By Laurel Woodhouse, Manager, Health and Safety

ASP Employees! Our final participation rate for the 2022 Health & Safety Perception Survey was 40%. We thank you for both your participation and your honesty. Your feedback is an invaluable tool for this organization’s success.

Thank you to all those employees who participated in our 2022 ASP Health & Safety Perception Survey which closed on March 30, 2022.

What’s Next?

1. Results Overview:
Within the next month, our leadership will be following up with their employees and sharing their department specific results.

2. Detailed Results:
Within the next two months, our leadership team will create focus groups made up of employees from each department. The goal of these focus groups will be to brainstorm an action plan focused on improving the two lowest scores in each department. We hope to see these areas improve when we conduct this survey again in 2023.

Interpreting your scoreChecking your score below along with the suggestions for next steps. The
levels in the visual above will guide you in interpreting your final score on a
0 4 scale.
Level 1Final score is less than 2.
Your work in health & safety needs attention and improvement. Contact H&S team for guidance on developing an action plan.
Level 2Final score is less than 3.
Specific health and safety practices at your site need some improvement. The lower scored items should be a focus area for you. Review your practices and consult with H&S team for guidance in developing an action plan.
Level 3Final score is equal to or greater than 3 but less than 4.
You are performing well overall. The lower scored items should be a focus area for you. Continue to strive for excellence with continuous collaboration work.
Level 4Final score is 4.
A score of 4 indicates that your safety culture is currently functioning at an optimal level. This is the result of continuous, collaborative work. Well done keep doing what you are doing.

Thanks again for your participation! Your feedback will help make our organization a great place to work.

Safety Culture Assessment Survey Results

The table below shows a detailed report of your Safety Assessment Survey results.

The percentage column indicates the percentage of employees who chose “ Most or all of the time” as their answer.

At my site, employees work safely even when the manager or supervisor is not around?87%
At my site, incident investigations are focused on fixing the problem, not laying blame?80%
At my site, safety is as important as the clients’ needs?86%
At my site, do all employees have the information needed to work safely?84%
At my site, the ASP employees responsible for safety (managers and supervisors) have the authority to
make changes they deem necessary?
At my site, ASP employees are recognized for working safely?75%
At my site, do all ASP employees have the tools/equipment to work safely?77%
At my site, ASP management is visibly/actively involved in the safety?71%
At my site, communication is open, and ASP employees are encouraged to voice concerns and make
At my site, there is a trained first aid attendant available at all times?56%
At my site, ASP employees are encouraged to report near misses (close calls) and hazards?81%
At my site, ASP management applies the same safety rules to everyone?86%
Average score March 202278%

By Eryn Henry, Manager, Resource Planning

Being on time for work and being at work, is not always easy, but it’s always important. You are part of a team, and other people on your team rely on you coming to work every day and on time.

Being on time shows commitment to the job and this is one type of attribute that is looked for when considering promotions. Below is a list of steps to help you be on time, every time.

1. Prevent illness.

One of the most common reasons for absences at work is sickness – especially during a pandemic. While it’s not completely preventable, there are things you can do to reduce your chances of getting sick.

Make sure you and your family wash your hands to prevent the spread of germs. While in public, maintain some physical space from strangers (social distancing). Drink plenty of water, exercise, eat well, and be sure to get your vaccinations.

2. Prepare in advance.

Prepare for work the night before. Get your clothes ready for your shift or for special meetings. Make your lunch and have it ready in a bag so that you just have to grab it out of the refrigerator as you leave in the morning. Fill your gas tank on the way home from work rather than in the morning so you won’t have to stop in the morning.

3. Sleep is critical.

Getting enough rest is a pledge to help you achieve your punctuality and attendance commitment.

If you have trouble falling asleep, incorporate new habits such as dimming the lights, developing a routine like walks before bed, reading or drinking a soothing cup of decaffeinated tea. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep every night to keep you healthy and energetic for the morning. The snooze button on your alarm clock can be your worst enemy. If you’re prone to hit it a few times before finally dragging yourself out of bed, set your clock earlier to give you enough time for two or three snoozes or toss it and get a clock that doesn’t come with a snooze button.

4. Emotional wellness is key.

Practice healthy habits such as reducing the amount of caffeine you drink at night, eating balanced meals, and exercising on a regular basis. You’ll have more energy, maintain a more positive attitude and be ready for the beginning of your shift.

5. Maintain a work-life balance.

Make sure you spend sufficient time with your friends and family and include hobbies and entertainment in your regular schedule. A significant amount of absenteeism on the job can be due to stress and/or dissatisfaction outside of work. If you don’t have a balance in your personal life, you may be unconsciously sabotaging your efforts at work by finding seemingly credible excuses to take a breather from responsibility.

6. Finally, set goals for yourself.

Sometimes it’s easy to get in a rut and it’s tempting to take a day or two off of work for a change. Instead of missing work, consider other ways to change your mix things up like setting goals and incentives for yourself. For instance, after a month of perfect attendance, reward yourself by going out to dinner with friends or do something special just for you.

By Laurel Woodhouse, Manager, Health and Safety

ASP Health and Safety participated in 2022 NAOSH week at Toronto Pearson International Airport from May 2- 6, 2022.

North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week

This year marks 25 years of bringing safety and health awareness to employers, employees, and the public. To celebrate, from May 2 to May 6, 2022, Airport employers shared tips and info on how we all can help keep our airport, passengers, and employees safe. Airport employees were also able to participate in online contests for a chance to win prizes!

Topics for the week

  • Monday: Day 1 – Airport Safety Programs
  • Tuesday: Day 2 – Reporting and Recognition
  • Wednesday: Day 3 – Emergency Planning and Preparedness
  • Thursday: Day 4 – Safe Movement of People, Planes and Passengers
  • Friday: Day 5 – Foreign Object Debris Safety

I look forward to seeing you at this event next year.

By Ivanna Skotar, Canine Handler

After several months of planning our first ever canine division fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto with teammates from across the country – we are proud to say we successfully surpassed our goal of $10,000 and we were able to raise OVER $11,000.

The Hospital for Sick Children is affiliated with the University of Toronto, and is Canada’s most research- intensive hospital and the largest center dedicated to improving children’s health in the country. Sick Kids creates ground-breaking clinical and scientific advancements and train the next generation of experts in child health. It holds dear to some of our handlers, as they’ve had medical treatments there themselves when they were young. With 27 registered participants/ handlers in our canine unit, it was a great success. The competition consisted of a 3-part challenge. The winner of the challenges was the canine and handler with the fastest time and highest amount of finds combined from all 3 events.

Event One consisted of 32 scent cans in 4 rows where there will be 3 target odors placed randomly intermingled with 29 distractor scents. The goal is to find the 3 as fast as possible.

Event Two consisted of a specified measured enclosed area, where the handler must remain at the entry point and not assist the dog whatsoever in finding the single- placed hide. The handler had an option to do the search off-leash or with a long line. The timer ends when the handler successfully calls the dog’s indication.

Event Three was also an enclosed search area with an unknown amount of odors placed randomly throughout. The canine-handler team was given 4 minutes to find as many hides as possible. Teams were scored here on how many finds they found in the shortest amount of time.

Placing first overall, was handler Marc-Andre and canine Zora from Montreal, Quebec. With her lightning speed, it was hard to keep up with her. The second overall was handler Chris Brown with canine Sasha from Toronto, ON. Sasha’s great nose was precise and quick!

Very special thank you to our corporate sponsors – without you, this would not have been possible. From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank AgapiK9, Omega Alpha Pharma, Olympus K9, and DJD Inc. We were also fortunate to have many other donors that contributed to our raffle and handler prizes. Another special thank you to our guest judges Karen Apfel, Yanick Choquette, and Jean-Marc Dugas across the provinces. We could not have done it without you!

An extreme amount of hard work and dedication went into this fundraiser. First, we’d like to thank our committee which consisted of 3 of our handlers across some of our provinces and our Master Trainer. Special shoutout to Paige MacDonald, Krista Hockey, Ivanna Skotar and Russ Fox for working tirelessly to put together an incredible fundraiser. We truly look forward to being just as successful next year, and hope to open it up to many others – including our entire ASP family.

Lastly, TRUST YOUR DOG, and we will see you all next year.

By Karl Katzur, Manager Operations

YSB was a beehive of activity through the month of May. The airport saw a marked increase in the number of daily flights from all airlines and a notable increase in passenger counts.

Throughout this busy period ASP also managed to increase its staffing levels with the addition of four new guard members. Thanks mainly to the efforts of Nadia Onorato and her recruitment team as well as Sarah Jessop and the HR team.

On Friday May 27, 2022, YSB opened the terminal to non-passengers and allowed family and friends into the airport for the first time in over two years. On Tuesday May 31, 2022, YSB conducted their mandated mock disaster exercise. A simulated airline crash and an active armed passenger were the focus of the exercise. ASP Security participated with a record attendance of seven guards and two supervisors.

Senior YSB staff reported that the ASP Security team carried out all emergency response procedures with a high degree of efficiency and professionalism. ASP security staff at YSB want to wish all management and staff a pleasant and safe summer season.

By Noman Butt, Client Manager

Supinder Khangura started with ASP on April 13, 2022. On May 4, 2022, Supinder was working at a post she had just been trained on, the construction gate, when she was met with by a GTAA Officer for Security Planning. The client had this to say about their interaction with Supinder:

“I attended the gates today and I was speaking to the guard at V313A. She was very knowledgeable and knew her post order very well. She smiled and told me that she loved her job, and it was very reassuring having her at this post. I think it’s good to recognize hardworking individuals.”

Supinder presents herself in a professional manner and she enjoys working for ASP at Toronto Pearson International Airport. We are incredibly proud of what she has achieved in such a short time.

By Daniel McCormack, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Hello ASP team! Summer has definitely arrived at YYC. The sun is shining, the breeze is sweet, and people are out and about! That means that they are out and about at the airport, and the ASP team here as busy as ever.

There is always an increase in traffic at this time of the year, which translates to an increase in security events. My security tip to all readers is to always be aware of your surroundings. Small things like staying on task and avoiding distractions while on post will ensure both your safety and the security of your area. Simple matters, like knowing how to enter and exit an area, can make a world of difference when you need to make quick decisions.

Additionally, the added traffic at YYC means increased interactions with the public. The team has hundreds of customer service interactions daily and the client is pleased that we go the extra mile on this front. It continues to demonstrate the quality and excellence of ASP. With the onboarding and training of over thirty new people in the past few weeks, we must continue rolling up our sleeves to bring our new recruits up to speed. They are all excited to get to the post and make the most of their time with ASP. I know that the group here is dedicated to their success — everyone can remember being new! This increase in new hires points to some very positive things for ASP, like the return of some of our access control positions in the future.

Good luck to our newest family members. Remember, there is no rush when it comes to performing security the right way!

ASP continues to gain confidence from the YYC community. There are exciting opportunities in store for this team if we continue to pull together and show off our skills. I’m confident that everyone will help realize that goal.

Until next time, ASP, take care out there!

By Ivanna Skotar, Canine Handle

With the transition from a crisp fall to a cool winter, the canine unit has been extremely busy in the last few months in preparation for the holiday season. You can almost consider all the FedEx handlers “Santa’s helpers” for assisting in getting everyone’s Christmas gifts delivered efficiently, securely, and safely. In Montreal, all the FedEx locations have been busy and really warm this Christmas season. Many a times, the handlers were invited to enjoy the FedEx staff Christmas meals! It really goes to show you how important it is to build and strengthen our relationship with the employees of our contractors. With the extra hard work, both the handlers and the dogs are putting in their very best every single shift and going above and beyond each time. While working phenomenally as a team, we achieve the high standards that ASP strives for, and it is acknowledged and appreciated during these times. It’s great to see that the dog’s drives are still sky-high and they’re always ready to work. Screening all the parcels at all the different locations and ensuring the safety for all packages is something we thrive for.