By Neeru Panjwani, Manager - Human Resources

It is our pleasure to introduce and welcome the following new members in our team. Please join us in providing a warm A.S.P. welcome to all the new members. We are proud to have you all as part of our team.

Uzoma (Zoma) Ogbonna, Technical Writer

Zoma has over 14 years of Technical Writing experience and prior to joining A.S.P., held the position of Senior Business Analyst and Technical Writer at Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. Zoma holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature and Ethics from the University of Toronto as well as a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Zoma has a wealth of expertise and experience in developing RPF proposal documents as well as corporate and operational policies, plans and procedures. Zoma’s project management and process review experience will be a definite asset to the company and her bubbly personality combined with her collaborative approach makes her a great fit to the A.S.P. family.

Zoma Ogbonna

Nadia Onorato, Recruiter, Toronto Pearson Airport Division

Nadia will be responsible for the full recruiting lifecycle. She is based out of our Mississauga office. She has over 10 years of Recruitment and HR administration experience for positions at Toronto Pearson International Airport and is well-versed with the new hire requirements at the airport. Her relative experience in airport experience will be an asset to our company.

Nadia Onorato

Rachel Raposo, Service Delivery Manager, Res/CIC Division

Rachel has over 8 years of experience in the security industry. She comes from GardaWorld where she held the position of Security Manager and managed a large group of security officers across the GTA. She is responsible for day to day operations of the security service contracts for RES/CIC division. Rachel has strong people and process management skills and has handled all aspects of security and operational procedures.

Rachel Raposo

Resource Planners

Varunpreet Saini, Harpreet Saini and Alanna-Marie Cole joined the Resource Planning team as Resource Planners. Varunpreet is responsible for handling scheduling for the aviation division and Harpreet and Alanna help the Residential and Commercial division. Alanna comes with extensive customer service experience, having worked at Walmart, CAA and American Airlines. Harpreet brings strong analytical skills along with proficiency in data processing as she has worked as a Scheduling Coordinator and Underwriter in her previous occupations. Varunpreet has worked as Customer and Technical Support representative in her previous roles which enabled her to build strong interpersonal, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Alanna-Marie Cole

Brian Joly, Training Manager, Res/CIC Division

Bryan comes with 15 years of experience in education and development. He spent nearly 10 years as a Special Education Educator at the Toronto District School Board, and Durham District School Board. Bryan worked with countless students in modifying lessons, content, assignments and quizzes to meet the needs of each individual learner. Bryan has earned his reputation as a motivational facilitator and has used Differentiated Learning principles to create learning content to successfully created positive learning environments for everyone.

Bryan Joly

Sonika Ramachandran, HR Administrator, Res/CIC Division

Sonika has about 3 years of work experience in recruitment and human resources dealing with employee relations, maintaining files on HRIS and health & safety. She completed her Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from University of Toronto and is currently pursuing her CHRP certification.

Sonika Ramachandran

By Neeru Panjwani, Human Resources Generalist

A.S.P. believes that all employees should be treated fairly. We promote employment equity in the workplace to ensure that women, Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities are well represented at all levels of our organization. Our employment equity program ensures that our hiring and promotion practices are based on qualifications and ability.

As part of our employment equity program, the organization is also required to collect and submit information about our workforce that is covered under Canada Labour Code (Federal Employment Law) annually. Identification of our employees as a member of a designated group (Women, Aboriginal People, Persons with Disabilities and Visible Minorities) will help us create an accurate picture of our workforce and will assist in developing and implementing programs to support and celebrate our diversified workforce. The programs will be applicable to all our employees irrespective of whether they are covered under Federal or Provincial legislation.

In order to collect the information from our federally regulated employees, you will be contacted via email by the HR department and will be requested to complete a questionnaire. Please be advised that the completion of the questionnaire is voluntary, and you may select the “prefer not to answer” option. However, it will be mandatory to submit the signed form, even if you choose not to fill out any additional information.

The responses that you provide on the form will be retained for statistical purposes only; your confidentiality is protected. We encourage you to review, update and correct information about yourself at any time. Your information will not be used for unauthorized purposes.

The information you provide is collected under the authority of sections 18 and 42 of the Employment Equity Act to enable our organization to collect workforce data, comply with employment equity legislation and implement employment equity in the workplace.

Your information will be grouped with other employees’ data and shared with the Labour Program of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for the purpose of complying with employment equity legislation under the Legislated Employment Equity Program. [Under the Legislated Employment Equity Program, the aggregate employee information will be shared with the Canadian Human Rights Commission and with the general public.]

The information you provide may be used and/or disclosed for policy analysis, research and/or evaluation purposes by ESDC. However, these additional uses and/or disclosures of your personal information will never result in an administrative decision being made about you.

Remember, your participation is appreciated and will help us create an accurate picture of our workforce and assist us in developing and implementing programs to support and celebrate our diversified workforce. Watch for an email from HR about where you can go to complete your questionnaire!

By David Ramlagan, Training Coordinator, Aviation Security

For Access Control and Escort/Surveillance Guards who are interested in applying to different security roles within Toronto Pearson, below is a brief summary of the contracted security services that A.S.P. provides. Please check our website in the current or internal opportunities sections.

Catering Security:

Gate Gourmet is the facility that prepares the in-flight meals for passengers on various airlines. The Gatehouse Guard at this site is responsible for ensuring authorized vehicles enter the compound. The Patroller looks out for signs of theft and suspicious activity. The front-desk receptionist assists our client with administrative tasks and ensures that authorized individuals enter the food processing area.

Airline Security:

Airlines such as Emirates and British Airways use A.S.P.’s services during the time between an aircraft’s arrival and departure. Guards are positioned on the boarding bridge to verify individuals going into the aircraft such as catering, cleaning and airline personnel. They may also be positioned on the airside for aircraft surveillance, or in the bag room to ensure luggage is not tampered with.

Door Patrol:

These employees are mainly responsible for ensuring the PSL doors are locked and secure by conducting regular patrols in specific areas. When a door alarm is activated, Door Patrollers must respond, investigate, and secure the door.

Vehicle Patrol:

Responsible for parking lot patrols by observing for signs of theft, vandalism or any suspicious activity. They ensure that the integrity of the PSL barriers around the airside is maintained by checking for any openings or debris along the fences. They also provide transportation assistance for GTAA personnel to deliver various supplies.


Our supervisor team is vital to carrying out the delivery of security services to our clients, by ensuring that the security personnel are aware of the on-site procedures and are complying with company and legislative policies. They provide direct support to the security guards, assist with scheduling and coordinate with GTAA clients to accomplish various tasks.


This security group is recognizable within the terminal by their grey shirts and tactical vests. Their main responsibility is to identify and determine the root cause of anyone displaying suspicious behaviour and respond accordingly. They also monitor restricted areas to identify employees who are not in their designated workspace.

Canine Explosive Detection (K9):

The members of this security team are accompanied with trained dogs that are able to detect various forms of explosive material. They are called on to respond to unattended items and to conduct sweeps of high-risk airport areas.

By Paul Parkinson, Director, Finance

The Ontario government is making changes to its OHIP+ Children and Youth Pharmacare program.

The changes affect OHIP-insured children and youth who are 24 years of age and younger.

What’s changing?
Children and youth with drug coverage through a private health benefits plan will access prescribed medicines through their private plan, as they did prior to the launch of OHIP+. Those with significant out-of-pocket costs, despite having a private plan, may apply for additional financial support through the Trillium Drug Program.

What’s not changing?
Children and youth with no drug coverage through a private plan will remain eligible for OHIP+. They will continue to receive drug benefits without co-payments or deductibles.

If you have any questions, please review the Ontario government’s amendment at ugs/opdp_eo/notices/exec_office_20190227. pdf.

Dy Paul Parkinson, Director, Finance

Do you have a discrepancy on your paystub?

To help us streamline and resolve your concerns quickly, we ask that you provide a clear response to what may be the problem, and to follow these steps before reacting:

  • Review your paystub closely.
  • Employees will often claim that they weren’t paid Holiday Pay from a statutory vacation. This is usually the first line on the paystub labelled “Holiday Pay.”
  • Change in a pay rate will result in more than one line on the paystub, reflecting the hours to be paid at the specified rate.
  • Feel you have missing hours? Check your employee portal and compare the number of worked hours vs. the total hours on the paystub. If there is a difference, please bring the difference up with your immediate supervisor by completing a payroll discrepancy form.

As good practice, be sure to check your employee portal often and bring to your Supervisor’s attention any differences right away so no adjustment is required after payroll is complete.

We process over 1,000 paycheques per pay! By reviewing the paystub closely and checking the employee portal often, together we can reduce the number of issues and ensure a quicker response to concerns that do come up.

By Paul Parkinson. Director, Finance.

Employees, as we wind down 2018 and look forward to 2019, we remind you that if you
reached the maximum contribution for the EI and CPP deductions, they will appear again in the first payroll runs of 2019.

Make sure to plan for this slight drop in the net pay.

The team would like to express our extreme gratitude to all employees for your patience as we moved to the new payroll system in May and ironed out the initial issues following the deployment.

If you have suggestions about the paystub, please send us an email and we’ll take them into consideration.

There will be one more change to the scheduling system. We will be moving to a pay period that starts on a Sunday at 00:00 and ends on a Saturday at 23:59.

Previously, if you started the shift on the Saturday night

and it ended on the Sunday, you would be paid for the whole shift on the pay
period. Moving forward, that shift will be split at midnight between theSaturday and Sunday and the hours worked will be paid in the pay period that they were worked. For example, if you started Saturday at 22:00 and worked until Sunday at 08:00, you will now have 2 hours (22:00-24:00) in the one pay period and 8 hours (00:00-08:00) in the next.

We’re doing this to streamline the processing of payroll and reduce errors that occur on statutory days.

In closing, thank you for all the hard work and efforts put in by all employees to make A.S.P. the success that we are today.

Enjoy the holidays!

By Sean Gallagher, Recruitment

It is with great passion and respect that I announce that we are doing security and customer service hiring in five different airports in two different provinces.

The company is growing at a rapid pace, which means we need more A.S.P.-caliber employees and referrals have always proved to be a successful model for our company.

We are looking for all types of personalities and experienced security and customer service representatives. If you know anyone interested, even with very little experience that can meet our expectations, please feel free to pass on our recruitment e-mails.

A.S.P. will also be looking for leaders in all areas of its supervision, specialist positions, management or HR. It’s a great time to be working for A.S.P. and I am proud to be a part of the front line of hiring.

Please have your referrals e-mail the appropriate recruiter for the positions they are interested in.

Contact Susana Borosic ( for Pearson Airport Access Control, Supervisors and Specialists.

Contact Sean Gallagher ( for Ottawa Airport, Calgary Airport, Sudbury Airport and for customer service rep positions.

Looking forward to what growth 2019 brings us!

By Sean Gallagher, Recruitment

By Paul Parkinson, Director, Finance

RBC Group
Advantage Savings Program

How your plan works:

As an eligible employee, you may set up your Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (Group RRSP) account, which allows you to contribute directly from your paycheque.

Financial Advice

To establish your plan, you will meet with an RBC Royal Bank advisor who will assist you in selecting from a diverse range of investment options. Your RBC Group Advantage Participant’s Guide to Group RRSP provides more information on your options and requirements.


You are eligible to join the plan if you are a full-time or part-time employee.


Please speak to your Human Resources to determine how much you would like to
contribute. Once you’re registered with RBC, we will make the payroll deductions from your pay and make a direct deposit to your RBC RRSP account.

Spousal Options

You may choose to direct all or a portion of
your contribution.

MyTime Portal – Prevent Payroll Discrepancies

As an A.S.P. employee, you will have access to your MyTime portal that shows your schedule along with the hours you have worked. Check your portal frequently to ensure that we have the correct hours recorded including the paid sick days. These should be resolved before the payroll cut-off to ensure you’re paid correctly rather than creating confusion and resolving on the next pay.

As an A.S.P. employee, you will have access to your MyTime portal that shows your schedule along with the hours you have worked. Check your portal frequently to ensure that we have the correct hours recorded including the paid sick days. These should be resolved before the payroll cut-off to ensure you’re paid correctly rather than creating confusion and resolving on the next pay.

To access the MyTime portal, go to the A.S.P. home page ( and click on the “EMPLOYEE PORTAL” link in the top right-hand corner.