By Noman Butt, Service Delivery Manager, Ad Hoc, Aviation

It’s always good to end summer with a get together! As every year, A.S.P. management continues to appreciate staff by holding BBQs in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

I would like to thank each employee for participating and making it successful every year. We’re are lucky to have staff like you on our team and it could have not been possible without you. We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Thank you once again for your commitment and invaluable contributions toward helping this business reach its full potential. Keep up the good work! Congratulations to all the winners from the BBQ.

It was such a wonderful, successful event! A very special thanks from everybody to Natasha, Andrew, Sushana, Ashley, David, Rama, Mina and Sean. Everyone was having a blast and you guys made the BBQ more rewarding and enjoyable.

By Mary Christidis, Manager, Operational Support Representatives

Each month the OSR team comes together in our employee lunchroom in both T1 and T3 to celebrate and recognize all who are celebrating a Birthday in that month.

By Noah Thompson, Senior Manager, Special Projects & Information Systems

A.S.P. employees are always on the lookout for ways to improve the experience of passengers and Customers that they serve. Whether in the Security or Passenger Service, our team does an incredible job each and every day.

An example of this exemplary service came in the form of a passenger commendation:

Left to right: Krunal Vala (PSA Lead), Zaeem Ghaffar (CSR), Kavita Nagar (Nieuport Aviation)

“On June 16, after Elliot and I had arrived from Newark, N.J., Zaeem Ghafaar noticed that we were trying to find our way at the airport and offered to help guide us. At the time he was on his way to have lunch. We arrived at the lounge/area where my friend’s daughter was supposed to meet him. She was not there, and I had to go at the time to board a connecting flight to Montreal, but Mr. Ghafaar told me not to worry, and that he would stay and help Elliott to find his contact. Later that evening, when I called Elliott he told me how your employee had stayed with him until they found his ride. Mr. Ghafaar’s help and concern went far beyond the call of duty, and all the while he did this with a professional, friendly and caring manner. He was, in a word, superlative. To add credibility to my observation, I should mention that I worked for twenty years in the communications department for a large airline.

…… This fine example of customer care ……. As I’m sure you realize, this kind of instinct and concern is not learned in training sessions, but is a mark of the involved person’s character.

Best regards, Mike”

Zaeem was recognized for his service by our supervisory team at Billy Bishop Airport and rewarded for his incredible passion for the passengers.

This is a shining example of just how much our team cares. Well done, Zaeem!

By Natasha Stephenson-Belle, Resource Planning Manager

Please join me in welcoming Seemal Khurshid to Resource Planning. In May 2019, Seemal joined our team and has been a wonderful new addition ever since.

Seemal has been focusing her scheduling efforts on our OSR division, but she is always there to help out in other divisions such as YYZ Security, & Residential/Commercial. You may have already spoken with Seemal, as she enjoys engaging and assisting our employees. She has a very strong team work ethic that radiates positively throughout our department. Welcome to the team, Seemal!

By Garinder Grewal, Service Delivery Manager - Aviation

I just wanted to express the appreciation of your door patrol’s Amolpreet Singh.

We received a crash bar alarm from one of the doors in the Gate 193 Extension (“Pier G”) that leads to the apron. We in SOC could see from the camera that the passenger was continuously pushing on the crash bar, almost opening the door.

Amolpreet (who at the time was working Terminal 1 Door Patrol) was able to get there in a timely manner and stop the issue before it escalated.

As we are well aware, the extension is a distance to get to, depending on where you are coming from.

Amolpreet’s help was greatly appreciated and I hope she is recognized for her continuous display of hard work.

By Sean Gallagher, Recruitment Manager

Josh was originally hired as a Security Supervisor and as a result of his exceptional performance, he was then given the opportunity to join the recruitment side of the residential division.

Josh has been a member of the Residential and Commercial Recruitment Team for 8 months now. He has played such an integral role in not only maintaining their ongoing success, but also applying innovative ways to ensure the team is continuing to be proficient and at par with recruitment industry standards. Moreover, Josh brings to the team a wealth of knowledge in areas of security and business which he obtained through studying Investigations – Pubic and Private at Sheridan College.

Recently, Josh set his eye on the Human Resources side of the business and is eager to gain experience in any way he can. Considering his outstanding leadership qualities, coupled with his proven desire for constant personal growth, I have no doubt that he will excel swiftly and become a contributing asset to the HR team. This is why we hire for the personality and train for the job; it provides opportunities for continuous growth in every employee. Josh, thank you for your endless support and envious drive to strive for success, we are excited to see what your future holds with our team.

Josh Holowatenko interviews a candidate

By Darren Scott, Resource Coordinator

I was in the grocery store and noticed long lines in the self-checkouts, while two cashier lanes were empty.

I took my groceries to one of the cashiers, a woman in her twenties, and asked her why she thought this was happening. After looking at the people in the self-checkout, she replied “They are young and don’t like talking face-to- face with strangers”. I laughed and thought to myself, what if we all forgot how to have a normal conversation?

Technology is important and we are more connected to the world than we have ever been. But while we remain connected digitally, we are less connected to the people in our everyday life. We’re having fewer conversations each day.

Why do I think this is a problem? We all need someone to talk to and it’s easy to become isolated, especially as a Security Guard stationed alone. A good conversation is live, with immediate comments and responses, which lead to real feelings. Real feelings connect us to reality, which stimulate our intuition and awareness. If we become conditioned to technology, we become one-dimensional. We become less deep as individuals and more shallow, predictable, anxious and irritable. By not having conversations, we are forgetting how to feel.

Some of us avoid conversations altogether because it requires too much attention, I know I do. We’re accustomed to being distracted and we forget to focus which leads to difficulties listening to others. We may not have time because we’re too busy at work, school or at home.

Social media thrive in these elements. Our digital devices give us a false sense of ego and by having fewer face-to-face conversations, we’re losing the source that validates our identity: our relationships with others. A conversation is an engagement with others that requires you to be present and mindful. The next time you are about to tap or send a text, change your mind and give that person a call.

By Sean Gallagher, HR Recruitment Manager

Kayvin has been an A.S.P. employee for just under three years now and has done nothing but impress the management level every step of the way.

He didn’t start with A.S.P.; 26 years ago, he came to Canada from the Philippines at the age of 13. Kayvin has always had a passion for customer service and he really showed that at the age of 17 when he took a summer job at Disney World in Florida. This position really helped sculpt the manager he is today.

Kayvin graduated as an industrial mechanic technician from Humber College. After his apprenticeship, he felt that Customer Service was his calling. He moved around different industries within customer service for his first 15 years, gaining experience with companies such as Wal-Mart, The Keg, Ikea and Home Depot. The common theme throughout these companies was how fast he moved up through management levels.

Just before joining A.S.P., Kayvin was a Territory Manager with Microsoft. In this role, he was really able to combine his technical background with his customer service passion.

Kayvin joined A.S.P. the day we took over the OSR contract at Pearson Airport. He spent just two months learning our corporate

culture before being promoted to a supervisor. It didn’t take long for Kayvin to be promoted to the Shift Manager role in late 2017.

Kayvin has done nothing but impress his managers throughout the years and it really was an easy choice to select him for the Service Delivery Manager position. Kayvin has built solid relationships with all of the agents, supervisors and shift managers. It’s very rare to see an employee who puts everyone else before himself and who really has a vision for where this division can go.

Kayvin, we are lucky to have you and cannot wait to see what you do for the remainder of this year!

By Garinder Grewal, Service Delivery Manager

It is my pleasure to announce that Nataliya Boychuk was awarded GTAA Safety and Security Tier 2 award.

She was nominated by the GTAA for her excellent work in the Transborder area, where she challenged airport employees on GTAA’s need and right policy.

By Michael Moledzki, Service Delivery Manager - Residential/Commercial

I would like to take this time to recognize a Union Station guard that has been with A.S.P. since the start of the contract on May 21st, 2017.

Connor has worked very hard to be punctual, courteous and always be available to help the team when they need him.

Connor was recently recognized by the City of Toronto for their Q1 CS Applauds award (Customer Service Cause for Applause).

Connor, along with two other Union Station employees, worked collectively to identify and communicate with a patron who was showing signs of distress at Union Station. After establishing that the patron spoke a dialect of Arabic, Connor contacted his Control Operator, who in turn contacted GO Transit Safety requesting an Arabic-speaking Transit Safety Officer to attend for translation. After this officer arrived on scene and was able to ascertain the patron’s name, they found that the person was reported missing by Toronto Police Service. Arrangements were made and transportation was given to the patron and she was able to reunite with her family.

Connor’s diligence and professionalism directly impacted this patron’s safety and well-being, resulting in a positive experience and outcome.

Congratulations Connor! A.S.P. and your fellow guards applaud you for this award.