By Noah Thompson, Senior Manager – Projects and Information Systems

Phishing attacks on companies and individuals have increased by 97% since 2016. These attacks can leave not only your email and computer accounts compromised but can affect your mobile devices as well and allow cyber criminals to access your personal information such as bank account details and credit card information.

Phishing is a technique that uses fraudulent websites and falsified emails to trick you into providing personal information like account usernames, account numbers, passwords, and credit card information. In recent years, phishing scams have become more frequent, more sophisticated, and more difficult to detect.

These Phishing attempts can come in the form of a fictional lottery win, a long-lost relative leaving you money or a large corporation requesting your information due to “account security”. The basics are simple, if you won a lottery, you didn’t play it’s a scam and a long lost relative probably doesn’t have your email address. Also, large corporations and banks will NEVER request your information via email.

To keep yourself safe, never click a link from an unknown sender, never send your account details over email or text and remember if its too good to be true, it probably is!

“Never click a link from an unknown sender”

4 November 2019

ACTS, ICTS Europe’s subsidiary in the USA, is delighted to expand its provision of services to TAP Air Portugal.

ACTS has been providing security services to TAP Air Portugal since 2011, at Miami, Boston, New York’s Newark and JFK Airports. This autumn, the contract was extended to include three new locations: Chicago, Dulles and San Francisco airports.

ACTS’ experienced teams are responsible for various security services in compliance with the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) regulations, as well as any airline-specific requirements. The ACTS teams undergo specialist training and update their skills on a regular basis to ensure services maintain high standards.

With this new expansion, ACTS is continuing its growth as a provider of security and customer service solutions to the US aviation market.

19 August, 2019

ICTS Europe has been re-awarded United Airlines’ pan-European contract for provision of enhanced aviation security services at twenty-two locations across ten countries.

“We are pleased to have selected ICTS Europe as our security provider in Europe and to continue our long-term business relationship. ICTS has played a key role in UA’s success in Europe and we appreciate the loyalty, quality of service, innovation and proactive approach ICTS Europe has shown over the years. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ICTS” said Andrea Peralta, Managing Director Atlantic, United Airlines.

“The ICTS Europe Group first started working for United Airlines over twenty five years ago. It is with immense pride and satisfaction that we are still today the Airlines’ trusted partner of choice. It is the spirit of ICTS that sets our Company apart and has allowed us to win this prestigious contract. It is our people who together enable the delivery of a quality and innovative service and who are committed to going the extra mile to make a difference.” said Ronen Remetz, EVP Airline Operations, ICTS Europe.

This spring will see ICTS Spain and ICTS Czech extend their services with United Airlines at Barcelona Airport and Prague Airport respectively as well as ICTS Italy that will secure United’s new route from Naples to Newark Airport.

Last year the ICTS Europe Group was responsible for the enhanced security of United flights departing from twenty European Airports.