance he offered his fellow colleagues.

In 2019, Hardeep continued his career progression into Resource Planning as a Scheduler.  Within Hardeep’s current position of Resource Planner, we consistently see his drive to not give up until the open shifts are staffed. 

From the moment he starts his commute to the office, Hardeep is often fully engaged with our front-line employees, asking them to deploy to locations that are short-staffed last minute, or to simply coach our guards on their duties for the day.  For this reason, you will often find Hardeep on his cell phone with his earpiece in, only hearing small bits of his conversation as he walks by.  There hasn’t been a moment when Hardeep has taken his break or lunch without scheduling guards or discussing a strategy for staffing. This is what he claims clears his head when he needs to regroup.

Every day, Hardeep comes into work to deliver. He is patient, respectful to all, and takes the time to listen to any concerns our guards might have.  If he doesn’t have the answer for them, he will take it upon himself to have the correct subject matter expert advise on the next steps for a resolution. 

Without hesitation, he sets the expectation for himself that ASP must exceed all client staffing needs daily.  Although these are standards that he has set for himself, without realizing it, he has established a higher benchmark of scheduling success for his fellow colleagues.  The rest of our team identifies this dedication in Hardeep, which we see as a benefit, as it drives our team to put in maximum efforts to cover shifts.

For 2019, Hardeep has been an outstanding employee who has been reliable due to his dedication to ASP’s success.  He is proud of our company and the contracts we service.  He has demonstrated great scheduling tactics last-minute, which has delivered us out of many challenging situations. 

Thank you for all your help and commitment to ASP, Hardeep!!  You are truly a great asset to our company.

By Ramakrishna Malkapuram, Training Coordinator

In all organizations, big and small, the challenge is to keep all the employees connected and engaged. A 2017 Gallup survey called “State of the Global Workforce” indicated that only 15% of workforce are engaged in the workplace.

What this means is a majority of the workforce are either viewing their workplace negatively or doing the bare minimum to get through their day. Employee engagement is more important than ever. It has a dramatic impact on the behaviors of the employees. For example, it would make an average employee exceed expectations and an employee with bad attendance become punctual. More importantly, it has a huge impact reducing the turnover in the organization. Let’s be honest – it is not easy to keep front-line workers happy and engaged all the time. However, it should not discourage organizations by not putting enough effort in this direction.

Changing jobs isn’t all about money. Younger employees may accept a lower wage as long as they get a chance to work at a place that engages them constantly. Employee engagement is not a one-time activity. It has to have a continuity that builds trust amongst the employees. A report shows 84% of the employees who are engaged or recognized tend to go over and beyond their expectations.

The following tips are just a few very important employee-engagement activities:

  • Help employees get to know each other. Creating a strong bond is critical. Organize a lunch with people in different departments. Encourage people to mingle.
  • Start a mentorship program. The most rewarding thing is to help others. Provide opportunities for employees to grow.
  • Encourage Health and Wellness. It’s tough to go to work when you aren’t feeling well. Provide funds for any activity that makes a person feel good for example Gym Membership, Massage therapist.
  • Onboarding. Engagement starts on day one, by making sure new hires have excellent experience during the onboarding process. Be clear about responsibilities and goals.
  • Recognize employees. Mention key employees in newsletters or press releases when appropriate.
  • Celebrate accomplishments. Broadcast achievements of employees to the entire organization.
  • Ask for employees’ engagement ideas.
  • Cross Training. Give the employees an opportunity to learn a new skill.
  • Promote within. Promoting employees from within keeps employees motivated. It sends a signal to others that there are opportunities to move up within the organization.

Employees are the most valuable resource for any company.

Employee engagement directly affects a company’s performance and productivity. Hence, it is very important to motivate and engage employees to improve the performance of a business.

By Neeru Panjwani, Human Resources

It is my pleasure to introduce and welcome new team members at ASP! Please welcome Kristine Lindekamp, Mollie Ahrens, Mariaha Shoring and Julie McCahon.

Kristine is our new Office Administrator at the Head Office here in Burlington! In addition to her certificate in Human Resources Management from Fanshawe, Kristine possess 2 years of experience as an administrator and she has dabbled in Recruitment as well. With her diverse experience in administration we know Kristine is a great addition to the team and will do an amazing job.

Mollie has joined the Burlington Head Office as Human Resources Administrator. She possesses a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resources and holds the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. Working at an employment agency for a little over a year has given her experience in recruiting, but also other aspects of Human Resources such as: health and safety, and payroll. Mollie is looking to branch out to learn more about everything else human resources has to offer! We are looking forward to her addition to the team.

Team YYC is very excited to welcome their newest addition, Mariaha Shoring, who assumed the role as a Resource Planner and will be responsible for all scheduling needs. Mariaha graduated from College with a Diploma in Criminal Justice and has a keen interest in airport security. Prior to joining Mariaha Shoring ASP, she was employed with Paladin Security as a Scheduling Coordinator. Mariaha brings experience and a proven track record of success in Resource Planning in the Security industry, which will be instrumental in fulfilling the needs of her new role.

Julie is joining us as a Service Delivery Manager for the Residential / CIC division and will work from the Toronto Office. She has studied Law and Security Administration and had extensive experience working in Loss Prevention at regional and national level. With her unique background, Julie brings in diverse industry knowledge and experience which will bring in further advancement to the organization.

We are confident that with their rich experience and great professional attitude, they will contribute to the growth and success of ASP.

By Mina Khani, OSR Training Coordinator

Punctuality is especially important if your employment includes shift work or requires team involvement.

Even if your work doesn’t involve daily time requirements of any kind, co-workers will probably notice if you consistently arrive late or have difficulty meeting project deadlines. Punctuality reassures your boss that you take your job seriously and work hard to meet client and customer demands.

The below mentioned are few reasons that help you tell how important punctuality is:

  • It shows strong character and portrays your interest in the company.
  • It gives you a chance to know more people in the workplace who work on different shifts.
  • It shows your respect for others. To be successful in life, it is important to show respect to your colleagues.
  • It gives more time to plan your day and settle down from the rush-hour traffic. If there is a meeting to attend, then prepare for it before entering the room.
  • Punctuality proves you to be a trustworthy, reliable and efficient.
  • It reduces stress. When work is done on time, it will reduce unnecessary work pressure, and prevents you from blaming others for the situation.
  • It boosts your self-confidence and increases productivity.

At ASP, it is imperative to our operation that our employees are punctual and reliable, since we need full coverage in our critical posts at all times.

Incorporating punctuality in life will also increase your respect among friends and family. Once it becomes a part of your life, it won’t be a task anymore. The best practice to be punctual is to keep a timetable and clock or watch with you at all times.

Congratulations to all agents who are punctual! Here are just a few of our most punctual agents at ASP – OSR.

By Mina Khani, OSR Training Coordinator

When we think of staff motivation, many things may come to to mind: more money, a bigger office, a promotion, or a better quality of life.

The truth is, no matter what we offer, true motivation must come from within. Regardless of how it is characterized, it is important to get the right balance in order to ensure that we have a motivated workforce.

As part of the management team in ASP, we do our best to motivate our employees, by:

  • Recognizing and rewarding employees who are achieving above and beyond.
  • Offering equal employment opportunities to all employees, based on qualifications and performance.
  • Providing a workplace free from discrimination or harassment.

Self-motivation is the force that drives you to do things. It drives you to work towards your goals, put effort into self-development, and achieve personal fulfillment.

For example, a man who goes to work every day just to pay the bills, keep his family off his back, and please his boss is not self- motivated, while a man who needs no external forces to make his way to work every day and finds fulfillment in what he does is self-motivated.

Some tips and skills for self- motivation:

  • Setting high but realistic goals (e.g., SMART goals). (Specific, Measured, Agreed, Realistic, Time-Based).
  • Seeking constant feedback to figure out how to improve.
  • Being committed to personal and/or organizational goals and going “the extra mile” to achieve them.
  • Actively seeking out opportunities and seizing them when they occur.
  • The ability to deal with setbacks and continue in pursuing your goals, despite obstacles (i.e., resilience).

“The Achievements of an Organization are the results of the combined effort of each Individual.– Vince Lombardi

By Susana Borosic, Recruiter

Good luck and congratulations! After many years of dedicated service, Joshua Hopton received an opportunity in Military Policing.

We thank Joshua for his constant dedication and wish him all the best as he moves forward in the next chapter in his life.

Joshua Hopton enjoys his “Good Luck Josh” cake.

By John Gangasingh, Manager Operations, Residential/Commercial Division

As we go into spring, ASP is managing the security services contract for our high-profile client, Brookfield Properties, at the site of Bay Adelaide Centre (BAC).

BAC is soon-to-be the largest commercial/financial towers in the Toronto downtown core/Financial District.

Ms. Erin Deslippe is ASP’s Site Supervisor, overseeing all operational aspects of her present buildings and team of approximately 32 full-time guards, shift supervisors and 10 part-time guards.

The Residential/Commercial Division is very proud to retain such a strong and loyal leader. Erin has that natural ability to build strong relationships with her team, creating that strong, engaged team spirit that you just can’t train for!

Erin easily shines as an operational leader in our niche industry, due to her police foundations, educational background and her many years of security frontline and leadership experience.

Erin Deslippe, Site Supervisor, Bay Adelaide Centre (Brookfield Properties)

We are very appreciative and supportive of Erin’s day-to-day efforts and all of her strong team’s due diligence in getting the job done!

Thank you, Erin and your awesome team! Keep up the great work!

By Mike Moledzki, Service Delivery Manager, Residential/Commercial Division

I wanted to take this time to introduce a Site Supervisor worthy of getting to know: Michelle Roy.

Michelle has been with ASP since November 2018 and she has taken on the role of Site Supervisor at St. Lawrence Market.
She has shown great leadership and dependability for the past four months, with praise from both her coworkers and client. We have definitely chosen the right person for this job. She has over nine years of experience in the security industry and it shows on every shift.

In 1991, she enlisted in the Queens Own Rifles as a Private, where she served as admissions assistant. She then worked with Toronto Police as a co-op student, learning valuable lessons from both experiences, whether it was defusing a tense situation, or using her customer service experience to help a customer or tenant.

Michelle has made a big impact and she shows it with a great ability in creating a comfortable and calming environment at St. Lawrence Market. She leads by example to all guards working at this location, by always being ready to put in the extra time when the site needs the help without a second thought, by creating procedures and standards for her guards to use when she is not on site, and by always being available for questions when she is not on the clock.

Michelle Roy, ASP Site Supervisor, St. Lawrence Market (City of Toronto)

Her leadership has not gone unnoticed, Michelle has put in her time and shown great promise. Great job, Michelle!!

By Sean Gallagher, HR Recruitment Manager

This quarter’s article highlights the career of Ramakrishna Malkapuram, and his long-standing dedication to ASP

As an employee with ASP for over nine years, Ramakrishna’s initiative has enabled him to continuously grow within the company. Prior to his years with us, Ramakrishna began his career in Security with the Superior Court of Justice in 2009 – the place where his passion for security and law enforcement began.

Ramakrishna Malkapuram, Training Coordinator.

Interested in Aviation, Ramakrishna sought a role in Access Control with ASP in 2010 at Billy Bishop Toronto Centre
Airport. It took him less than a year to shine as a leader for our company, as he was shortly thereafter promoted to Supervisor at Toronto Pearson International Airport (Toronto Pearson). Ramakrishna continued to grow and develop until his next challenge was accepted.

In 2015, Ramakrishna was chosen to participate in the Behavioral Recognition Training course – a requirement for all Specialist and Canine team members. It was at this point when Ramakrishna continued to shine and display his ever-present interest in advancements within ASP As a result, he was selected as a Casual Specialist at Toronto Pearson. In 2016, Ramakrishna was selected as a Casual Access Control Training Coordinator, to provide support to David Ramlagan as guard volume increased.

It was here that it became obvious Ramakrishna’s knowledge in policy and procedural requirements made him an excellent choice for Training Coordinator, alongside David Ramlagan, and in 2018, Ramakrishna was made the permanent Training Coordinator for the Aviation Security Division in Toronto Pearson.

“Ramakrishna has been one of the most dedicated members of the ASP team and continues to set the bar high, by accomplishing his set goals with an unwavering, positive attitude that some deem absolutely infectious in the work place, making him an absolute pleasure to work with. He is the definition of passion and work ethic, which is continuously recognized through numerous awards and promotions throughout his years with ASP”

Ramakrishna, thank you for everything you do daily for our company!