By Russ Fox, Master Trainer

ASP Canine division is so fortunate to have such a diverse and talented group of members involved in a variety of activities and private ventures.

Every handler brings their own experiences and expertise with them, benefiting all of us here.

I would like to focus on one of our members in this article, Anne-Marie Paré, who is currently handling EDD Ylva and is based out of Quebec City. Anne-Marie is very active in the dog sport world where she competes and trains both in IGP dog sport as well as another sport called “Canicross”.

For those of you that have not heard of Canicross, it is basically a cross country race conducted with your dog. The competitors are connected by bungee cord to their dogs’ harness, and then they run a timed course. The course can range anywhere from 2km to 15km, but usually falls into the 4-5 km distance.

Although the sport is popular in Europe it is relatively new to Canada and was officially introduced in Quebec in 2006. Since then, it has steadily grown. The sport is recognized by an international Dog Sport organization (FMBB) which organizes dozens of dog sports and 1000’s of competitors.

Anne-Marie has been involved in CaniCross for the past 7 years. She has quickly risen to the top of this sport, first qualifying for the world championships in 2020 with her first dog Zimbabwe. Then, along came COVID and a serious car accident, side lining Anne-Marie with 4 cracked vertebrae.

After a lengthy recovery with physio, Anne-Marie trained for a comeback and has become Canada’s first representative for the FMBB World championships to be held in Greece in May.

Anne-Marie and her running partner, 2-year-old Belgium Teverun “Jigsaw,” will compete over 2 days, running a 2km course on the first day and a 5 km race on the second day.

By Garinder Grewal, Senior Operations Manager

In respecting International Women’s Day this year and every year, we are exceptionally proud of the contributions women make to the successful security operations here at Pearson Airport. We have many examples of outstanding women who contribute to the daily operations of ASP Security at Pearson Airport. They do so with the highest of integrity, professionalism, and humility. One such employee is Suryya Shafi, Access Control Officer TPIA.

Suryya has been employed in security at Pearson Airport since 1994. That is an incredible 28-year career here at the airport. Suryya has worked with 3 different security companies since starting her career at TPIA.

Beginning her career as a Screening Officer, Suryya was in the first class for that role at the airport. She has spent the longest period of this with ASP as her employer, she is now in her 18th year with us. In fact, Suryya is our most senior employee.

Prior to coming to Canada, Suryya was the teacher, headmistress and principal of a private school for 27 years. She loved being involved in the education field, showing leadership and helping her community. Suryya states that she has also enjoyed her career at the airport, and it has been a good job and place to work. She has enjoyed meeting so many people, made many friends with great coworkers and has marvelled at the growth development of the airport.

Suryya states, “After 9/11 the world of travel and airport work changed forever. I really feel and believe that it has become safer for employees and travellers because of better security measures and screening practices.”

When asked what she felt was the biggest contribution made by women in the security industry is, she stated, “We play a positive role in security. In security there is always a constant need to keep improving and women play a big role in this area. They are naturally stronger in nurturing, more disciplined and are strong administrators.

Qualities that help security companies like ASP remain strong.” Like so many others, the pandemic hit Suryya hard psychologically. Not being able to come to work and do the work she loved made her feel left out and slowed her down. She is used to being active and involved every day. She states that through the positive support and encouragement from the ASP management team and her close family, she was able to push through and keep going, returning to work when she was ready.

Suryya is happy to be back at work, doing what she loves to do, and says her future looks bright.

Thank you for your long and celebrated career here at TPIA and with ASP Security. You are an inspiration to us all with your dedication, positive outlook on life, humility, and kindness. Happy International Women’s Day to you and all the women who show us the right way through work and life.

By Sarah Jessop, HR Generalist

By Sarah Miller, Operations Manager

The Crossing Guard Division would like to welcome Mohammed ‘Momo’ Mounir to the team as a Mobile Patrol Supervisor. Momo started with ASP in the CIC division as a respite center guard but transitioned to a crossing guard supervisor role in late January 2022. He’s been an incredible addition to the group.

When Momo isn’t on duty he’s pursuing a diploma in Police Foundations from Seneca College, expecting to finish his last course in April 2022. When he graduates, he’ll be working towards a career in policing.

Welcome to the team, Momo!

By Sarah Miller, Operations Manager

Mobile Patrol Supervisor George Papachristos would like to recognize Joseph Melo’s hard work and dedication to the crossing guard division: “Joseph is a fantastic part of the team. Every time I visit his crosswalk there are pedestrians that stop to tell me how well organized and attentive he is as well as how he’s kind and thoughtful to the needs of everyone around him.

He’s a true safety ambassador and very vigilant to his surroundings. He is very confident at his crosswalk and has developed meaningful relationships with the people around him.”

ASP appreciates all the good work he does serving the community. Thank you, Joseph!

By Mohammed Mounir, Mobile Patrol Supervisor

The Crossing Guard Division would like to recognize Xhevdet Celaj for his creativity, attentiveness, and friendliness. During a routine inspection with Mobile Supervisor Mohammed ‘Momo’ Mounir, it was noticed that Xhevdet invented a new and efficient way to press the walk button at his crosswalk by attaching a small plastic flange onto the side of the stop sign, eliminating the need to connect with a high-touch surface repeatedly. While he was crossing the students, he was also consistently giving a warm welcome greeting and a very happy smile. As students were crossing from his side of the crosswalk, Xhevdet continuously paid attention to the other side of the intersection, making sure to help as many students cross as safely as possible.

Xhevdet, thank you for being an excellent Crossing Guard and ASP team member!

By Cliff Sampogna, Regional Manager - Residential/Commercial

We currently live in uncertain times with a lot of change coming in the near future that will improve our world and humanity. These changes are going toallow the world to become a better place and create more unity through understanding, compassion and acceptance.

As we all know, change can only occur when compassionate people stand up and speak up to educate and begin the education that is much needed. I personally have the amazing opportunity to work closely with someone that has an amazingly strong voice and has shown me that a single voice can make change.

By Tanya Gautam, Human Resources Administrator and Recruiter

With all going on in the world, I’d like to step back and focus on some positivity in our RES/CIC Division.

As challenges continue to arise across all avenues of our business, our team continues to rise above it all and push forward. I’d like to point out two of our amazing team members in particular.

First off, our Administrator, Tamana Bhatia. Tamana has been with ASP since August 2018. She started as a front-line guard supporting our commercial business. Tamana quickly showed her value and worth, through her dedication to ASP and the many extra hours she put in to keep the operation running. By December 2019, Tamana was such a valued asset that it was an easy choice to bring her aboard the administrative side to support not only the front of the house, but the back end as well.

Today, Tamana has helped evolve the day-to-day administrative duties with our Crossing Guard contract, Respite contract, and all back-end support that we could not do without her. She has been a valuable team member and her behind-the-scenes efforts are truly a support to all of us here at RES/CIC.

We all appreciate and thank you Tamana! Keep up the wonderful work!

Secondly, our Service Delivery Manager, Asad Abbas. Asad has been with ASP since May 2016. He has been a rock for the entire RES/CIC team and especially for me. Asad’s work ethic is second to none. Between many long days in the office, on the road, and from home, Asad continues to plow through all challenges he faces, always achieving positive results regardless of how difficult those challenges may be. His loyalty to ASP and the team shines in his day-to-day efforts, whether it be with our front-line guards asking for professional or personal support from him, or the office team leaning on him for his subject matter expertise in all facets of the business.

To know you can confidently get an answer or an update or just good old fashion hands-on help with something through a simple ask is all a friend or colleague could ask for. Asad is just that guy!

For this reason, I wanted to share my thank you and appreciation for all he does for our team seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

From all of us in RES/CIC, we thank you Asad! I’d say keep up the good work, but I know don’t need to!

By Tanya Gautam, Human Resources Administrator and Recruiter

At YYC, we have a team of passionate and enthusiastic employees. Our employees are not only passionate security professionals, but also have a caring heart for their colleagues.

Two of our YYC employees have set an example of teamwork and care for the community, during the COVID pandemic period, when people are stressed.

Kamalo Suleiman started his journey with A.S.P in February 2019 as a Casual employee and became Full-Time Access Control Guard in April 2019. Since then, he has worked hard to deliver quality service.

In May 2020, Kamalo, along with his wife, bought individual pizzas for all his shift members. This gesture of Kamalo sets an example of a real team player. That moment when employees were enjoying their pizza, sharing a positive vibe, not only brought them together but also relaxed them with a smile on their faces. Special thanks to Kamalo’s wife.

Kamalo has always shown interest in the company’s activities, and yet again, he planned his break to attend the Townhall. His regular participation in company activities and contributions towards his team is commendable.

Radowan Chowdhury has been working with A.S.P since September 2018 as Access Control Guard. He has demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment towards his duties and the team. Radowan bought sweets and food for the team in June and helped people to bond and spread positivity in the group. He received appreciation from his team members, supervisors and managers for his team spirit.

Radowan is also an active member of the Health & Safety Committee. His regular participation and contribution to the meetings are valuable.

We thank all the heroes of ASP who are taking an extra step to create a positive environment in this challenging time of the pandemic, bringing our people together and providing a quality service.

By Asad Abbas, RES/CIC Service Delivery Manager

Having good employees make or break a company’s success. Everyone is an employee, even leaders. Most importantly, being a great employee means being a team player. We have so many talented, hard-working team players who are helping us to strive for greatness.

I want to take this opportunity to recognize a member of our team who has been amazing and always goes above and beyond to perform his duties. Kevin Ravindran is not only a team player, who always strive for the betterment of his team, but is also a good leader on site and takes it upon himself to make sure he and his team do their job well.

Kevin Ravindran, Supervisor, Toronto Pan Am Centre

Kevin Ravindran is working as the Supervisor of Toronto Pan Am Centre within ASP Security. He joined ASP in January, 2016 as a guard. He worked very hard and he is always willing to learn more. He was promoted to Supervisor position in October, 2018. He has more than four years of security experience.

At the time when he was promoted, we had challenges related to meeting and exceeding clients’ requirements. Kevin worked very hard and has shown great leadership and dependability for the past one and half years, with praise from both his coworkers and client. He is instrumental in training new guards and implementing new policies on site. He is always willing to go extra mile in protecting ASP’s interest and reputation by helping his team and fulfilling the client’s expectation. He is a very important member of our ASP family and I wish him best of luck!