By Humberto Pimentel, VP, Operations

My name is Humberto Pimentel and I’m the Vice President of Operations for ASP Security. As the Vice President, I plan to build relationships with our stakeholders and delegate operational efficiencies based on your strengths. I look forward to working closely with Dean and the entire ASP team on finding creative ways to deliver outstanding customer services, grow our business and reduce our spending so we can use our budget effectively. With the creative abilities and dedication of all whom I have met thus far, I can see us doing great work. One of the reasons I accepted this position is the welcoming company culture, which made me eager to join the team. I hope I get to meet all our employees in person over the next few weeks when I visit our clients. Prior to working with ASP Security, I held senior general management roles in the security and financial industries. My personal interests include listening to all genres of music and catching a live show when a great band is in town. I’m happy to share more about my role here at ASP Security, and want to learn how I can best support you.

Sarah Jessop, Human Resources Business Partner

The following new hires joined our head office in Q2 and Q3 of 2022. Please join us in welcoming them to the ASP family!

Sarah McCutcheon – Real-Time Resource Agent

Sarah McCutcheon joined ASP’s Resource Planning team as a Real-Time Resource Agent on April 5, 2022. Sarah is experienced in workforce management and analytics, having previously worked with several well-known organizations in both Ontario, Canada and Edinburgh, Scotland. ASP is thrilled that Sarah chose to bring her customer service and analytical skills to our organization.

Antoniette Freeman – HR Business Partner

We are happy to announce that Antoniette Freeman joined our Residential/ Commercial division in the role of HR Business Partner on May 9, 2022.

Antoniette leads the Residential/Commercial division HR team and provides professional and administrative support to the Human Resource Department, along with HR advisory services to department managers and all employees.

Antoniette is a HR Management Diploma holder from Sheridan College and is currently pursuing a course on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from George Brown College. She has over five years of rich, progressive Human Resources experience in the unionized retail and industrial products and services industry.

Lucy Nguyen – Front Office Coordinator

Having joined ASP as our Front Office Coordinator on May 30, 2022, Lucy is the friendly face that will greet you when you enter our North York Office. She plays a key role in ensuring that our operations run efficiently, and she supports our team with administrative expertise.

Lucy holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Global Management Studies, with a Minor in HR Management from Ryerson University.

Balqisa Mohamed – HR Administrator

If you currently work for ASP at Pearson Airport, you may have seen Balqisa in the office or walking the floor. Balqisa joined our HR Department as our HR Administrator at Pearson on June 6, 2022, and she is the first HR point of contact for our frontline employees at this location. Her friendly and approachable demeanor is well-suited to her position. Balqisa holds a Bachelor of Human Resources Management from York University and has previous experience in Security, Recruitment, and HR.

Brighton Mhonderwa – Real Time Resource Agent

ASP enthusiastically welcomed Brighton Mhonderwa to our Resource Planning team on July 1, 2022, as a Real-Time Resource Agent. His pleasant and supportive approach, along with his significant experience in customer service and analytics, make him a wonderful addition to the team. Brighton holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration and possesses knowledge on the core principles of business operations and management.

Humberto Pimentel – VP of Operations

We are pleased to announce that Humberto Pimentel joined us as VP of Operations on July 11, 2022. Humberto has over 25 years of management and operations experience in multiple sectors of the security industry. He is proficient at managing client SLAs and KPIs as well as leading and coaching the teams responsible for the management of service contracts. Humberto is responsible for executing on strategic plans and improving the fiscal performance of teams across ASP. We look forward to his support in recruitment, labour management, client retention, increasing share of wallet, and developing new business opportunities.

Most recently, Humberto was VP of Operations at Logixx Security where he focused on mentoring Operations Managers, improving recruitment, and managing the resolution of escalated issues. He has experience in implementing overtime accountability to reduce labour costs and developing LEAN SOPs to reduce operational costs.

Humberto has Operations Management & Business Foundations Certifications from the Project Management Institute. He is a Certified Process Manager (York University Schulich School of Business) and has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management.

Michael Smith

Our Human Resources team is happy to announce that Michael Smith joined ASP on July 4, 2022, as an Onboarding Specialist. In his role, Michael is responsible for ensuring that our aviation new hires are seamlessly welcomed into our organization.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Human Resources Management from York University and has previous experience in recruitment and administration. His knowledge and skills, along with his positive attitude, are very well suited to the Onboarding Specialist position.

Jashandeep Singh

ASP had the pleasure of welcoming Jashandeep Singh to our Resource Planning team as a Real-Time Resource Agent on July 17, 2022. Jashandeep is both an experienced security professional and scheduler, having worked for another well-known security company previously. Impressively, Jashandeep can speak three languages – English, Punjabi, and Hindi. This is just one of the many skills Jashandeep brings to his position as Real-Time Resource Agent.

Shanti Froud

On July 20, 2022, Shanti Froud joined ASP’s Resource Planning team as a Real-Time Resource Agent. Shanti is incredibly knowledgeable about our industry, as she has a Diploma from Humber College in Protection, Security, and Investigation.

Shanti has dynamic experience in customer service, having worked in media, retail, and technology. We are
pleased she chose to join our fantastic team here at ASP.

Meredith Dougherty

Meredith Dougherty joined our Resource Planning team on August 17, 2022, as a Real-Time Resource Agent. She has an outgoing and pleasant demeanor and brings great energy and enthusiasm to her role.

Meredith is experienced in dispatch, scheduling, customer service, and administration. She is no stranger to taking on a challenge, having previously been responsible for scheduling Personal Support Workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have every confidence that Meredith will make a great addition to our team.

Rob Alidina

We would like to share with you all the appointment of Rob Alidina to the ASP/ ICTS family. As of August 29, 2022, Rob joined us in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and holds all accompanying responsibilities with a specific focus on immediate, short- and long-term fiscal guidance and planning, acquisitions, monetization of proprietary technologies, and finance.

Rob Alidina is an accomplished strategic finance executive with extensive financial and operational experience in a multitude of industries including telecommunications, industrial and consumer goods, retail, and pharmaceuticals. In addition, he has been exposed to ownership structures that include large and small-cap publicly traded organizations (including multinationals domiciled in the United States), along with privately-owned firms. His diverse skills transverse across the finance and accounting realm that span financial reporting, planning and analysis, audit, treasury and risk management, supply chain and operational finance, capital budgeting, as well as tax planning. His passion and business acumen has translated in sustainable profitable growth in various organizations including manufacturing, serviced based industries, as well as the wholesale and distribution segments of the markets. Rob’s leadership skills have allowed for the opportunity to facilitate strategy and business transformation, change management, and ensured finance is a valued business partner to the business’s he’s operated.

Rob has held senior finance roles and his advancement led to being a Chief Financial Officer at two division at United Technologies including Carrier as well as Chubb Fire and Security. His most recent role was the CFO for Olon Industries. Rob graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in accounting and a minor in finance. He subsequently completed his Master of Business Administration from McGill University in finance and international business with honors. In addition, Rob holds his professional license from the order of the Certified Professional Accountant of Canada.

By Petra Nash, Executive Assistant

On Monday June 6th, ASP Security Services and Airfield Access had the privilege of hosting their annual client appreciation golf tournament at Piper’s Heath Golf Course. With our clients and managers together, we were able to raise $810.00 for the Not in Our City Charity.

Congratulations to Geoff Hebert, Sean Gallagher, and Aimee Spink on their auction item wins!

The day was filled with great weather, fantastic food, and most importantly, our amazing clients.

We thank you for the work you do, and we sincerely appreciate each one of our clients. Thank you for your continued support of ASP and AAI. We are already looking forward to next year’s event!

By Jason White, Manager, Strategic Initiatives

For many people, public speaking instills a dreaded, irrational fear. Just the thought of it makes their blood pressure rise. But public speaking is no different than playing an instrument at a concert. If we didn’t know how play it and hadn’t practiced the music, it would be a disaster. So, when people tell me they have a fear of public speaking, I always ask – have you practiced?

My first time in front of an audience, I was on panel discussion. It was a blistering hot day in July, and it felt like it was 50 degrees Celsius backstage. I peeked out, and the room was packed. I felt very, very unprepared, and I was a trembling, nervous mess. To make matters worse, I had sweat stains under my arms – super embarrassing, right? I survived the experience but vowed to never be unprepared again.

After thinking about the event, my main take away was the need to practice. I started telling personal stories in front of my friends as if I was speaking in public and asked for their feedback, which I took in stride. I also embraced my nervousness and accepted my speaking cadence. While I’m never going to be a professional speaker, I can get up in front of a room and that is ok. I’m also never going to play in an orchestra. So set realistic expectations.

In terms of what to say while speaking in the public, I am a big believer in positive body language and being polite, even if am disagreeing with someone when on a panel. A lot of public speaking is about understanding your audience, reacting to the audience, and being confident.

Avoid looking at your notes and make eye contact with as many people in the audience as possible. Looking at the folks in the back of the room helps to project your voice. Most importantly, being friendly and positive helps create a connection with the audience and gives an air of confidence.

I also like to include personal anecdotes because I know the stories inside out. Before going on stage, I always write a couple of words in my notes to remind me of different stories I could tell, depending on the how the audience is reacting. An amusing story or two can be extremely helpful when you see the audience starting to get restless and a little pizzaz is needed to reaffirm the connection.

Finally, expect the unexpected. For my second public speaking event, the room was super air conditioned, and I was freezing. It felt like I walked out on to the stage as stiff as a board because I was so cold. But I did way better than the first time.

By Debbie Ciccotelli, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

We have all heard the old saying “change is the only constant in life” and we know that to be resilient, both personally and professionally, we have to face change head on and get to the other side.

The world rarely stands still. Change blows through our lives, sometimes like a breeze, sometimes like wind and most recently like a storm.

Covid-19, and its “variants” turned our lives upside down and as we begin recovery, we are now facing organizational change as we experience role adjustments and leadership and contract change. Many of us have also experienced significant change in our personal lives, such as loss of a loved one, marriage, divorce, promotion, childbirth, health, or financial issues, etc.

We are often uncertain as to whether the changes in our work or personal life will be for the better. The harsh reality that we all must face is that change will never end until we experience that final life-ending change, and even then, life will go on without us.

Change can be challenging for everyone to one degree or another, but just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s bad. Here are some tips to help you better navigate change and adapt with ease.

Accept the Change

Understand that change is a natural part of life, both in and outside of the workplace. By learning to accept that change is a natural occurrence, we can more quickly adapt when it happens. Remind yourself that many of the best opportunities in life show up when we are open to change.

Stay Positive

A positive attitude is essential. Maintaining the ability to view a potential change with a positive attitude is integral to your ability to adjust rapidly. Focus on what could be made possible because of this change.

Get a Fresh Perspective

Getting an outside perspective from friends or family members outside of your home or workplace can have a powerful effect on how quickly you adapt. These conversations can help you realize how rapidly other workplaces change as well. They may be able to be offer advice on how to better cope with the changing environment.

Focus on What You Can Control

When you’re in the midst of a change, the feeling of having no control can often emerge. This sense of powerlessness can set the mind reeling on an emotional downward spiral. But in reality, even in the direst situations, we have some degree of control. The important thing is to try to focus on the things that you can control. This shift in mindset, away from what you can’t control, can leave you feeling happier and more fulfilled.

Practice Good Self-Care

The anxiety and stressors that often surround change can have a direct impact on our bodies and emotional state. Our mental well-being can suffer. That’s why it’s essential to get adequate sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet. Attending to your physical well-being is more important than ever. A well-rested and balanced body can better handle the roller coaster of ups and downs that come with change and subsequent transitions.

Set New Goals

Setting a new goal can help to renew your purpose and give you the clarity of focus. It can bring a new mindset shift that directs your energy and propels you forward. Instead of worrying about the change, you can focus on the actions that will move you towards your goal. As you advance toward a new beginning, take stock of what you need to accomplish those goals and identify opportunities that will help you move forward. This can have a powerful impact on your energy and state of mind.

Stay Connected to Coworkers

To maintain your productivity and workplace success, it’s important to stay connected to coworkers as your work environment is evolving. Speaking with coworkers regularly can help you stay plugged in to what’s happening around you.

Become good at asking questions, because the more you know about what is going on in your current workplace, the more confident you will feel. Talking to others can help you maintain your positivity, boost your spirits and increase your energy.

Support Others

Sometimes the best antidote to change-related worry is to stop focusing on yourself and start helping others. Ask yourself: How can I best support a family member, friend or co-worker who is feeling anxious about a change in their life or work?

Answering this question and taking action can help soften the edge of your own change issues while providing greater purpose and meaning to your life.

Learn to Love to Learn

Technology is always changing! It seems you just become accustomed to one procedure, and you must suddenly adapt to a new one. New policies are also being established every day. And let’s not forget the new government regulations that often make our jobs harder. Adapting to change is critical to success.

Achievement-oriented people know that to be able to excel in all they do, and live their lives to full potential, continuous learning must be a lifelong process.

Learning new skills should be constant, no matter how much experience you may have and no matter how old you may be. Focus on the sense of accomplishment you feel when you have learned any new skills or gained knowledge on any topic.

See the Opportunity

With every change comes great opportunity. It may not feel that way at first, but people who can maintain their composure during times of transformation can often find new avenues for growth and advancement. Look for areas where you can gain skills while at the same time strive to understand the new playing field that’s emerging.

Be Patient

Finally, be patient with yourself and others. Adapting to change does not occur overnight. Keep a positive attitude and focus on the benefits and new opportunities change can bring. If it’s a change in your personal life, view adapting to it as a challenge. Just be sure to expect a few bumps in the road along the way. When you experience stages of resistance and uncertainty but are then able to assimilate change and finally conquer it, you will experience an enormous sense of accomplishment, and your self-esteem will be increased.

“The only way to make sense out
of change is to plunge into it, move
with it, and join the dance.”

Adapting to change can take time and patience. We must accept that change is happening; hone strategies for dealing with the unknown; and then shift our behavior to accommodate new situations and challenges.

It helps to have cornerstone beliefs and cornerstone friends and family members to ground us during periods of especially drastic change, but one of the major strategies for adapting to change personally is simply realizing that you can’t avoid it and understanding that you will get through it. You may even find that new and exciting opportunities show up for you when you learn to accept and embrace change.

By Laurel Woodhouse, Health and Safety Manager

What is Considered Workplace Harassment?

Workplace Harassment includes:

  • Verbally abusive behaviour
  • Yelling, insults, ridicule, name calling, and/or jokes/ remarks that demean, intimidate, or offend
  • Workplace pranks, vandalism, bullying and/or hazing
  • Gossiping or spreading malicious rumours
  • Bullying
  • Displaying or circulating offensive pictures or materials in print or electronic form
  • Repeating offensive or intimidating phone calls or inappropriate advances, suggestions or requests
  • Providing only demeaning or trivial tasks in place of normal job duties
  • Undermining a worker’s efforts by setting impossible goals, with short deadlines and deliberately withholding information that would enable a person to do their job
  • Sabotaging someone else’s work

What is NOT Considered Workplace Harassment?

Reasonable action or conduct by an employer, manager or supervisor that is part of his or her normal work function would not normally be considered workplace harassment.

Examples include:

  • Changes in work assignment or schedule
  • Measures to correct performance deficiencies
  • Imposing discipline for workplace infractions
  • Requesting medical documents in support of an absence from work
  • Enforcement of dress code
  • Difference of opinion or minor disagreements between co-workers would also not generally be considered workplace harassment

How to Report?

Reporting How to Bring Forward Concerns/Complaints under this Policy

  • Employees can contact a Manager, Supervisor, Lead, Site Supervisor, Patrol Supervisor, or Human Resources representative
  • If the employee’s complaint is against their own supervisor or manager, then they may escalate their complaint directly to Human Resources
  • This procedure applies even where employees believe that someone not employed by ASP is in violation of this policy

Reporting Concerns and/or Complaints

A claim of a breach of this Policy may be made by an employee in writing or verbally.

Management to Notify Human Resources through ASP’s incident reporting system (i-sight) If a manager receives a complaint or becomes aware that a person in the workplace may have acted contrary to this Policy, the manager must promptly report the complaint or incident to Human Resources.

Note: If the allegations are against Human Resources, the manager can escalate the complaint as appropriate (i.e., report to the department head).


  1. Any reported allegations of harassment, violence, discrimination, or reprisal will be investigated fairly, promptly, thoroughly, and impartially by the Human Resources department or another appropriate party.
  2. The investigator will interview the complainant, the respondent, all potential witnesses (where possible) and any other individual who the investigator deems to be relevant to the complaint.
  3. Upon completion of the investigation, the complainant and respondent will be informed of the results of the investigation.
  4. If the complaint is substantiated, persons found to have engaged in a violation of this Policy will be issued appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment for cause.
  5. If the investigation reveals that an individual has brought a concern forward in bad faith, the individual may be subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal for cause.

All records of the investigation will be kept confidential. The investigation documents, including this report should not be disclosed unless necessary to investigate an incident or complaint of workplace harassment or violence, take corrective action or otherwise as required by law.

By Keba Walters, Assistant Manager, Recruitment (RES/CIC)

At ASP, growth and development are at the core to providing the most information possible to anyone of who we are and how we operate. Last Quarter, starting a new role with us, ensuring you are prepared for we announced our Voice of ASP focus groups, which gave a platform for employees from all divisions to voices their needs, wants, critiques, and suggestions in relation to their positions and their development at ASP. This quarter, we had the privilege of presenting this anonymous information to the entire management team at ASP. Our goal is to turn your feedback into real action.

On March 7, 2022, the management team at ASP met, reviewed your feedback, and spoke about how they intend to create meaningful changes that impact the daily lives of ASP employees.

Some of the major points discussed were the following:
• Growth plans across the organization for each role
• More training for employees looking to develop
• Better communication to all employees
• Encouraging more feedback to improve the day-to- day lives of all members of ASP

Our recruitment team knows it is integral for employees to feel that all the promises made during the interview and onboarding process are met. We are committed to provide the most information possible to anyone starting a new role with us, ensuring you are prepared for that next step in your career.

We want to see how we can make the ASP experience even better. We also want to thank all the members of management who took the time to learn more about the needs of their employees; it really showed that there is a heart to this company that strives to be better each day. If you know a person who is interested in:
• Training and development
• Protecting the community
• The importance of safety and security • The value of customer service

Ask them to join our team and be part of the company where Security MattersTM.

By Jason White, Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Video conferencing is now the norm. Whether connecting with friends or family, or for work, Zoom and FaceTime calls are filling our days. So, it is not surprising that every public relations and communications professional worth their salt has blogs and YouTube videos on best practices. Out of the near bazillion social media posts on how to Zoom like a pro, a few common sense recommendations stood out. These are very appropriate for any ASP related video conferences, including the townhalls and Diversity Committee events.

The first suggestion is to arrive early to establish a connection with the people on other side of the screen. If it is a small group, introduce yourself and break the ice with some small talk. Ask where the other participants are located, what the weather is like, about a sports team or if they have seen your favourite TV show. This is a chance to show you care. If it is a meeting with lots of people like an ASP townhall, being early lets the organizers know that you are taking the meeting seriously and that it is important to you. Also, refer to people by name, and not just because it is polite. We’ve all been in those meetings where there is confusion around who is talking to who. This is especially true in large meetings where there may be multiple people with the same name. The next recommendation is to draw a smiley face on a post-it note and put it next to the camera on your computer or phone. When on a conference call, we tend to look at our own image when we are talking. This means we are not making eye contact with the folks on the other end. The post-it note is a reminder to look at the camera so you are making eye contact with the other people on the call – like we would do in a face to face meeting. The smiley face is also a reminder to smile! Because we are separated by pixels, it is very important to smile and put on a warm, friendly demeanor. Jokes, tone, and subtlety can easily be lost in electronic communication but a genuine smile, is always a smile. Finally, if you are presenting, people have joined the video conference to see you – not a PowerPoint presentation.

A good rule of thumb is that when the presenter shares, the audience cares. Facts and figures may be important, but too many and they become boring quickly. To engage the folks on the conference call, tell stories that are impactful to them. Before getting on Zoom, think about what is important to your audience, and build narratives around their priorities. Ask yourself, what do I want people to take away from the meeting. Three takeaways is a good goal. And the last item is to enjoy yourself because, through digital osmosis, the participants will also enjoy themselves. Good luck and happy conferencing

The best way to get a person’s attention is to tell relevant stories.

By Neeru Panjwani, Manager, Human Resources

Kimberly Hefferman – Service Delivery Manager, Res/CIC Kimberly

(Kim) joined us as SDM for the Res/CIC division and reports to John Stolte, Director Res/CIC. In her role, Kim is responsible for managing the Respite Center contract primarily, and ensuring compliance with contract requirement and government legislation. Kim has over twenty years of security experience in various industries like mining , hospitality and healthcare. She is certified in many prestigious security related certifications such as use of force, emergency first aid and CPR, basic emergency management, terrorist event pre[1]incident indicators etc. With such a versatile background, both in terms of education and experience, Kim shall play a lead role in contributing to the success of the division

Kirti Khatri – Onboarding Specialist, Res/CIC division

Kirti is our latest member in the HR team and has joined us as an Onboarding Specialist in the Res/CIC Division. She will report to Sean Gallagher, Recruitment Manager. Onboarding Specialist is a new title for the division and the position was created to bridge the gap between a new hire’s onboarding / training and placing them on an open schedule as per availability. Kirti will take up the responsibility to ensure that all new hires in the division are connected with the scheduling team and given a shift schedule as soon as their in-house onboarding and training is completed. This will support the operations in filling the open shifts faster and also help the new hire employees in becoming operational sooner.

Dave Harris – Assistance Customer Service Manager, Crossing

Guards Department Dave has joined ASP as Assistant Manager in the Crossing Guard Department and reports to Sarah Miller. Dave has worked in various customer centric roles in his past experience and has a progressive career history in building relationships to foster client success. In his position at ASP, Dave will provide critical employee support to over 300 crossing guards, manage the day-to-day operations in collaboration with internal support departments and monitor and enforce all designated safety, security and operational procedures / regulations applicable to the performance of the service

John Stolte – Director of Operations, Res/CIC Division

John will lead and support the high-quality service delivery to our residential and commercial clients. John’s experience as a proven operations strategist and people[1]focused leader for world-class hospitality organizations will be an asset at ASP as we stabilize, build on ASP’s past success, and continue to grow the commercial division. In his last role as Resident Manager for Aramark, John successfully lead his teams through the challenges and changes both before and during the pandemic in an industry which was impacted as dramatically as ours. Past success as a service provider with the City of Toronto and as a Six Sigma Certified Green Belt, he brings a fresh and effective approach to problem solving that will benefit our operations. John is results driven, strategic, and skilled at analyzing key business performance indicators, and we’re excited to have John join our talented team

Jeremy Knott – Director of Information Technology

Jeremy will lead ASP’s technology strategy, services, and programs. He holds a diploma in Network Systems and Computer Engineering and is a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt (LSSBB). In his seventeen years of interdisciplinary IT experience, Jeremy has continuously generated tangible business results through fostering adherence to standards, loss awareness, effective problem solving, and implementation of sustainable solutions. His extensive IT management experience, including vendor management and systems integration, will be an asset in the design, implementation, and delivery of our internal and external technology solutions

Eryn Henry – Senior Manager , Resource Planning

Eryn has joined us as the Senior Manager of Workforce Scheduling and will report to Trisha Murray, Director of K9 and Resource Planning. Eryn is a hands on high[1]performing workforce management and contact center professional with over twenty years of successfully leading teams, outperforming targets, and building customer support programs. Eryn’s core competencies are in capacity planning, resource optimization, reporting and analytics and process mapping and improvement. Eryn is a honorary veteran from the Canadian Armed Forces after which she has worked in senior positions at companies like Scotia Bank and Nestle. Eryn’s rich experience and her vision and passion for improving the workplace environment and client communications will play a critical role in the success of the department.

Stephanie Ferjak, Amy Benjamin & Brennan Benoit – Workforce Schedulers

Our Workforce Scheduling team resource planning team is expanding to support the growing needs of our operations and support the frontline: Stephanie, Amy and Brennan joined us on the Workforce Scheduling team. Stephanie will support the Aviation Division and will report to Andrew Catney, Lead for Aviation. Amy will support the crossing guard operations and will report to Eryn Henry, Senior Manager, Workforce Management. Brennan will support the Res/CIC division and will report to Hardeep Khaneja, Lead RP for the Res/CIC division. Stephanie, Amy and Brennan come with relevant experience and knowledge required for their role at ASP. Their customer service focus, technical expertise, and effective team work skills will further support our employees in their duties

Munazha Mahfooz & Mohammed Khan

Recruiters at Res/CIC

Munazha and Mohammed recently joined the Recruitment team at Res/CIC and report to Ms. Keba Walters, Asst Manager, Recruitment. They will work closely with the Operations team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the department’s hiring needs for each position and meet hiring goals and expectations. They manage the full recruitment cycle across a variety of open roles helping management find, hire, and retain quality talent. Munazha and Mohammed have worked at security companies prior to joining ASP both in operations and in recruitment and therefore have a perfect understanding of the needs from both sides which has helped them immensely in adapting to ASP’s requirements. In their short stint, they have both played a pivotal role in filling open positions in critical client locations

By Neeru Panjwani, Human Resources Manager

It is our pleasure to introduce and welcome the following new members in our team. Please join us in providing a warm ASP welcome to all the new members. We are proud to have you all as part of our team!

Russ Fox

Russ Fox officially joined the ASP team in the role of “Master Trainer” in the Canine Division. Reporting to Ms. Trisha Murray – Director of Canine and Resource Planning Department, Russ will oversee our Canine trainers and achieve training excellence for our Canine Division. Russ has been working with ASP on a contractual basis, and we’re thrilled to bring him on full time. Among Russ’ credentials, he is a Master Trainer with The Canine Law Enforcement Registry and Formerly with Peel Regional Canine Unit.

During his tenure with the Peel regional Police, Russ trained 22 Patrol teams, 9 Narcotic teams and 2 explosive teams. He has certified dozens more teams for other jurisdictions and continues to train and judge in the world of high performance canines.

Sharifa Akbar

Sharifa Akbar joined us as “Training Coordinator” for the Aviation Security Division. Sharifa, who likes to be calle Sherry, reports to Mr. David Ramlagan – National Aviation Training Manager. In her role, Sherry will be responsible for developing and/or arranging high quality Training Programs which meet all GTAA and Transport Canada specified requirements for our frontline staff in airport security.

She has over four years of rich experience in the field of training development and facilitation. Sherry is certified in Adult Education from Sheridan College and Service Excellence from Ontario Tourism Education Center.

Melissa Shehadeh

Melissa Shehadeh has joined ASP as “Accountant” in the Finance Department and reports to Mr. Paul Parkinson – Director of Finance. Melissa has a Business Administration Diploma with specialization in Accounting from the University of Guelph-Humber.

Before joining ASP, she has worked in the finance and accounting field for over four years in a fast paced and detailoriented work environment. Her experience has helped her develop advanced technical and multi-tasking skills with the ability to learn quickly while maintaining / improving efficiency.

Paige Piercy

Paige Pierce is our newest member in the Finance department. She joined us as “Payroll Specialist” and will report to Mr. Paul Parkinson – Director of Finance.

Paige will support the payroll department in day-to-day payroll duties to ensure that employee pay is processed on a timely basis and without any error.

Currently pursuing Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certification, Paige is an enthusiastic and highly motivated professional with over five years of experience in an administrative capacity.

In her last role, prior to joining ASP, Paige worked as a Payroll Administrator where she processed payroll for around 500 employees bi-weekly wherein she gained rich experience on payroll software and payroll compliance protocols.

Lilia Olejarz

Lilia Olejarz joined ASP as HR Administrator and will be based out of the Burlington Head Office location. She reports to Ms. Neeru Panjwani – HR Manager.

Lilia holds a graduation certificate in Human Resources Management from Mohawk College which meets the academic requirements for the prestigious Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation.

She was a HR intern at Ferrero Canada where she gained experience in recruiting frontline employees in a fastpaced environment and facilitating the onboarding and orientation of new hire staff.

At ASP, Lilia will be responsible for efficient management of employee personnel records and documents and proper execution of all HR compliance related procedures in the field of employee personal database management while also supporting HR projects for the team.